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Posted by:Jun 19th 2005, 11:09:02 pm
BrilandkidI could not let this pass without commenting. Thanks MsHills. Quite a bite of positive things can be learned from a different perspective. You see the beauty that some natives (some) take for granted. Thanks for your input. By the way you are consider family.
Posted by:Jun 19th 2005, 07:21:11 pm
MSHills30 years of visiting Briland - every moment of which is treasured. I hope and pray that the Islanders will hold on to the beauty and the peace which is theirs. There are so few places left where beauty and peace hold hands.
Love, Marion
Posted by:Jun 14th 2005, 05:25:59 pm
KarolBrilandkid - you are quite right - what a great message! I also wish there were more Brilanders like you who could see things from several different perspectives. And, to Kayla - you're absolutely right as well. Harbour Island belongs to you and only you. It is YOUR country. I guess we just ask that you consider that there are some of us out there who may not have been actually born on Harbour Island but do have as much love for it as anyone else. When you love a place this much, it does get passionate and things get stated in the heat of the moment. I'm sure that none of us actually meant to hurt anyone personally, it's that passion talking. Too bad time-outs don't work on the internet like they do with three year olds (during this discussion, I've certainly felt like one - a toddler that is)! At this moment, I'm not sure who suggested it, but we do all have to get on the same page. We all love Harbour Island, all for our own reasons and progress cannot take place if what just happened on the board continues to. Finally, although I do consider Briland my home, always have and always will, don't think for a second that we don't remember that we are still just visitors. I mean that with all of my heart. I consider it a great privledge to have grown up in Briland and be able to call it my home.
Posted by:Jun 14th 2005, 04:37:45 pm
Ms. johnsonkjdavis i so agree with what you said, but it is also up to us as natives not to be distracted by those who only care for where they are at and not for the general public living there. and we as natives have been pushed around to much so now it is time for us to stand up and fight for what is ours and improve what is ours.
Posted by:Jun 14th 2005, 09:50:11 am
kjdavisI only want to express my feelings towards this message. Brilanders(meaning natives)need to understand that this island belongs to us. We must stick together as a unified body and once this is done we would be able to overcome obstacles that stand before us. The only way progress is going to made is if we realize that we play a major part in the development of our island. ( Think about it).
Posted by:Jun 14th 2005, 09:29:27 am
kristiThanks Brilandkid for your message. Yes I do love Briland and always will and it will ALWAYS be my home born there or not. We must be on the same sentence in order to understand each other. Because of my love for Briland, things (harsh) do get said and I must apologise for that even though I am not the only one. I do hope that the council will make the right decision and let's get something straight - it was never said on my part that the council does not do their job correctly. Smitty, please let me know when you go for a swim so that I can get out of the ocean. Thanks
Posted by:Jun 14th 2005, 09:08:20 am
BrilandkidThis Post started out as to address a concern of a native who wanted to know why their use of the beach was restricted, today it is at bathhouses on the beach.
This is not a complaint. This goes to show the love for Briland. I see that we have. You all demonstrated your passion and love for Briland that is equal to my own. Ms Johnson I am quite impressed you are a spirited individual and a true Brilander, and Kristi you may not be born in Briland, but you have demonstrated your love and passion for Briland and equally spirited with love that can only come from a true Brilander that you are. I see we are all on the same page but not the same paragraph. There has been so much energy and passion and this is what I was writing about people that are not afraid to stand up and speak out (Backbone). I must say we are all on the same team, so let us direct all this energy and passion to standing up together for Briland and let those who think we do not care what happens to Briland take note. I think we just also demonstrated to those who think, they can push us around and careless develop with no regard for our home are sadly mistaken, Our Dream team led by the spirited Ms Johnson will set them straight. We need more Brilander’s like you all. I hope this passion not just for Briland, but the whole Bahamas is contagious and other will wake from their deep, deep sleep before it is too late and we are controlled by a foreign entity and it is just a place of work. similar to what has been done in other Caribbean countries where natives no longer call it their home but a work place. The Bahamas is our Home let us protect it like it is. Let the world know we love this Bahamas and we will never, never ever give it up! So same page same paragraph same line together we will do wonders.
Now back to the beach bath houses. I am for beach bath houses. Location should be decided by the local Government, that is why they were elected a community with one voice. I am sure logic and common sense will prevail and they will choose the proper secure location for them, There must be public facilities at these beach access.
Do not want Scotty going in the ocean that would be bad for the environment and Briland’s pink beach and It won’t be sweet.
Shame on you Smitty instigator you just bought the next round of drinks. (Briland too sweet!!!.) It must be in the water from the well!

Posted by:Jun 14th 2005, 08:01:27 am
smittyBrilandkid- You're absolutely right and I'm also way too stupid to be insulted, but I sure like to stir it.
Posted by:Jun 13th 2005, 03:23:59 pm
Richard PMr. Johnson, thank you for your impressive reply, an I must apologize for my earlier comment, which only focused on the legal and not the social. Nothing is always as it appears, once again.
Posted by:Jun 13th 2005, 02:46:48 pm
Mr. JohnsonThis is a very heated debate. Here are my two cents:

There is definitely a need for public restrooms on the beach. What popular public beach in America or popular public beach in Europe does not have a restroom? Name it! As a matter of fact, these beaches are probably accessible by people with disabilities; if not, there is certainly a lawsuit pending. Local government action of placing restrooms near the beach is an attempt to make the beach people-friendly, and it is disappointing to find people actually in opposition of this. How preposterous is it that RichardP would beat the old ‘they are building on my land’ drum in hopes to conjure up a legality issue. Question – RichardP, whose land is it (please name the plaintiff)? Additionally, the whole issue on local government not following rules is pathetic at best because as grown adults we all know that rules are rules but yet they are broken (in the legal world it is call amendments) and will always be broken both here, and abroad. Is Local Government deliberately building on private property, can someone please clarify whose property is it? I find it difficult to believe that RichardP is actually OFFENDED. If you are really interested in law (which obviously is not absolute, but an interpretation) and the governing affairs as it relates to the Bahamas, why not talk about when the BayStreet Boys were in power and ruled with an Iron-Fist. Lots of gerrymandering, and oh yeah, how about the miles of commonage land (including islands) that was supposedly leased but in actuality sold behind closed doors. Did the funds from the SUPPOSEDLY 100-year leases ever make it back to the communities the land was actually entitled to? That subject would make an interesting debate as it relates to building on other people’s property and specifically to NOT UPHOLDING THE LAW. Again, it is how you interpret it, right?

The best proposition I have heard here at the forum in defense of opposing the restroom is, “can't everyone just walk home and use your own bathrooms.” Here is my answer. NO! Why? It is an INCONVIENCE. People go to the beach for enjoyment. Kristi’s comment is insensitive and obviously out of touch with the situation at hand. Better yet, it lacks constructiveness which I believe is the purpose of the forum. In all honesty it is not even a recommendation because it does not seek to change anything. A child can point out the inconvenience of not having restrooms near the beach. Parks, beaches and any place that attracts people to spend a considerable amount of leisure and family time should have some kind of restroom (If you do not believe me – take a look around the United States). What about the needs of day visitors to the island or even tourist who are renting homes without direct beach access? How realistic and practical is it that natives and guest would go home to use their bathrooms considering the fact that they are probably wet, and live a great distance from home? The majority of natives do not have homes with direct beach access, and walking home or even riding just to use the bathroom is very inconvenient. People would rather leave and not return.

Recently I spoke with a staff member at one of the hotels that have beach bars, and they said, “Whether you are native or foreign you are certainly not allowed to use Coral Sands or Pink Sands restrooms if you are not a guest.” If local government is building on private property, a good guess tells me that it SUPPOSEDLY is either Pink Sands’ or Coral Sands’. The Bahamian Government was gracious to both hotels because they are SUPPOSEDLY leasing the commonage land their beach bars are on. To solve a problem that has always existed, which local government is currently trying to fix, the hotels on the beach that are SUPPOSEDLY leasing the commonage land should consider non-guests to use their restrooms (Problem Solved!).

I specifically want to address a comment that a few people always make at this forum, “tourist will leave and never come back and everything will fall to shambles.” I frequent this forum daily and this comment rings in day and night. Actually, there is one comment in this beach-restroom discussion that is along the lines of what I am specifically going to address. Karol said, “The ‘outsiders’ whom you so obviously find intolerable support you and your family, do they not? I wonder what some of you will do when pests like us have actually had enough of the resentment and leave - a process which has already begun, I might add.” Yes, Karol, both Mackel’s family and every other family in the Bahamas are dependent on Tourism, may it be directly or indirectly. There is one thing Karol obviously failed to make note of. Since Karol failed too, I will make note of it for her, if I might add. Like the families of the Bahamas, the Bahamian shores has also made many families abroad including America and Europe rich, and indeed put food on their tables. It goes both ways! I challenge all who post here to go back into the archives of the forum and view some of the comments made that are like Karol’s, and if you check their relationship to the Bahamas you would be surprise to know that the majority of these people are profiting from the Bahamian shores. The Bahamas can do away with “pest” like these who are duplicitous, and will smile with you one day and bite you in the rear the next day.

Tourism is a fragile industry because its source stems from discretionary spending. This has always been a weakness of Tourism (a universal principle) because it is not mandatory to go on a vacation. Any entity engaged in this industry is vulnerable because it is impossible to satisfy the needs of every guest who grace the shores of the Bahamas or every guest who experience Disney World. As a result, there is always that imminent threat of tourist not returning to a destination because of some level of displeasure. That reality will always exist and Bahamians need not be afraid because that is the nature of the Tourism industry. The thing that is phenomenon about Tourism is that even though its source is discretionary, it is here to stay because of two reasons. People follow-fashion (monkey see, monkey do) and, the performance of Tourism as an industry in capital markets is a derivative of globalization and world progress. The follow-fashion “theory” is a double edge sword and some guest (including winter residents) will leave and follow suit like those who have already done so because of their dissatisfaction with affairs in the Bahamas. Take note, as they leave, other interested guest are eagerly replacing them because the invisible hand is at work.

The Bahamas have a product that is in demand and millions of people around the world want to experience it, and just that is taking place. Tourism is on a rise in the Bahamas compared with its Caribbean neighbors. Take a look at the rocketing real estate prices. This high demand of people wanting to vacation in the Bahamas is a reason why real estate prices are high. Tourism is a mainstay! Do not let anyone tell you otherwise like these “pest” are trying too. After 9/11 the airline industry along with many other complimentary industries in North America ran in to financial problems because of over capacity as a result of the heightened fear. Eighty percent (80%) of guests visiting the Bahamas are North American. When such industries were floating to stay alive, Tourism in the Bahamas during that time enjoyed a growth rate of 8% ( As a matter of fact, Atlantis reported record earnings in year 2002 (right after 9/11). The picture I am depicting here is that, people like Karol who throw comments around carelessly on this forum, such as the one above, know nothing about the dynamics of tourism and are using a universal principle that exist in this industry as a scare tactic. Shame on you!

The people of Harbour Island elected their Local Government administrators because they believe that they will bring about change, which they are trying to do. There are obviously a lot of internal problems in Harbour Island from improper parenting to infrastructure degradation, but what place is problem free? Every little step taking to fix a problem is a part of the giant step that will bring about change. The challenge is to make sure you are with those who are trying to make those little corrective steps.

By – a person who has Briland at heart…..

Posted by:Jun 13th 2005, 12:11:10 pm
kristiOne more thing Ms. Johnson - I guess that you would consider Brilandkid an outsider too since he doesn't live on the island anymore either ! That would be a shame if this is what you think because he is just as devoted (or even more so)to Briland as any other native.
Posted by:Jun 13th 2005, 12:07:25 pm
kristiMs. Johnson - Briland will always be my home no matter what anyone says. I am just as much concerned about the wellfare of Briland as you are. Everychance that I get I come to Harbour island (my home). Because of my daughters health condition I haven't been to the island in almost 3 years. I hope that you don't have to leave for a few years and then come back to the island to find out that the natives say you can't call Briland your home anymore. How would you feel then?
Posted by:Jun 13th 2005, 11:48:17 am
KimberlyGood comments, all. A few of us launched in 1999 primarily to communicate news of Hurricane Floyd, and to help with storm relief efforts ... and were surprised to see it take off as a community watering hole.

The community computer centres that my group then set up and continue to manage have expanded's original mandate (local news and information for Brilanders off island)into creating educational and economic development opportunities through computer literacy programs throughout the Out Islands. We're proud to now work with so many of the new entrepreneurs that have graduated from these various programs. was never intended to be just another pretty "come visit our lovely island" site, and was instead meant to be a place where islanders and expats could communicate their ideas, thoughts, hopes for Harbour Island in an open forum, free of the "up yonder vs. down yonder" or cocktail party politics that so frequently hinder actual community progress.

I've personally witnessed a lot of social, economic changes over the past ten, fifteen years that haven't always necessarily benefited locals, and have encouraged thoughtful discussions of that transition.

Such discussions do NOT have to evolve into shouting matches, personal slights, or condescension. When we do, we all lose. When the chat is provocative yet thoughtful, we all learn from each other's very different perspectives.

Hope that answers some of your questions ...

Posted by:Jun 13th 2005, 10:51:58 am
godsfavchildKimberley, you hit the nail on the head by stating that "a diplomatic tone is very much needed at the moment". The tone thus far has been anything but civil, to say the least, and more than mere opinions are being thrown around here. With all due respect I applaud your efforts to create the "safe havenfor ... venting frustration or showering compliments on any number of issues" however, I question what the vision of really is? Let me apologize if I come off as offensive, that is not my intention. This is the one site that I frequent everyday to keep informed of issues that are going on in Briland, but it is disheartening to read the present comments.
Posted by:Jun 12th 2005, 08:43:10 pm
Ms. johnsonkimberely understood on my behalf but i don't appreciate people who don't live here be concern with the improvement of the island when they aint going to benfit from it. and karol i know exactly what i am talking about so dont think i dont know anything. and anyways like i have said before the progression of the island is for the natives to worry about not those that dont live there. and by the way ain't no one attacking your family. i am speaking my mind and the way how i see it and if ya'll don't like it well do be it..

on to the next and again kimberely i call it
Posted by:Jun 12th 2005, 06:44:20 pm
KimberlyOkay, okay ... truce on the name-calling and negative mud-slinging, which will resolve absolutely nothing.

The messageboard is meant to be a safe haven for Brilanders of homegrown AND expat vintage venting frustration or showering compliments on any number of issues, situations facing Harbour Island these days, but a diplomatic tone is very much needed at the moment.

Speaking personally as the instigator of, I may not have been born on Harbour Island either, but my family has worked in Nassau and Harbour Island for the past seventy years, and continues to make its presence felt throughout the region.

I went to St. Benedict's School in Nassau, and St. Augustine's College in Nassau, and continue to work with Bahamian projects specific to the Out Islands ... which makes the personal point that a birth certificate does not necessarily mandate a patriotic or useful Brilander.

Can we be more constructive in our discussion here, please?


Posted by:Jun 12th 2005, 06:04:42 pm
KarolMs. Johnson - once again you have no idea of what you're talking about. On the contrary, ir may very well be people like YOU who are the reason the island is where it is today. It is this consuming resentment and lack of respect for others that has us in such a quandry regarding the children of Briland and how they are being raised - or ignored, whichever fits. Oh - and, Krisit doesn't care about the island and it isn't her home anymore??? You are quite presumptuous. Harbour Island will always be our home and if you don't already know that my family regards and has always regarded Briland as the jewel that it is - far more than many who were born there - you have been asleep for a very long time. Do not attack my family, Ms. Johnson.
Posted by:Jun 12th 2005, 03:21:45 pm
Ms. johnsonok miss kristi it seems to me that you don't care much about the island and what the natives are doing to improve it. but you sure have so much to damn say. its because of people like you that the island is where it is today with no progression and for it being such a tourist destination the improvement is needed. but what do you care. you live somewhere else(not the bahamas). worrying about things that don't concern you, briland is no longer your home, so u should be concern about where you reside now. and further more its people like you that don't give a damn about briland so don't represent us. just by your statement along tells us lot about you and your small mind. remember an empty barrel makes the most noise... and you ain't born there. on to the next.......peace
Posted by:Jun 12th 2005, 11:48:32 am
Brilandkidwhat Dillygal is saying by outsiders is the ones that are impacted most, should be of most concern. The one’s who live here year round. I can be an outsider I do not presently reside here, but I was born here and a product of Briland. But it does not directly impact me so of course Dillygal does have serious concerns. I have confidence that Dillygal only would want what’s best for Briland. DillyGal you are one of the few that got back bone to speak up, some Brilanders are spineless, I do not always have to agree with everything Dillygal say. However she have every right to speak up to whatever concerns Briland and she is right on. You go girl!!!
Again history comes into play. Briland was Briland before the fist tourist ever set a toe here. The little boarding house and The Sea View was the first guest houses. Briland was a productive Island with two sugar mills and ship building port. Yes briland would not have been what it is today. We all have to agree and all this tourist business was not all 100% positive every thing as a down side. One also has to agree it made us venerable to more outside influence and in certain instance weaken us, made us dependant to outside influence. Brilander did not begin in 1960 nor 1950 people lived here long before the tourist trade.
Briland even had it’s own water well. All of the Brilander’s Drank from it ALL. Today water is pumped in technically outside, yes from our well fields in North Elethera, but Briland was self sustaining before tourist, yes the tourist as helped a lot develop our economy and shape it to what it is today. Let’s not forget Briland was self sustaining I The Brilandkid wish to see the well that our parents drank from return to us as a historical site. I will now commit to see it’s return to it’s rightful place in our history. Our history should not be lost as were the old cannon at harbors mouth, that were tossed in the ocean because someone from the outside did not regard it as history. The well must be return it place in our history. I do not want anyone to misconstrue this is a personal attack on anyone or family the maintence and care to date by any person or persons is greatly appreciated, but is our history and it must be preserve for the future. It belong’s to our Briland children.
The local government is compared to county government in the US they are not policemen they make laws and ensure civil laws are kept. So if their only function is to enforce law then they are call local constables they are not and they were chosen by the people to serve the people interest in the community. If the community opposes a bath house they then can call a vote if the community is impacted greatly..

“Briland is Sweet”
Posted by:Jun 12th 2005, 03:29:21 am
kristiI guess what dillygal is saying is that all outsiders are welcome until they cross her path and not agree with what she or other Bahamians have to say. Once again - everyone is giving their honest opinion and that doesn't mean that if you are from Briland your opinion is always the good one. Listening to others is always a learning experience. This is also a question about what is good for Briland and not if you are considered an outsider or not. Without these so-called "outsiders" Briland would not be what it is today.

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