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Posted by:Jun 28th 2005, 10:33:25 pm
BrilandkidI always try to stay away from politics it is nasty and dirty. It is said that if you can't say something good zip it. Zip Zip.

Is there a Bahamian song about getting swing??

Briland still sweet though!!
Posted by:Jun 28th 2005, 08:30:11 pm
KimberlyEveryone on Harbour Island is related somehow, though ... with the same famillies in place over hundreds of years, intermarriage is kinda inevitable. I'm pretty sure that I could, with a little research, show that all seven are related to each other :-) through cousin kinship.
Posted by:Jun 28th 2005, 08:14:22 pm
Smokey JoeA little frightning that 4 of the 7 electees are of the same family.
Posted by:Jun 28th 2005, 05:53:31 pm
KimberlyI did hear from a few friends that sample ballots with some names filled in had been distributed as campaign flyers, but interestingly, some of the folks whose names were not filled in actually won the election anyway ... did you hear otherwise? Seems to me that Brilanders have minds of their own, and don't need to be told how to vote :-).

Can't wait to hear who the new chief councillor and deputy will be ...
Posted by:Jun 28th 2005, 05:47:24 pm
M.A.C QueensI have verified via three sources that there were faulty ballots handed out by some candidates. Apparently some voters remain tightlipped about the situation.

Let's NOT accept DIRTY POLITICS. These are the people that represent us. We want people of integrity, and people who work hard with our best interests in mind.

Please do not downplay this situation.

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