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Candidates for the Local Government Election
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Posted by:Jul 4th 2005, 11:29:10 am
Fig Tree News TeamAfter final certification of last week's community-wide vote, it is now clear that the seven councillors elected (in descending order of community-wide votes received) were Glenroy Aranha, Dascheil Roberts, Harvey Roberts, Linda Lewis, Rickey Mackey, Darrell Johnson and Nora Albury.

We wish the new council the best of luck with their immediate deliberations.
Posted by:Jun 30th 2005, 08:16:43 pm
M.A.C QueensFor Real Man! Sounds like the most unlikely decision, however, the so called "dream team" did not want to put in place someone who was not apart of the "team" within the team, if you know what I mean.

I am disappointed with the decision, if I may say so, without being attacked. Let's just hope that the "dream team" includes the rest of the team and respects their insights and expertise.
Posted by:Jun 30th 2005, 12:16:05 pm
Fig Tree News TeamThe Council 7 picked Daschiel Roberts as Chief Councilor last evening, at the official meeting for that process, with Darrell Johnson as Deputy.

The seven councillors elected by voters (in descending order of community-wide votes received) are: Glenroy Aranha, Rickey Mackey, Linda Lewis, Nora Dell Albury, Harvey Roberts, Darrell Johnson, and Daschiel Roberts.

Demoracy is a wonderful thing.
Posted by:Jun 30th 2005, 08:51:35 am
Briland PotcakeI urge everyone to work hard to keep our new council accountable to the people they represent. Our work doesn’t end in the voting booth. It just begins! Talk to your representatives. Attend council meetings (they are open to EVERYONE). Make your concerns known. Our councilors have accepted an awesome responsibility. It’s our job to make sure they live up to it!
Posted by:Jun 29th 2005, 10:38:50 pm
BrilandkidM.A.C Queens I Know just what you are talking about believe me I know and won‘t forget, But I would hope, hope to start anew, but not forgetting but forgiving. I am not at all excited about the line up, but must deal with it in a professional manner. I wish to say in the future I will be more vigilant and more involved. I am a Brilander a bona fide one at that. Mess up this time and I promise I will be like a bad blistered diaper rash “I aint skeered”
. I have always stress in my post that I LOVE BRILAND! Believe it!!! Our country govern by modern laws, not the law of the jungle. Our future is in their hands I would hate to have our future screwed up by anyone that want to be an idiot and unprofessional. It ain't gonna happen on my watch.

“Briland unforgettable sweet chek it!“.
Posted by:Jun 29th 2005, 12:07:41 pm
M.A.C QueensWe would love to give the benefit of the doubt, however, we are not enthused. The last team did not respect the person that was chosen as leader. They did not care who was around when they bashed her name. If there were personal issues among the team, it should have NEVER been expressed among the community BY MEMBERS OF THE TEAM. Let's not forget.

We see that you want to be enthused and give the benefit of the doubt, assuming that you did not witness the lengths that members went to, to discredit their leader. It was hateful and most disrespect.
Posted by:Jun 29th 2005, 11:35:50 am
BrilandkidM.A,C. Queens I agree with you, but I always give the benefit of the doubt People do change. We as a community can do our part by being cooperative and positive. They need all of us to make it work, all. Like I believe all good people need, other good people and I did not insist that Briland get swing reread the response post. That was a question.. ??????
Posted by:Jun 29th 2005, 10:57:09 am
M.A.C QueensWhy do you insist that "Briland get swing?" I believe that those who are professional, will display that, however, there are those that are in it "for show" and have points to prove. There are electees that are in it for the wrong reasons.
Posted by:Jun 29th 2005, 02:08:37 am
BrilandkidM.A.C. Queens to answer you question. What a question what a line up. I know each one personally; I know they are all good people. But like all good people if there is no vision, wisdom, real commitment, tolerance and psychological understanding of your surrounding’s. Then it is just good old bench warming politics with no action. In other words, Briland will get swung until we are dizzy and drunk. However, I really believe they will give it their best; hopefully their best is good enough, as you know we Brilanders are hard to please. Zip, Zip.
I do not seek to confuse an already confused situation in Briland. I would only hope and pray that level heads prevails, our future is at stake it is very serious not a game at all! As for me, I will continue to speak out for what is best for Briland and the Bahamas My Country. I am a true warrior. I keep my eye on a bigger prize, because whatever central Government does always ultimately effects us in Briland. Parliament Now!! that is a line up special for a great circus act. They are pathetic and to think they are, or supposed to be intelligent men. “OH MY HOME BAHAMA LAND.”
Did I answer your question M.A.C. Queens ? Do you think Briland get Swing ?? We will see Huh. Just support them and I wish congratulate them all and best of Luck.

Sweet hopefully not swung That’s Briland!!
Posted by:Jun 28th 2005, 11:59:51 am
KimberlyWhat a great lineup:
Linda Lewis (Briland's Androsia), Glenroy Aranha (Aranha Construction), Harvey Roberts (Briland Brushstrokes), Darrell Johnson (Johnson's Market), Dashiel Roberts (formerly Valentine's Yacht Club) and Rickey Mackey (Eleuthera Petrol) have been elected local councillors for the Harbour Island District Council, and a runoff is planned between Nora Albury (Designs by Nordell) and Mark Saunders (former Bahamas Electricity Corporation). Once the council has been set, they will elect their chief councillor internally.

Congratulations to all winners, and keep your fingers crossed for the runoff election ...
Posted by:Jun 28th 2005, 11:41:57 am
M.A.C QueensBrilandkid, how do you feel about those who have been elected? Do you think that this is a serious lineup?
Posted by:Jun 15th 2005, 10:36:11 pm
BrilandkidThis list, This list well I will refrain from making any direct comments at this time, I will only say you are all good people. A couple of you are not serious at all. Please if, if by some freak chance you win just remember these are very serious positions selfishness as no place on this board, the future of Briland is at stake here. This is not a game Brilander’s on the whole are a smart bunch they will make the right choice.
Good luck to all.

Posted by:Jun 14th 2005, 10:50:47 am
Posted by:Jun 14th 2005, 10:07:55 am
kjdavisLocal Government Candidates Harbour Island

Harvey Roberts
Daschiell Roberts
Tavar Sawyer
Mark Saunders
Rickey Mackey
Darrel Johnson
Linda Lewis
Glenroy Aranha
Martin Grant
Lynn Cleare
Naomi Fowler
Eardley Johnson
Nora Albury

Beast of Luck to the Candidates.

Election will be held on June 27th, 2005.

Contact us online at