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For Our Catholic Friends: Goodbye, John Paul II
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Posted by:Apr 4th 2005, 11:59:50 am
Sue R.Pope John Paul II, you were a uniquely gifted pontiff and will be sorely missed. And probably more than any of us yet realize, in spite of the outpouring of grief across the world. Whether or not we agreed with your views on certain issues, you were undeniably courageous, steadfast, and exemplary in your forgiveness. Above all, you made it clear that ALL of us, no matter what religion, colour or creed, were created equal. In a society where so much is based on glitz, glamour and superficiality, you championed the poor, fought for peace and did your utmost, in the face of increasing infirmity, to make this world a better place. The shoes of Christís fisherman will be difficult to fill. Thank you and bless you for all youíve done for us!
Posted by:Apr 2nd 2005, 03:42:59 pm
Fig Tree News TeamA Tribute to Pope John Paul II
by the Right Revd Richard Harries, Bishop of Oxford

The Pope was a remarkable person of extraordinary moral and spiritual stature. He towered well above the majority of statesmen of his day. The clue to his strength and outlook was to be found in his early struggles against Nazi-ism and his later struggle against Communist domination. This gave him a sharp sense of life as a struggle of good against evil forces.

To the dismay of many Western liberals he sometimes identified progressive developments with evil. But whether people agreed with all his views or not his stature is quite properly recognised. He was a person of amazing natural talents; a sportsman, playwright, philosopher who was fluent in a remarkable number of languages. He survived a serious assassination attempt and travelled indefatigably even when frail. He had, above all, moral and spiritual strength.

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