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Posted by:Mar 24th 2005, 11:25:30 am
Richard PNassau's obviously rather concerned about unsightly businesses trashing the lovelier aspects of their main thoroughfare, so why can't Harbour Island be bothered to stop the commercial trucking operation currently wrecking the southern staff of Dunmore Street? Is any one listening?

March 24, 2005 – 08:16
Redevelopment To Make Bay Street More Consumer Friendly
According to Ms. Brennon, a restaurant manager on Bay Street, tourists are afraid to enter East Bay Street because it appears to be unsafe.

An official of The Nassau Tourism and Development Board has said that redevelopment plans for Bay Street might involve tweaking the layout of Arawak Cay, removing unsightly shipping companies and creating a living waterfront that capitalizes on attractive harbour front views.

Prime Minister Perry Christie said sometime ago that the whole point of redesigning Bay Street is to make it one of the most attractive harbour cities in the world.

Charles Klonaris, chairman of the Board said that EDAW, a US-based architectural design consultancy company, submitted a plan for Bay Street that is quite an impressive one.

“Elizabeth Avenue all the way close to Potter´s Cay, once those properties are eased up from the containers there are a thousand things you can do in terms of the beautiful waterfront properties, from condos, marinas, to even retailing establishments,’ he said.

“We are not a consumer friendly city right now and we want to change all of that. Once we have changed all that then we will become a city that really is enjoyable to come down and shop.’

It´s a transformation many merchants along Bay Street are looking forward to.

Ruth Thompson, manager of Petal Pushers flower shop, believes that EDAW´s recommendation that the shipping facilities along Bay Street be removed from the downtown area is a good idea.

Ms. Thompson said that redevelopment plans would breathe new life into the main strip.

“I heard that the government plans to move the shipping ports and I think that not only for East Bay Street, but rather for the entire downtown region,’ she said. “It would bring people into town, not only in the day, but it would revitalize the whole downtown area at night.’

She also supports the creation of a promenade to encourage more people to come downtown for an enjoyable experience.

However, Latoya Brennon, manager of Tropical Bar and Grille, located opposite Pioneer Shipping Company, said a great portion of the establishment´s business comes from the shipping company. She said that business for them is fine, but it can be better.

According to Ms. Brennon, tourists are afraid to enter East Bay Street because it appears to be unsafe.

There is a need for something to be done that would enhance the beauty of that area, she added.

The need to improve East Bay Street in particular is something merchants in that area have been calling for, for a long time.

Rose Carey, who manages the Hole in The Wall Clothing Store, just two doors down from Tropical Bar and Grille, said business is performing poorly.

“Some time I don´t even make my wages because it is so slow,’ she said.

“[It] may be because they are renovating the building next door, but they did not renovate my building, so maybe people may think my building is closed because they hardly come here any more.’

Perez Clarke, The Bahama Journal

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