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Rev. Ada Sands - Eleuthera Mother of the Year 2005
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Posted by:Oct 5th 2005, 11:26:11 pm
Fig Tree News TeamDelicate Mercies Of An Awesome Mother
Rev. Ada Sands Named Mother of the Year

Dawn Sands
Eleuthera News

Eleuthera - Bahamas. There she was, surrounded by dozens of family members, touched by the honor and basking in the moment. Youth Minster Rev. Ada Sands is Revival Baptist Church – Mother of the Year.

Tears filled the eyes of Youth Minister Rev. Ada Sands as she was crowned ‘“Mother of the Year 2005” at Revival Baptist Church this pass Sunday. This award acknowledges exceptional women who are a true example of outstanding mothers in the church community. Minister Sands devotion to her family and the church won her acclaim amongst the board of directors and her remarkable work is inspirational to all Eleutherians.

Rev. Ada Sands, mother of two, and a grandmother of one, said in her response, "I am very happy and proud to have won the title of Mother of the Year 2005. I thank all the coordinators of this tribute to the mothers because I believe this is a beautiful celebration, a very festive one and full of love. The mothers feel very happy and it is a day that they look forward to every year”.

Rev. Ada Sands has filled approximately every capacity there is inside her church, to creating harmonious music as an organist, to sharing the word of the Jesus Christ as Sunday school teacher and youth minister, and now, her most recent undertaking, the Miss Teen Gospel Pageant. Minster Sands is committed to reaching young people within her youth ministry and through out Eleuthera with the uncompromising Gospel of Jesus.

For over twenty-two years, Minster Ada Sands has labored to raise the youth ministry at Revival Baptist Church to a higher level, encouraging youth to stay connected to the church. Minster Sands hard work and dedication has earned her a diploma in Theology under the Cupbearers Ministry and was ordained as a Youth Minster and Reverend at The Bethel Baptist Church Nassau Bahamas, under the leadership of Rev. Dr. Timothy Stewart.

Not only is Minister Sands a mother to the many church projects she has undertaken to champion, she also is an excellent mother to her children. She is the owner of the well-renowned Green Thumb Nursery, but she continues to find time to commit to vital needs of her youth.

Rev. Mother Hilda Sands had the esteem privilege and honor to crown the first ever ‘Mother of the Year’, the first of what the church says will be an annual event. The decision to start a Mother of the Year award is part of an effort to find more creative ways to honor and salute the hard-working mothers of Revival Baptist Church.

Minister Ada Sands son, Davin Sands, commented, "It is an honor for us that she was chosen. She is very special to our family. For us, she is Mother of the Year every year but her recent selection as Mother of the Year from the church is an even bigger honor."

Minister Ada Sands is truly an example of an admirable and praiseworthy mother and she is going to wear the title with high esteem and use this opportunity to be a role model to all mothers.

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