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The Big fish Hook!
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Posted by:Jun 25th 2005, 09:14:08 am
BrilandkidNo electric reels are for heavy commercial fishermen, lazy and tourament cheats. these equiptment should and I think if not mistaken they are outlawed by the Bahamas ministry of Fisheries. If found in use should be confiscated instantly. Fishing grounds are the property of the Bahamian people. and others should respect our property. and stop depleting our fishing grounds with their big riggs and electrical/mechanical equiptment. adhere to our laws in our country, when in yours we must adhere to yours. thank you.

Briland Always Sweet!!!!
Posted by:Jun 23rd 2005, 07:10:51 pm
Kimberly... and I always thought that electric reels were for disabled fishermen only, and ONLY after they had received permission from the Ministry of Agriculture & Fisheries! Any idea as to how prevalent the use of electric reels is, in Bahamian waters? It can't be a good trend ...
Posted by:Jun 15th 2005, 06:30:48 am
BrilandkidAs a Bahamian I love, I did say love to go fishing there no other sport like it. When it comes to the Bahamian waters there is few places in the world that as an abundant sea life. This is one of our gifts that was given to us by the creator. I am also told that there is no more being created. So in essence we must protect our precious resources. Once it is gone it is gone for good. We have been for years had and having our waters pilfered by the Dominicans, Haitians, Cubans, Koreans, Americans, Cuban American community the visiting fisherman, the Bahamian fisherman who as total disregard for fishing seasons rules and bans and all those that do it and I did not mention. The seafood industry in south Florida of the USA would not exist if it were not for the Bahamian fishing grounds. Seafood from our waters as a distinctive preferred taste unlike any other we are quite aware of this. In saying that we cannot patrol and be everywhere, we have limited patrols and these thieves know it. We depend heavily on the US coast guard to assist. Yes they do a good job and not to take any credit from the US coast guard, But they are out there to primarily protect the American shores from drug smugglers and alien smugglers of which they do a excellent job when it comes to Haitian alien smugglers., however they seem to miss the Cuban alien smugglers. Do think is it because most of the patrols are mostly manned by Cuban Americans, I wonder why umm? A case of the fox watching the Hen house is it?? No Doubt. Yet we depend on them to help save our fishing resources.

Having said all that the purpose of this post is to address a pressing and troubling situation. During one of my resent trips home to Briland. I just happen to overhear a conversation of a couple of the fishing tournament entrants, discussing how they needed bigger hooks and the use of electronic downriggers. Let us make no mistake once a fish is caught on a electronic reel devise he is coming in, no fight and no hesitation. Where the hell! is the sport in that. It is no longer a sport but a slaughter. It is not and I repeat It is not sportsmen and is cruel to use these devises in a tournament or simply fishing. Using these in apparatus is and should be considered illegal as spear guns or chlorine in our waters. Contestants should be kick out of the tournaments fined equipment confiscated and ban. It is bad enough to have poaches from across the globe raid us, Now we reward illegal fishing with prizes and trophies. Let’s get real Bahamas!! WE MUST PROTECT THIS COUNTRY AND IT’S RESOURCES AT ALL COST. Stop I say!! Our name is not ROVER and we will not, will not BEND OVER. Our existence depends on our resources.
To our Government your people are awake while you still sleep or playing sleep, you must act to protect the people of the BAHAMAS. No more looking the other way no more back door deals! and no more promises. Promises are only comfort to fools. We are not. This is not a FNM, PLP or any party problem. But a Bahamian problem, we are in this together. Act now to Protect our Future.
“Bahama Land that I Love, HO MY BAHAMA LAND we shall be steadfast and true,
firm our devotion deeper than any ocean our loyalty to you” !!!

Will someone forward a copy to the Ministry of Fisheries and PM office since I do not
have their E-mail address thank you
The Brilandkid Love this Bahamas Kalick kalick Bo-ga-doom boom! We wake.

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