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Recent Return From Eleuthera and Harbour Island
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Posted by:Jun 30th 2005, 12:25:57 pm
Fig Tree News TeamRobbie Robbins

I've just returned from Eleuthera for my 7th straight year of vacationing for 3 weeks at a time or more and I will report what I noted this year for those that may be interested.

Driving and exploring from the north end to the south end several times I could not help but note that Eleuthera hascertainly taken a big step toward development, particularly in the past year. There were many new roads being cut all over the island and construction going on as well. It looked mostly to be for house sites but there was also large projects being planned in Cotton Bay, etc. I never could get a straight answert about the Club Med Beach intentions. I actually hate to see Eleuthera steadily prodding towards "progress" but it certainly looks like many Americans and English are desiring to put in a home there for whatever reasons. We saw many couples out driving around that we never use to see and I saw people out looking at property, down at H.G Christie's, etc. If Eleuthera continues at the pace that it is now on, it is very predictable that the face of Eleuthera will be changed. Even this year, I actually found no real "DESERTED BEACHES." Every single far out of the way p[lace I went, there was people. I went to Lighthouse Point in a storm, and I'll be danged, if there weren't some 15 people down there. I walked the Club Med Beach entirity from On THE ROCKS to John Bennett's new place and back one day, about 10 miles or so, and I must have seen almost 30 people in that walk. That's 30 more than I saw 7 years ago. Several people confided in me that most all the good beach property on the Atlantic side had gone out of sight, almost doubling in the past two years. I actually found this to be true. I also noticed that almost all the property that I had seen for sale last year, was gone this year, sold. All this of course is upsetting for someone of my nature as what I originally enjoyed about Eleuthera looks certain to be headed for the past. I use to go to the Keys in Florida in the 60's and I watched it all happen there as well. Now, you could not pay me to go to that madhouse.

Eleuthera still can be private and it is still far more enjoyabvle than anything in Florida, but, it seems destined to be "civilized" and ruined. "KEEP OUT" signs run contrary to an island named "FREEDOM" to my thinking.

As for the people in general, I still find them extremely plesant and very honest. I believe the ocean has in some way has worked it's mystery on them, as well as there being few people and less stress in general. Several of the native women on the island are very tall, thin, and attractive, and often, to guess their age would greatly fool anyone. I had the pleasure of seeing many young ladies adorn theirselves for their senior prom this year and each girl was simply beautiful.

The first two weeks that I was there, I ate out at 10 different restaurants. There were two that simply outclassed all the others, that being, "TIPPY'S," and "THE COCO DE MAMA." Tippy's became our first choice and I think my wife, Chesteen, and I, must have eaten there about ten times this year and always enjoyed the food. The chef there is GREAT! As is the bartender, etc. We were very pleased and impressed with their place and I highly recommend it to everyone coming to Eleuthera. You simply won't get any better on the island. For a change, we love The Coco De Mama. What a gorgeous setting and Sam, the bartender, is ther nicest person you could ever possibly want to meet. We love the Italian dishes there. Of note, we noticed that Tippy's was all but packed every night and on the day we left we noted the same for The Coco. Good word spreads.

As for the snorkeling, etc. I noted more lobsters on the reefs this year than in the past, but oin the average, smaller. I also noted more groupers on the reefs. The pollution problems and the dead reefs are still very evident and there seems to be nothing in real that is going on regarding such. My wife and I spent one day snorkeling with Dr. John Bennett and his charming wife, Jenny, down at Kemp's Creek, and we had a great time there. I swear, Jenny get more beautiful every time I see her. John needs to use her to campaign for Eleuthera. What a lady! I should also mention that I got honest glowing reports from three different fisherman about Mr. Petty and his guiding them on bonefishing trips. Each was EXTREMELY satisfied and casught several 5 and 6 pound bonefish on the same day. One man caught 30 bonefish in three days and told me he could not wait to come back. A few years ago, one child was killed in a hit and run while we were there, and this year, a small boy drowned while jumping off the peer at Cupid's Cay, so there are some horrible things that do go on that people tend to forget about on the island.
Of note, the bugs were out in force, but we did very well, as we simply kept them at bay by beiong smarter than them. Avoiding their environment and peek attack times.

Going to Harbour Island, well, it is even worse there than it is in Eleuthera, much. The whole island is under construction with condos and house sites being built on every street. The property over there has gone haywire. I guess I need to go to Hollywood and be disvered so that I can buy a lot there. Maybe a remake of The Shawsahnk Redemtion, only, instead of Tim Robbins, they use Robbie Robbins. Hey, I have dug quite alot with a little rock hammer in my day. Just go to "KENTUCKY RED AGATE" on the web and you'll see much of what I have found.

Anyoldways, we are happy to be home. I may go back to Eleuthera again, and may not. It is getting awfully crowded for me. I am thinking about another out island that honestly has deserted beaches. But then, I am sure we'd miss the Friday night Street Dancing in Governor's Harbour, thenow becoming friends each year, etc.
Also, let me mention, that Chesteen and I spent one day south of the glass window bridge and did find "THE HOT TUBS. The directions given on this website are a bit conflicting and confusing so I will clear the air on that if you'll permit. If you want to go to "THE HOT TUBS," then, park your car about 700 yards south of the glass window bridge, not 500. There is actually a small trail that you can see leading to the Atlantic side if you find the right place. Again, this is still even south of a poured concrete culvert that you'll notice along The Queen's Highway. Once you park there, which again, is 7-800 yards south, then, you'll need good sandlas or tennis shoes to get to the place as you'll have to trek over some jagged coral. There will be an indented area inm the clifflines there; a place where nature has worn a deep cut in the cliffs; and where the waves and water have worked together to create a spectacular place with a grotto / cliff overhangs and several wonderful "hot tubs" and at the end, an "infinity pool." I shot 2 rolls of film there and will send them in when all is developed. I highly recommend that anyone looking for a great place to explore, check it out. Just be careful in your walking to it.


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