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Local Government-Stay the course??????
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Posted by:Jun 21st 2005, 06:16:53 pm
KimberlyAt least half of the candidates running for local government council have access to a computer, so here's to hoping that they'll post their campaign initiatives here over the next day or two. Elections are being held on Monday, 27 June.

Posted by:Jun 21st 2005, 12:48:48 am
M.A.C QueensIs it the Whole Truth?
As concerned young people and future leaders of the Briland community we wish to draw attention to a quote by Mr. Harvey Roberts regarding the upcoming Local Government Elections scheduled to take place on June 27th, 2005.


“History will judge harshly what we do here in this year 2005 and more importantly, what we do on June 27th if the people do not return a council comprised of persons who stayed the course and will represent all the people. I remember that it was not so long ago that some of the people who are now offering for office turned their backs on the people but today for some strange reason they are back with new vigor and energy. It was not so long ago that you couldn’t even see those persons in the community but today they say they are ready to serve. Ask yourself, who are they ready to serve?

Well I say to you to tell them to tell you where they were when we all had to put our shoulders to the wheel and do real community work to better Harbour Island. I would say, and I am sure you would say, we did okay without them. We are all grownup now and we can take care of ourselves........Now tell them that we have come too far to turn back now. With God as our Captain, we continue to grow from strength to strength."

OUR THOUGHTS "Why does Mr. Roberts feel the need to indirectly speak against, judge and brutally attack those who have gone on before. Should we not as a people concentrate on the progression and success of our island and include whomever wish to partake? Should we not deal with the more pressing and detremental issues together, rather than isolate those who have the experience and ability to obviously get the job done? Why should we resort to trivial and obvious personal attacks with irrelevant issues and attempts to discredit those who knowingly have our best interest at heart regardless of how those who are self centered may view them. In addition these past leaders have the track record and proven success to take Briland to unprecedented levels in Local Government? Why use unethical tactics to attempt to discredit fellow comrads? Does absence mean unproductive? NO! It all depends on who's reporting or writing the story. Why talk about what in one man's opinion was not done, when the more important issues are what needs to be done? When will we as a people take to heart "ONE PEOPLE UNITED IN LOVE AND SERVICE"
"TOGETHER WE STAND,DIVIDED WE FALL" If God is our Captain then let him steer!

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