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New Resort at the North End???
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Posted by:May 6th 2005, 11:19:28 pm
Brilandkidwell if it is a martin then Tony also at the Lounge and make the beat makes the Best martint, looking forward meeting you.
Posted by:May 5th 2005, 08:05:19 am
smittyBrilandkid- Allow me to trade that Bahama ma-ma for an Absolute martini, straight up with a twist, and you've got a date.
Posted by:May 5th 2005, 01:48:20 am
BrilandkidThanks Smitty for your understanding look me up when you're in Briland next time. I am always in and out. I owe you one of Ronnie's Bahama ma ma rum punch at the pink Sands Lounge. You are a good sport.
Posted by:May 4th 2005, 08:02:35 am
smittyBrilandkid- I'm not going to get involved in a peeing contest.The board isn't the vehicle for that.Suffice to say you've made your point about being a Briland original ad nauseum. Your "pep" talks are probably inspiring a few but indeed are getting a bit old.
I sure wish I were the "rich, spoiled little kid " you think I am, bit sorry to disappoint you, I'm not.As far as missing the point of lifes true happiness.I think that's a bit deeper then even you imagine and can only respectfully wonder if you are qualified to judge me on that one.Without knowing you, I would guess you're a pretty good guy with a fierce loyalty to Briland. There should be more like you.Next visit, I'll be sure to look you up. Good luck, Smitty.
Posted by:May 4th 2005, 12:01:47 am
Dave ChenowethBrilandKid

I don’t post here very often so you’re not likely to recognize me but I have a sincere interest in Briland and I do read the message board regularly -- in fact I have read the board almost every day since Kimberly was issuing status reports during and after Floyd more than five years ago. A lot has gone by the board during that time. We have survived several Hurricanes, Partyman has come and gone several times, Reef Chief is not an insurmountable issue any longer, our Frenchman at the RBC seems to be forgotten and a whole host of new problems have replaced the old ones. The board appearance has changed dramatically and the posting activity is somewhat less than what it used to be but the read activity is up. I am an old retired man with little to do except read and study people. When people pour their heart out on a message board, a lot of character information sneaks out. Most of the time it is good. An excellent example of good is when Sharon K writes one of her epistles on the Abaco Board about ECC. An astute observer could make several observations about me just based on what I’ve written to this point. Unfortunately one thing that sneaks out and has not changed is an apparent intolerance for the opinions of others when they differ from our own. I completely understand that you are a product of Briland and Smitty is an interloper into what is your home and I understand that you should have a very special love and understanding for something that is so dear and close to your heart and that he may not be in a position to share that appreciation. The thing that I would like to bring to your attention is your frequent reference to Smitty’s “ignorance”. There is a very old saying that describes ignorance as being OK because it is curable. There are many ways to cure it -- by reading, by carefully listening to others, training, education, and age alone is no cure but the experience that often comes with age can be a help. I believe that we all can have ideas on how to cure ignorance. The same old saying that says ignorance is OK because it is curable also condemns “stupidity” as being incurable and once afflicted, one has to live with it for good. I have no fear of being ignorant or acting ignorantly. I know that my friends will step forward in a polite way and give me the necessary nudge or maybe a hard push if that is what it takes. However one has to be extremely careful and not be guilty of stupidity. You will find that fewer people are on hand for that gentle nudge and if you are not careful the hard push may instead be a slap up the side of your head (figuratively that is). Labeling someone as being ignorant without specifics and without lending a hand for correction is treading on the thin water of stupidity. Please be a little more gentle and help us understand more about your wonderful Island that you love and are so familiar with and please understand that we would like to be as familiar with Briland as you.

Dave Chenoweth
Posted by:May 3rd 2005, 07:27:42 pm
BrilandkidSmitty congratulations you are a perfect example of ignorance you have totally manage to miss the boat you are still on the dock and miles away. You are a visitor to Briland for twenty years and not a very observant one at that. So why do you come ???? Wealth is not always lots of money. Therefore, I will break it down for you to pre K level. Eg. (example) If I was a Bill Gates, I will be considered very poor if I was sick incurable and no amount of MONEY can cure me. Having all that money would not make me healthy a very poor man compare to me is considered millionaire rich If he is healthy. Money is not everything.
You Smitty are shallow and are probably a spoiled rotten little rich kid, who never knew the meaning of life’s true happiness. Happiness to you is a limousine ride to the candy store with a pocket full of candy money in the hundreds. My heart feels for you. You have missed life kiddo, next time you visit our Island try a different perspective and keep an open mind we love visitors with an open mind. You will see what you have missed in the twenty years that you have being coming here. Thanks for visiting Smitty

“ Briland sweet hey”
The Briland Kid

Posted by:May 2nd 2005, 10:49:43 am
KimberlyHey, Smitty ... I think you've hit the nail on the head on the apparent impasse here. Many Brilanders are not set on appearances, yet maintain a substantial farm on Eleuthera and a house on Harbour Island (that's bought and paid for), work a few jobs, and for the most part take care of each other. There are no homeless on Harbour Island, unlike many other parts of the world. Briland's a unique community, and yes, is experiencing growing pains right now, but many folks would like to make sure that it doesn't in fact become Paradise Island east. If anything, Brilanders have learned over the years ** and taught many others ** that not all that glitters ... is gold.
Posted by:May 2nd 2005, 07:54:34 am
smittyBrilandkid Thanks for the heads up. In my 20 years of visiting HI I can only conclude if indeed you are wealthy, you do an excellent job of concealing it.
Posted by:May 2nd 2005, 05:02:35 am
BrilandkidHi Kristi you should not assume that the name Brilandkid is a pseudo name, It is not it is a name that I have earned I will first start by telling you that I am the one that put lik in Kalik. Born in Harbour Island in the very center with exactly equal distance from all four directions east, west , north and south. I am the grandson of the well known Harbour Island native Capt. Harold Saunders of Harbour Island. generations of my family was born and raised here in Briland our beloved home.
Brilander’s before us made it possible for us Brilanders today to have what we have and for us to trade it for mere trinkets will be selfish and not truly the Briland way. We could have been born if a million other places in the world, bur instead we were born in one of the worlds most beautiful places. We could have been born in China or in the Sahara or yet the south pole. All these places have their unique beauty and that what makes Briland different it is unique. You are right in your assumption of my love straight from the heart. To grow up in Harbour Island (Briland) as a youth, this is paradise liken to a dream that you do not want to wake from. I am a proud to be from there. There used to be a song we used to sing growing up in Briland “This land is mine, God gave this land to me” I truly believe this that is why you sense the emotion in my writings, I am one of the many Brilanders that will stand in the face of all for Briland. You might remember me Kristi from one of my most noted accomplishment. I started the Junkanoo parades in Briland as a cultural event. Today it is an annual tourist event. I went to Chicago USA years ago to further my education and experience, I have done just that proudly, By leaving I was able to think outside the Box and really, really appreciate Briland and all our elders who help shape our life’s. I now must pay Briland Back as do many others you may not know or have seen for the most important years of our life’s as a youth’s in Briland. I am deeply indebted to Briland. So I say to those out there that think that all Briland people are shallow need to rethink that, you may not know or see us But we are many and do exist. And are very passionate about “OUR BRILAND”

Now to answer your question about who am I and why I am the Brilandkid. Born Der was of the kid’s der. But was a unique kid not afraid of a challenge that is why I am the Briland Kid. My name is Stephen Cleare, Nothing to hide. You will be hearing more from me in the Future That I promise.

Briland Sweet hey!!!

Thank you
The Briland Kid
Posted by:May 1st 2005, 10:02:15 am
kristiBrilandKid sure has a lot to say and all of it comes from his/her heart. This is great but why use a pseudo name??? Who are you?
Posted by:May 1st 2005, 08:16:32 am
BrilandkidSmitty I do not think that you know what you are talking about when you think that we have been living closest to the poverty. Prior to the first tourist ever setting foot on Harbour Island the people of Harbour Island have been rich even though most do not know it or realize how rich they really were and are. They do not know what it is to live in a project in New York or one in Washington DC. We are truly blessed. You are ignorant to the fact. Harbour has a very rich history and have had some of the most influentially people who help shape the country of the Bahamas. It is people like you that are ignorant and think of richness in terms money or net worth. Yes if you poled the residents a lot of them would opt to mass expansion. As the good book say “For the lack of knowledge my people will parish” a lot of them do not understand what they have, but the Bill gates of the world understand and will do what it takes to get it from us. Developers see it and want to exploit it. Harbour Island is our blessing and it cannot be bought, bartered or sold it is God’s gift to a people who have endured it came with a price you cannot pay with money. So if there is a desperation of money or material things is from greed not need. To my brothers and sisters, the ugly valentines project is a black eye on Briland do not let Romora Bay give us a match set. Yes development but in a way to protect it for our youths of tomorrow. No to over development. Seems like ignorance runs rampant, but knowledge and understanding facts will prevail.
Hey Briland Sweet hey!!!

The Brilandkid born der right in the very center the core of it!!!!
Posted by:Apr 30th 2005, 07:12:18 pm
Kimberly... and Tavar Major!
Posted by:Apr 30th 2005, 01:14:16 pm
KimberlyI know that Dashiel Roberts, Darrell Johnson, Harvey Roberts, Rickey Mackey, and Eloise Knowles are active members of the council, but am forgetting a few others ... anyone?
Posted by:Apr 30th 2005, 09:31:27 am
kristiWho are the council members?
Posted by:Apr 27th 2005, 11:00:16 am
smittyThere's no inference of bribery or secrecy here that I can see. Least of all the former.
As far as the District Council being under a lot of pressure, they better get used to it.Romara and Valentine's is just the beginning.Sadly, that's the price paid when paradise suddenly becomes visible.Many good things have happened on Briland recently, real progress, but Im willing to bet if you polled the natives,many would be infavor of the expansion.Can you really blame them? They've lived clost to poverty so long, the thought of the revenue that comes with it is just too tempting.Tough to think beyond that to the environment.
Posted by:Apr 26th 2005, 07:20:40 pm
KimberlyThat's not really fair, guys. I'm sorry that Maddie doesn't think that there's been adequate notice of meetings in the past, but I personally haven't felt that to be the case. Every single issue that she mentions has in fact been open to public discussion. As for a resort in the Narrows, that rumour gets dusted off every few years or so.

Many members of the community are actively involved with the town meetings when announced ... and some members of the community are a bit more laidback about it all, and prefer to work behind the scenes. But I don't think it's fair to characterize the council as secretive in any fashion, as the central administrator in place is always very much approachable, and serves as an effective point counter point much of the time for major decisions being made.

Harbour Island's district council is operating under a great deal of pressure right now, and deserves our open mind as to its processes. Charges of secrecy, bribery don't help the scenario one bit ... and yes, Briland's growing pains are pretty tangible about now.
Posted by:Apr 26th 2005, 03:24:21 pm
smittyThere's no way any of your questions will be answered, Maddie.Harbour Island is being steamrolled into oblivion and it's happening at the speed of gold.
Posted by:Apr 25th 2005, 05:06:25 pm
MaddieI understand that a council member told some people that a resort is underway toward the north end of the island, funded again by foreigners. The town council has approved the half of the project that is on the ocean side and they are still considering the half on the bay side. Is this true? If this is true, how can something of this size get started and get to this point without the community knowing about it?

In the same light, how could the Valentine’s condo project likewise have gotten approvals without the Town Council making members of the community aware of it?

How could the Romora Bay project be approved only by the council (7 members) and never brought up to the community for input and discussion?

When the Bo Hengy was first conceived, the then town council had the good intelligence to have a town meeting and accept input from members of the community.

It seems that recently all of this stuff gets done without any community knowledge or input. Seven people are deciding the future of hundreds…

How can approvals be granted by the local board for a major project without them first requesting comment and input from government agencies such as the Ministries of Work, Environment, Tourism and so on…

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