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Is Local Government Actually In Charge of Local Issues? An Editorial (Dr. Lea Percentie)
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Posted by:Oct 1st 2005, 03:19:42 am

Longtimenosee I will make a reply to your post. I As a Brilander and a Elethera native But what I can do is standup and let them know that I do care about my home. This is an excellent opportunity for all Brilanders through out the Bahamas and the world is standup in the face of the wrong regardless who it may be and once it is done with respect no one should be feeling hurt. Longtimenosee If you stand on my toes I will be sure to let you know that you are hurting me, why should I endure pain because you are the Duke or Duchess. Pain is pain. That is the way all Brilanders, Eletheran,s and Bahamians should feel. They must standup or endure further pain scream if you must
I respect all our elected officials regardless if I voted for them or not. But I will not stand by and agree to accept wrong decision that affect my life and my home as right ones, when I know for a fact that they are the wrong ones. I choose not to become a victim of circumstance, I am standing tall.
Again, the answer to your questions what will I give in order to assist in a positive change, I will say this in some countries one cannot talk or plan or make change or in fact speak out for positive change, To do this one must be willing to give his or her all right down to the ultimate. Even though this is not part of our Bahamian culture, I the Brilandkid is willing to go public and say I will give the ultimate if needed. If the ultimate saves one Bahamian youth from a life of drug addiction and crime or one teenager female from unwanted pregency, make education a serious priority If it effects the future for better or any issue that has a positive effect on My home. Which could in fact be not just Briland but the whole Bahamas my home. I would in fact not hesitate or wink to give my all, if it made an improvement and a difference.
Briland’s my home town. I will share my experience and education to help shape the future of my home. I do not want to see my home become another crime infested Caribbean destination or a destination infested by illegal immigrants, or rouge developers. Some of our current so call leaders that are focus on self how much they can profit for themselves. I will do what every Bahamian has the opportunity and right to do and that is stand up and be counted, I know that some people will stand quickly for the petty and idle gossip but prefer to hide when real responsibility to standup comes along. Not this Brilandkid, This is certainly not an issue of political parties rather a issue of right and wrong. I am the Brilandkid I claim no affiliation to a political party none. I am just a Bahamian man who loves his country and will stand tall to claim it. It is all our Home.
To our Bahamas Government I read and study the going on in and around our country and feel very sad. I do not except negativity but a (PAM) positive mental attitude .Your performance have a lot of short comings, you were elected not appointed and some of you were shock that you elected. I do wonder would you be so shocked again if you are elected in the next election. Your luck may run out the Bahamian people might just wakeup and begin to standup for the right. What will you do, then. To Minister Grey I call upon you to standup for the people of the Bahamas that saw faith in you to elect you as a represenitive for all, yes all the people to protect their interest I am calling you out Sir Minister. The generation of today. We are more educated and aware then ever of our home and we will standup for the Bahamas even if means the ultimate, I know I will without any hesitation. Minister of immigration Vincent Peet your show of force maybe too little too late The family Islands is over run with illegal aliens and illegal fishing not to mention Alien and drug smuggling the list goes on What has happen to our so call borders, or do we have any. This does not only apply to the Minister‘s, but every citizens of the Bahamas you carry the same responsibilities. You lack care and concern for our home. These ministers are the people we have elected. Our own corruption and laziness as produced some parasites who gain from our pain. We must rid ourselves of parasites.
When we hide or tip off the impending drug or alien smuggling raid is doing a disservice to our country and ourselves to invite or allow pouching in Bahamian waters is also a disservice to import goods without proper documentation is not just a disservice but a crime against all. citizens. It is us that make the job for the ministers harder. They asked for our vote and we gave it to them. Do not make it impossible for them. Do not give them any excuse to point a finger at us, that we hampered their job. If they are real it won’t take long to know it. But it is you my Bahamian brothers and sisters it is you. You must take PRIDE in our home protect it by making the laws work for you, The Laws of the Bahamas was written to protect every citizen of it. You must, you must do your part to make them work to protect you.

I like to bring to attention the battle of the influx of illegal aliens to the Bahamas. This is not to single any one group out but I will draw example to the most prominent group. Let me start by saying naming a group is not with the intent to discriminate or to associate the problem to one particular ethnic group.
The Haitian people on the whole are good people with rich cultural background liken to our own, illegal immigration is just what the name implies illegal. for our Bahamian citizens to sanction any illegal act and participate in the act is a crime against the people of the Bahamas. To hide your illegal handy man, Gardner cook or manager. This should not be confused with petty crimes. To warn of an impending arrest to deport is a crime .Illegal immigration is a crime for example the population of Haiti is 8,121,622 or China’s 1,306,313,812 allow open borders. We only (only) need 1,000,000 poor and suffering here in the Bahamas and who will be the minority, Who??? Yes you and me! Yes those poor suffering illegal here we go picking on them again, not so Immigration laws protect you.
Next example tipping off a drug smuggler or dealer who sells drugs to your children, that an arrest is impending is illegal is one and the same they are both crimes against you and me. If we were to allow drugs to destroy our youths by making arrest and prosecution impossible, we are destroying our children’s future by not protecting them, our legal and moral obligation. Yes this is also a crime, a crime against us all.
The whole picture build pride in your home, make the laws work to protect you, That is why they were written. Petty or felony crime is crime it hurts us all. My point Take pride in the Bahamas and yourselves you also have an important job to do as citizen too and those elected officials will have no choice, but to respect you and you will not be taken for granted.

Longtimenosee, I am not a member of the council, but I do seek to help shape a positive future for the future generations of my Bahamians, I will do whatever it takes legally, since I am not a political convert, but just a simple ordinary man with real backbone and a voice to be heard even if being a council member, means to speak for those who cannot speak and stand for those who cannot then so be it. You will get to wittiness my works in the very near future for sure. I will make myself more visible in all positive and legal issue’s that I can assist with that would help end the road of self destruction of my country my home Briland and the Bahamas.

To the Ministers of Parliament and members of the house of assembly. Please remember man made money, money did not make man. Serve the people not money. You were elected to serve people not money. I know you will grin at that last statement and say is he really serious. You bet I am. There was a hand painted sign that hung in the Harbour Island Public school that reads. “God First, Others next and self last” ?????? some of you have little or no morals for this. Too deep for you. Captain Harold Saunders use to say you cannot take a jackass and make a race horse, a Man of great wisdom.

To our visiting guest sometimes our post make it seem that problems here in the Bahamas is terrible, like any modern democratic society it is not a perfect system, there will be social ills and issues. The Bahamas is a free and democratic country we are allowed freedom of expression and speech by whatever legal means necessary, However complicated these issue’s seem, they will never become a issue for you, our always welcome guest to concern yourselves with. We will make your visit or stay in the Bahamas the most enjoyable and memorable in all your travels. Thanks for visiting us. You too Smitty.

Briland so sweet gave me a toothache. Oowee!! Hurts so good. My Briland.

Brilandkid (Stephen)

Posted by:Sep 21st 2005, 03:17:12 pm
longtimenoseeBrilandKid - if you love Briland so much then what are you willing to give in order to make a difference and change the course of Brilands self destruction? Will you be willing to go public and be in total support by standing up to the greed that has consummed the whole Bahamas?
Posted by:Sep 21st 2005, 03:06:15 pm
longtimenoseeI am impressed by BrilandKids devotion to the Harbour Island issues. What a way to hit at the heart of the problem. Are you a member of the council BrilandKid? If not, then you should be one of the future candidates. You'll have my vote.
Posted by:Sep 12th 2005, 03:08:27 am
BrilandkidThank you Dr.Percentie for your confirmation on that topic. I’ am the Brilandkid I no longer post or reply to post, On reading this one by my Dear friend and associate Dr. percentie it is mandatory that my friend receive a follow-up response to this post . Maybe with your help my friend Dr. Percentie of your post maybe Brilanders and all Bahamians will finally begin to waken from their deep, deep sleep and see the truth. I raise that question before was Local government really local real Government or just a buffer or scape goat for central when blame come Central hide behind Local. Why is an local issue cannot be settle with the local elected body. The seaplane landing ramp may be not the prettiest place on Briland, but given an emergency it is still useable. But I guess now it is in the way or some see Dollar $igns. Whatever reason It must not be sold, Lease or destroyed never mind It’s History, or our emergency escape in case of a lost or unavailable of the north Elethera air strip. Should sometime in the future development of our marine patrol should need a sea land launce site to access the Island wateraircraft. This just goes to show you how limited vision in charge of your future. Some people do not have vision or a common imagination.

To the Bahamas Government to legally sell the ramp which is now somewhat inoperable and in disrepair for what, lack of funding by whom? Now all of a sudden it is in the way, So let’s sell it, lease it get rid of it we would only have to pay for it‘s up keep which they did not do anyway forget the local government Mr. Minister Gray. Brilanders we must plan for the future . I will draw on one example on Briland that was made because of greed. Our beloved cemetery our love ones at rest, Because of greed (money) future our burial sites were sold as real Estate. If for instance, God forbid one of us needed a burial today or tomorrow, The chances are very likely that we would end up on top or in of someone else’s relative resting place who is recently before. We are suppose to be alive. Those that have gone before can’t change things, but we can, unless you are gone on. In other words dead. So this to the ones still alive to stand up and let them know that you are not dead! Speak up! Let the world that you care about your future and your Children’s future and that you are very much alive and not among t he living dead. Let central know that we need that ramp instead of trying to sell us out try putting something back. Like funding for beautification of our parents and our final resting place. Bahamas Government should be totally embarrassed to display such a disregard of a resting place in such a heavenly place like The Bahamas. I guess you will sell or lease the cemetery next.

Harbour Island has contributed a good portion of tax revenue (money) to central government, yet they try kill the goose that laid the golden egg, Gluttonous. In my personal opinion they are a part of this gentrification movement. That is going on. I will place the following called “money“. I thought I posted this before anyway here it is again. Especially for Minister Gray.


It can buy a house
But not a home
It can buy a clock
But not time
It can buy you a position
But not respect
It can buy you a bed
But not sleep
It can buy you a book
But not knowledge
It can buy you medicine
But not health
It can buy you blood
But not life
It can buy sex
But not love
It can buy eyeglasses
But not sight
It can buy a judgment
But not Justice
It can buy death
But never life

So you see money isn't everything Minister Gray
And it often causes pain and suffering

Who are we kidding, not ourselves are we?
Your children are depending on you.

Still Sweet, Briland hey!

Posted by:Sep 6th 2005, 10:31:33 am
Fig Tree News TeamDr. Leatendore Percentie D.D.S

Much has been said about the role of Local Government in recent times, especially after the post-election post-mortem this past June. Basically, the accepted view of Local Government is that it is that part of the Local Government Ministry that was divested and delegated to locals elected in their communities. This will certainly make the functioning of Local Government far more efficient, but even more important is the fact that persons most affected by local government decisions will be in a position to directly impact that decision.

Certainly this advancement in the democratic process serves to improve the lives of those participating in it. As this is a delegated duty by the Minister, by practice or convention, if acting within the guidelines in their decision making, the Minister must accept and respect that decision. If there is a conflict between the Minister and a decision made by Local Government, the proper thing to do is to have whatever controversy arising be resolved by an objective third party such as the Courts. In no way should the Minister blatantly disregard a decision that was arrived at following proper procedures in a dictatorial manner. This only serves to demoralize Local Government officials and discourages qualified persons from running for office as the perception may be that their opinion doesn’t count as at any moment a well thought out decision could be undermined or ignored by the Minister.

Such a conflict has now arisen between the Local Government of Harbour Island and Local Government Minister V.Alfred Gray. The issue of contention involves Government’s lease of Crown Land to private individuals in an area known as “the Ramp” for private business interest. The Ramp is the only government facility on Harbour Island that is capable of launching or pulling up one’s boat quickly and easily. It is the only public access south of the “Big” (Government) Dock where the mailboat, Fast Ferry, cargo barges, ferries, etc. dock to the end of the island. It was constructed in the 1700’s when one of the major industries of Harbour Island at that time was shipbuilding. The larger ships were launched in the area of the Big Dock and the smaller ones were launched at the Ramp as there was a natural deep water channel that comes almost right up to the shore.

In modern times, the Ramp was a pioneer facility in the development of Harbour Island tourism industry, now officially confirmed as the best in the region. Before the construction of the North Eleuthera Airport in 1959 to facilitate Bahamas Airways, the only flights to Harbour Island were by seaplane that would come up on the ramp. This is still true today as flights still occasionally come up on the ramp. As a boy, we would rush to greet these seaplanes on the ramp as a generous tourist might reward us with a shilling (twenty-five cents) for assisting with their luggage. If we were really lucky that day, we would receive a whole dollar. This would be something to smile about for weeks.

However, even more important is the use of the Ramp by the fishermen, ferrymen and general boaters. At times the Ramp is used as storage while repairs are being conducted or to offload and clean the catch of the day. My most famous memory of the Ramp is the “Black Dragon”, a sleek, black and long netting craft with its characteristic Seagull engine. Its impending arrival would be announced with the traditional blow of the conch shell. The whole town would descend on to the ramp where the incredible sum of one dollar would buy a string of sweet running jacks large enough to feed any family. I always looked for an old man named “Mr Dickie” (I never knew his real name) or my neighbour Mr Wilson Roberts who would generously put in one or two extra for my family.

Nowadays, the Ramp is as busy as ever as it is still being used by a number of persons to make their living. On a daily bases, fishermen can be seen cleaning, sorting or selling their catch. A conch salad stand is also on the Ramp along with other businesses such as a jet ski/kayak rental business. Despite its importance as a commercial center and a structure vital to the survival of the community, the dimensions of this property are not impressive. It runs a mere one hundred (100) feet along Bay Street and eighty (80) feet deep to the water at the widest point. One can just imagine already just how crowded this area can get at times. The Ramp also lies directly in front of what is now Harbour Island’s largest development, the Valentine’s. Herein lies the problem, the Ramp has become an extremely valuable piece of property with a vast economic potential for anyone opening a business that will cater to the guest at Valentines.

Regrettably, the government of the Bahamas made a most unwise, uninformed, tragic and otherwise absurd decision that demonstrates a complete lack of vision or care for the people of Harbour Island. In one of the most ridiculous decisions ever, the government quietly (as there is no mandatory registration of land interest in the Bahamas) leased sixty (60) feet on the northern side of Bay Street to Valentines to use as an area for utilities and golf cart parking and thirty (30) feet on the southern side of Bay Street to a local businesswoman [Ed.: Rosie Roberts of Golden Apple Cafe] for the construction of a private business that could occupy 30 x 60 feet on the Ramp. When allowances are made for regulatory requirements such as mandatory regulatory access to a building, septic systems, etc, this area can be even larger, essentially occupying most of the Ramp. The public would be left with the outrageous and unacceptable pathway pf ten (10) feet, leaving an impractical and unworkable area to do what the Ramp was designed to do.

In an emergency such as a hurricane warning, nothing short of a disastrous chaos would exist as boatmen scramble to get their boats out of the water. Trailers, boats, equipment, etc must all squeeze through the tiny ten foot pathway. In addition, the hundreds of workers from the mainland of Eleuthera may have to be transported back with a little window of opportunity. It is vital that the ferry operators have as much flexibility as possible. The lessons of hurricane Katrina in New Orleans must have taught us something about civil defense and emergency procedure.

Clearly, the leases given to Valentine’s and the businesswoman are not within the public interest and should be rescinded. Surely Minister Gray who has a duty to act in the public interest must understand this. Simply to ignore the concerns of his Local Government is foolish as it only invites disaster. On at least two occasions, Harbour Island Local Government had declined the application for the construction on the Ramp and with valid reasons.

The self-interest of a few individuals cannot be placed above the safety and concerns of the general public. I would encourage the Local Government of Harbour Island and chairman Dashel Roberts to use whatever legal means necessary including the Supreme Court of the Bahamas to fight this ridiculous and bad decision by Minister V. Alfred Gray to permit development on the Ramp. Furthermore, government should pass legislation banning any future development on the Ramp. After all, can you imagine what would happen in Nassau if someone was given permission to construct a private business on the Fort Montagu Ramp to the detriment or displacement of the fishermen?

Yours Sincerely,
Dr. Leatendore Percentie, D.D.S
Boston, Massachusetts
September 5th 2005
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