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Taste of the Island - Library Fundraiser
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Posted by:Apr 10th 2005, 08:54:45 pm
LucyFrom what I understand, the kids who used to go to the library before (I guess a year ago or so), whether they were playing games or doing a project, were so jazzed at the oportunity to even use a computer! This was the first chance they'd been able too. I also know that alot of the people who went do not go anymore because the atmosphere is so different. Such a terrible shame because I know that the experience was really making an impression and we keep complaining about how the kids have not alot to do after school. At least they were safe and out of mischief.
Posted by:Apr 10th 2005, 08:46:58 pm
funkgangMy girl use to come to the library before it was switched and some play games and some do their homework. They were just happy to be able to learn how to use the system - and me too, my girl was out learning something while I work. My girl and her friends don't want to go there anymore. She say she's not welcome.
Posted by:Apr 10th 2005, 08:12:06 pm
Bogue Babyyou are joking, yes? I have still conducted several workshops over the years in Eleuthera nd in Briland both with Mandy Barton and Kim and Marcella from Nassau .. and we never had an issue with noise becasue everyone was on headsets.. and we never had no Dragonball, only education games to play for the children ..I think you must be confused with another program someehere else.

Posted by:Apr 5th 2005, 10:22:04 am
DonWell, the computer center is still in operation, and in fact we have four new Dell's in place. However, with the reopening of the library, it has changed its focus from a "game center" and "IM chat room" to a "learning and research center". The distranctions of the "game environment" just isn't compatible with the kids who come in to work on school projects and homework using BOTH the research books and computers....and there are students there every afternoon....maybe with a little less of the "wild abandon" and "fun" the games used to foster, but hopefully with a positive assistance to their education. It just didn't work with one person sitting at a terminal researching "Bahamian govenment" and the person next to them rejoicing over setting a new record in "Dragonball".
Posted by:Apr 5th 2005, 09:55:13 am
Richard PWhatever happened to the computer center you had at the library? Last I was on the Island, absolutely no one was in there playing around. Kinda heartbreaking, especially since so many kids used to be lined up to use the place. What's news?
Posted by:Mar 29th 2005, 04:17:36 pm
Don The Harbour Island Friends of the Library will be holding their Third
Annual Taste of the Island/Silent Auction fundraiser at the newly renovated
Coral Sands Hotel Beach Pavilion on Thursday, April 7th, from 6 to 8 p.m. Last
year's affair was delightful and this year's promises to be even more so. .
The ticket price is $10.00 and includes a complimentary glass of wine and
"samplings" of the island's best foods. Local restaurants, chefs, and catering
businesses will be offering their signature dishes.
Plans are almost complete and already some terrific items have arrived.
While our main source of items are the island businesses and artists, we also
accept individual donations. Some of these items have produced the most active
bidding....island made furniture, timeshare weeks, decorator pieces, etc. If
you would like to contribute an item, please leave a message on the libraries
answering machine at 333-2946 or e-mail Don Savage at
Thanks in advance for your support.
The Sir George W. K. Roberts Memorial Library is proud to have been back in
operation for over a year now. We must continue to build our collection of
books and our project continues. All proceeds from the evening
will be used for this expansion.
A little wine, a little food, and generous patrons attending for an
important cause all make for a worthwhile, enjoyable evening. You will be
supporting a wonderful project - one that everyone benefits from - the
islanders, visitors, and winter residents. Join us for a night of friendship and
fun.....April 7th - 6 to 8 p.m. Tickets will go on sale today at Dilly Dally,
the Blue Rooster and Island Real Estate.

Contact us online at