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Posted by:Oct 16th 2002, 12:33:40 pm
KimberlyWell, folks can always use a nickname for their postings, can't they? I don't recognize the name 'bahamadrama,' and wouldn't research the matter any further unless you posted a note on the board threatening someone on the island ... you see? It's not as though we're releasing the names of posters to the board to the Nassau Tribune. The fact is, in the earlier version of the board, posters had no second thoughts about slamming someone's business reputation ... whether or not they had proof, or whether or not they later apologized, offlist. The fact is, the is a window to a very small and intimate island community ... and we're very protective of that. The technology's great and all, but has its limits. We're here to nurture and develop the Briland community, not offer the Up Yonder/Down Yonder tensions an online forum in which to vent their frustrations !

My programming and design team has specifically set up the board administration so that I'm the only person monitoring the bulletin board database here, and I promise to never reveal a poster's identify unless and in fact I have asked you for your permission to do so. How's that?

Hope that you'll stop in and say hello sometime --
Posted by:Oct 16th 2002, 10:49:59 am
bahamadramaAs a frequent visitor of this board, I would like to note a possible reason for "less traffic than before." You have done a wonderful thing with this board. People don't want to be identified. There are some controversial things discussed on this board. I know that you don't want negative things on the board, but a difference of opinion is what draws people to post messeges on the board, and some comments will be negative.

It's the fact that you have to sign in to post a message. We just want to come online and post a thought, not sign in and post.

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