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“I stand on my feet and not my belly!!!”
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Posted by:Jul 5th 2005, 11:12:14 am
I don't know who you are but I know what you are and that is pricless. I won't rest until I shake your hand.
Posted by:Jul 2nd 2005, 08:49:06 am
BrilandkidI wish to start by saying Thank you to the creator of Briland Forum in allowing me to visit I wish to affirm my continued support for Briland my home town. A place of enchantment and continued beauty growing up there.
This is thee Brilandkid I have for a time listen and read many of your post I have look at and know the facts. The facts always speak for themselves. So in this Final post I want to be fair. I will first start by saying that Briland been sweet and is sweet always. I have now believe that now with the resent turn of events I feel that Briland and my country is in crisis, It seems that some of my people feel that progress comes without a price and is free. Let me say total ignorance has no place in a civil society, These people are sadly mistaken and can be only be led by greed not social change. I have seen, lived and paid the price of progress first hand and know there is a certainly price . There is no free lunch, none Everything has a price, everything even breathing. Think about it.
For those of you that wish to contact me may do so at I Love my Bahamas.
“Beautiful Briland I shall be steadfast and True firm my devotion deeper than any blue ocean my loyalty and love for you” This in my own words. I Love you Bahamas and I aint going nowhere. “I stand on my feet and not my belly!!!”

Thanks Kimberly you were a great host must move on .

Briland you too sweet to ever let go!!!!

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