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Posted by:Jun 30th 2005, 02:46:02 am
BrilandkidAs I have commented on several times in the past in these articles, I consider myself extremely fortunate to be living in one of the most beautiful spots on earth, The Bahamas.
The island nation of The Bahamas is surely Paradise on Earth, its physical beauty is indeed awe-inspiring. Now one of the main assets of The Bahamas is its physical beauty.
The multiple islands with white sand beaches are submerged in crystal clear waters, teeming with exotic fish and marine life, which abound in these azure, tropical waters, particularly in the areas of the many coral reefs.
The Bahamas is famous around the world, and people come from the four corners of the globe to vacation and live in this God-created Paradise on Earth.
Now some misguided politicians are, through a combination of ignorance and sheer arrogance, trying to get the country to embark on a very dangerous course, which could be a disaster for the country...and I do mean disaster with a capital D!
In its never-ending quest to get more money to put in the Treasury, to then be squandered on worthless projects in an effort to secure more votes in the next election, the government of the day is considering allowing a foreign company to construct an LNG plant in The Bahamas.
If this were in fact to take place, it could do irreparable damage to the environment; and of course, there is also the possibility of a catastrophic accident, which would be unprecedented in this beautiful land.
Most sensible people have voiced their opposition to having such a dangerous project in The Bahamas. However, the politicians, and one in particular, are trying desperately to ram this dangerous project down the throats of the Bahamian people. In fact one Minister of government is pursuing this project so relentlessly, many are speculating that he has an ulterior motive.
Now of course, the various LNG companies who are vying with each other to get the contract to construct this deadly LNG plant in the pristine waters of the beautiful Bahamas, and the Minister who is so desperately pushing to get the contract approved, point to their one-sided studies which
they have produced, stating that the LNG industry is safe; in fact they say, that it's one of the safest industries in the world today.
Well My Friend, when I hear that kind of slanted propaganda, I reflect on what the manufacturers and owners of the infamous ocean liner 'Titanic' said of that ill-fated ship. They said repeatedly, that the 'Titanic' was the safest ship ever built; in fact they dubbed it 'Unsinkable', and look what happened to it!
My Friend, any thinking person who loves The Bahamas, and who does not have some ulterior motive, simply MUST SAY NO to any attempt to put an LNG plant in The Bahamas. We must not allow the 'Titanic' to set sail in our pristine waters.

I brilandkid did not write this.
This Article was copied from the nassau guardian newspaper. I think this articale must get exposure so here it is (read it,It is interesting)

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