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Looking for Burnside or Saunders Family
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Posted by:Jul 13th 2005, 08:53:47 pm
KimberlyWhat sort of help do you want in contacting members of the Saunders family? How can they best contact you?
Posted by:Jul 12th 2005, 12:07:55 pm
SamI am looking for Saunders relatives from Harbour Island Eleuthera, as well as
Burnside relatives from I believe Harbour Islands as well. My great grandfather
was Adam Burnside, he married Beatrice(nee Goodman) Burnside. They moved to
Nassau and lived in Fox Hill. He owned a lot of land in Fox Hill, which he
bought from a freed slave Mr.----Fox. Lord Sandilands also gave them a large
parcel of land. Part of Fox Hill is also named Burnside Town.

Saunders is from my mothers family. Her father was Leroy Edmund Saunders.
Unfortunately he died two months ago in New York, without me ever meeting him.
My aunt who is his sister, Dorothy Saunders-Thompson moved to Miami 52 years
ago. We just met the other day. She has a sister, Betty Saunders who lives in
Nassau in Carmichael. Her brothers are all deceased Charles, Phillip and Don't
remember the other. My mother told me her grandfather, Lawrence Saunders was
from Harbour Island and he moved to Nassau on Newbold street

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