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TripAdvisor, Apr 2005: Coral Sands Hotel
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Posted by:May 3rd 2005, 03:51:07 pm
Fig Tree News TeamUser rating: ****
Harbour Island: Coral Sands Hotel: "Coral Sands stay April 17-22, 2005"
April 28, 2005: A TripAdvisor Member, Hingham, MA

I stayed at this hotel in:
April, 2005

I traveled to this hotel with: spouse/partner, small children

I recommend this hotel for: couples and romantics, honeymooners, families with small children, families with teenagers, seniors

My visit was for: extended vacation

Just back from 5 nights at the Coral Sands (followed by 2 at the Atlantis on Paradise Island ... what a come down!) and am happy to report that this is a great little hotel on a fabulous beach! Week of April 18 and the weather was lovely (I'm a New Englander!)....we swam in the ocean and pool every day, though the first few days were windy and cool (high 70's) for normal April in the Bahamas.

We stayed in a "master suite" in the Lucaya building and it was comfortable and spacious for me, my husband and three boys. We had never been to Harbour Island and were drawn to it by the "perfect" beach. I had considered staying at either Pink Sands or Dunmore Beach Club, but found that both were too expensive for a family of 5. I was relieved to discover that we made the absolutely right hotel choice. I walked the premises of those hotels and was really pleased with the Coral Sands.

Coral Sands sits adjacent to both of these lovely hotel properties and shares the same stretch of sand. (I did like the DBC beach cabanas though...nice wind protection on our windy days!) I think Coral Sands is a far better choice for families and a better value. The rooms are furniture, mattresses and flooring. We had a great view of the ocean. The public rooms (bar, main restaurant, game room) are stylish, newly decorated and furnished and very inviting. The "beach bar" and breakfast and lunch restaurant sit perched above the beach and offer very good food. I do think they should offer a children's menu at breakfast ($15 for my 5 yr. old to eat one pancake???).

We enjoyed a wonderful dinner at the restaurant...really outstanding cuisine, but I would have loved a casual, less expensive option for other nights with my family too.....maybe a BBQ night at the Beach Bar or buffet dinner option. We also had dinners at Barracudas, Valentine's Marina and Angela's Starfish. Also, my husband and I ate at the Pink Sands one night....outstanding food. Walked down the beach to Sip Sip for lunch one day...just great.

We loved the polite, friendly employees --- especially the guys at the beach who lend the toys, boogie boards etc, chambermaids and waitresses at the beach restaurants and bartenders at the main bar. Bartender (female) at Beach Bar had a little bit of attitude and a more friendly 'tude would have had more guests hanging around that ideal spot in the afternoons. How about live music an afternoon or two a week? Would've have loved beach and pool drink service : ) Instead of walking back and forth ourselves.

The resort is obviously under solid and devoted management....though we didn't introduce ourselves, they were visible and available. There is constant updating and improving going landscaping was being planted, new painting being done, a new rock wall being installed---these folks are investing in this property and I for one, hope that all the improvements do not result in huge room rate increases cause we'd love to return!

My final reco for this great little hotel would be to add a gym and spa! (Can you tell I'm a business consultant?) Find the space about that hill behind Lucaya? There was no public place to exercise on the island (we walked/ran the beach) and no spa services run by the hotel. I think C. Sands could differentiate themselves by building a decent gym and spa facility. I would've absolutely paid for a massage or facial and have enjoyed lifting some weights to make up for the food and drinks!

We had a wonderful time at the Coral back in chilly Boston, we are recalling the warm days hanging out at the beach and the pool at Coral Sands and wishing we were there!

Lynne from Boston

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