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Bahamian Casting Call - **Eye of The Dolphin** (Grand Bahama and Key West)
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Posted by:Mar 21st 2005, 10:02:16 pm
BaynmurrayWow! All of us know someone on the island who fits these parts, awesome!
Posted by:Mar 18th 2005, 11:39:58 am
Fig Tree News TeamThis film will be shot on location in Freeport (Taino Beach, Barbery Beach and Smith's Point) and Key West, Florida starting next month.

Eye of the Dolphin

(Grand Bahama & Los Angeles) - Send pictures & resume ASAP to: Quantum Entertainment and Movie Bank - 12147 Riverside Drive, North Hollywood CA 91607.

Title: THE EYE OF THE DOLPHIN. EXEC PROD, Nick Mandracken, Robert Keskemety; PROD, Michael D. Sellers, Tony Shawkat; DIR/SCR, Michael D. Sellers. Contract: SAG Modified Low Budget Contract. Shoot Dates: April 14, 2005 (in Grand Bahama & Los Angeles). Breakdown­

James "Hawk" Harper: 47. An intense, focused, fiercely dedicated man. He's a scientist who is doing cutting edge research in the field of dolphin language and intelligence. Well-meaning but tunnel-visioned, Hawk is frankly astounded when Alyssa, the daughter he never knew he had, arrives at his rural Bahamian research center. Initially miffed at the disruption in his work, Hawk isn't ready for fatherhood - and indeed, has refused to consider having children with his young wife, Tamika. However, when the island's Mayor decides to turn his beloved facility into an ersatz Seaworld, Hawk turns to Alyssa - who staves off disaster until he can effectively regroup.

Lead; Alyssa: 13-15. A beautiful but sullen and rebellious girl, she has short, spiky hair and multiple piercings in both ears. Traumatized over the recent death of her mother, Alyssa has never quite settled in with her self-absorbed grandmother Lucy. Caught smoking pot at school, she faces expulsion. An exasperated Lucy takes Alyssa to the Bahamas to meet the irascible Hawk Harper - the father she has never known. Immediately enchanted with Hawk's dolphin subjects, Alyssa falls under the spell of the island, and finds she has a mystical connection with the dolphins that ultimately soothes her soul - not to mention saves Hawk from catastrophe.

Lead; Lucy: 45. A slim, attractive, hard-bodied woman. Lucy is actually in her 50s. Obsessed with staving off the aging process, Lucy runs a day spa that Alyssa contemptuously refers to as the "Botox Palace." A lonely divorcee, she wants to do right by Alyssa, but is so obsessed with finding the right man that she has given Alyssa short shrift. When Alyssa faces expulsion from school, the exasperated Lucy decides to dump her on her father, Hawk - who has no idea that his short marriage to Lucy's daughter resulted in a child. Like Alyssa, Lucy soon falls under the spell of the island. Frankly "lost," she finds herself - and also finds romance with Hawk's father-in-law, Daniel.

Lead; Tamika: 28. This beautiful, sharply intelligent Bahamian woman is Hawk's much younger wife, who met him when she was a graduate student and subsequently married him. She gets along famously with her occasionally irascible spouse - although the fact that he adamantly refuses to have children with her is a source of continuing sorrow. When she learns that Hawk has a child from another marriage, she's hurt and angry - but soon realizes that Hawk himself had no idea that Alyssa even existed. Before long, Tamika finds herself bonding closely with Hawk's troubled daughter, who seems fascinated by Tamika's intimate knowledge of the island's history and legends.

Lead; Daniel: 50s. Tamika's proud father, this dignified Bahamian man, can speak broken island patois one moment, and then the next speak in perfect English. Wise and kindly, he works at Hawk's cetacean research center, and is also Hawk's invaluable counselor and friend. Immediately attracted to the troubled Lucy, he realizes that she is "lost" - and he is more than willing to help her find herself.

Lead; Chief Councilor James Coakley: 42. This tall Bahamian man in a crisp business suit is the Chief Councilor for the district. "More than a mayor but less than a governor," he is nonetheless the chief power broker on the island. Anxious to help the islanders recoup after a devastating hurricane, he's preparing to turn Hawk's beloved research facility into a ticky-tacky tourist attraction. When Hawk resists his scheme, Coakly becomes even more determined to force Hawk's compliance.

Lead; DJ: 15. Bahamian boy in cut-off jeans, he's a mysterious figure who has been living in Tamika and Daniel's old abandoned homestead. He watches Alyssa from afar as she befriends a dolphin in the remote cove. Closely attuned to the forces of nature and the ancient legends of his people, DJ ultimately takes Alyssa to see his beloved Kasike - the last ancestral chief of the Lucayan tribe;

Dr. Elizabeth Glinton: 40s. An attractive Caucasian woman. She's a prominent oceanographic specialist who has held very senior positions at various aquatic theme parks, and who had a fling with Hawk Harper some years back. She has been brought to the island by Councilor Coakly to transform Hawk's beloved research facility into a full-blown tourist attraction. Although she meets concerted resistance from Hawk, she's prepared to push through Coakley's narrow-minded agenda at any cost;

Caonabo: This very, very old Bahamian man is copper brown, weathered by the sun, and clearly on the point of death. The last Kasike (chief) of the Lucayan tribe, he has seen Alyssa in a vision, and wants to meet her before he breathes his last. He has a special message and gift for Alyssa, who seems strangely linked to his own destiny;

Sullivan: 50. This American yacht-broker is a "conchy-joe," meaning an outsider who has lived on the island for so long, he's practically a native. Out for a bargain, he's a hard-headed but fair businessman who makes an offer on Hawk's boat. Later, he disappoints Hawk with his meager bid on Hawk's oceanographic collection. He doesn't mean to be mean, he's just being practical;

Johnson Helby: 50. This sharply intelligent Bahamian barrister helps Hawk with his legal dilemma. He informs Hawk of his options - then later appears in court at Hawk's sentencing and pulls a rabbit out of his hat, figuratively speaking;

Justice: This bewigged Bahamian justice presides at Hawk's sentencing hearing;

Cornelius: A colorful local character in his 50s, this Bahamian man is an old friend of Tamika. Speaking in island patois, he prepares Tamika and her new friend Alyssa a pungent "conch salad";

Thomas McGowan: 52. The principal at Alyssa's middle school, he's a good-looking, African-American man who looks like he could be an ex-pro athlete. He meets with Lucy to inform her that Alyssa has been suspended for smoking pot, and now faces almost inevitable expulsion;

Liza: 14. A slender, model-pretty. She is Alyssa's friend, who urges Alyssa to stop smoking pot in the school bathroom;

Michelle: Another of Alyssa's middle-school friends, this tall and slender Asian-American girl also begs Alyssa to stop smoking pot in the bathroom and get to class;

Maya: Lucy's assistant at her "Botox Palace" day spa and beauty supply store, she tells Lucy that there's trouble at Alyssa's school;

Kaitlin: This bright junior high school student makes a comment during Tamika's dolphin lecture;

Taxi Driver: Chatting with his passengers, Alyssa and Lucy, this Bahamian taxi driver rattles on in an almost incomprehensible island dialect;

Devon: This concerned barman tries to stop Hawk from getting plastered;

Driver: This taxi driver brings a drunken Hawk back home;

Driver #1 & #2: These bulldozer drivers are shocked when Tamika and Alyssa leap into their cabs and take their keys away;

Eldrin: He is Coakly's assistant, who is present during the meeting with Helby;

Police Chief: The chief of the island police, he places Hawk under arrest; and

Myra Feliz: 35, Latina woman. This school guidance counselor is present during McGowan's meeting with Lucy and Alyssa.

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