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Cell phones
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Posted by:Aug 12th 2005, 10:50:50 am
ColinIf God had meant us to communicate from remote islands via cell phone he would have given us microwave towers in our heads.
A vacation is a vacation -- not an opportunity to do business from a new location. Leave the Blackberries and phones at home. If someone wants to reach you give them a local telephone number to be used ONLY in event of an emergency. You will be more effective at work and a LOT happier when you get home if you actually relax. Of course, if you're the minister of defense or president of a country I grant you an exemption to staying in touch with the home office. Otherwise, leave the phones at home!
Posted by:Aug 11th 2005, 06:39:48 am
cshoregalMSHills; thank you; thank you; thank you! God Bless!
Posted by:Aug 8th 2005, 11:07:11 am
smittyRight on, MSHILLS, right on.
Posted by:Aug 7th 2005, 08:27:56 pm
KimberlyWell, I do understand that sometimes leaving the cell phone behind ISN'T an option when you head overseas, even if for a vacation ;-) ...
Posted by:Aug 6th 2005, 08:04:13 pm
MSHillsI have a good idea - LEAVE YOUR CELL PHONES and your incredibly important ife - AT HOME!
Posted by:Aug 6th 2005, 04:25:33 pm
KimberlyYou can also rent a cell phone from Magolda Higgs ( for $5 a day, and purchase a prepaid card from Batelco, tel 333 2375. It's MUCH less expensive than using your U.S. cellphone here ... in January, Cingular charged $1.99/minute just to make local calls while I was in Nassau. The Cingular website said that the rate was .99/minute, but that's another story ;-)...
Posted by:Aug 6th 2005, 01:00:33 pm
greenebudNew Providence and Grand Bahama operate on GSM technology, the family islands are still using TDMA systems. So.... if your existing phone is the newer GSM type, it will not work. I use Cingular in the states and keep an older TDMA phone just to use there. Once the technology is available in all the islands, I'll switch. Using Cingular from Eleuthera to the states is expensive, expect to pay about 3.00 per minute.
Posted by:Aug 6th 2005, 12:20:49 pm
CottontreeDoes any one have information on which, if any, US
cell phone providers have service that will work on Harbour Island. My Cingular phone will work only on New Providence and Grand Bahama. According to Cingular those locations are the only two with compatible service. Any information will be appreciated.

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