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The Landing
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Posted by:Nov 7th 2005, 10:20:21 pm
RichardWow, I just dropped in and see all of this! What a huge deal this has turned in to. As a former owner on Harbour Island, and in deed a very long-time visitor there, I feel somewhat qualified to comment on this subject. I'm not even going to BEGIN to comment on Tracy, Toby and Brenda's motives in selling for whatever amount. What they decide to market their property for is neither relevant to how much affection and hard-work they put into it, nor relevant to the opinion of busybodies and gloomsayers who are unhappy over a subject which was never their business. It is only relevant to what a buyer is willing to pay. And the market-watchers can reasonably assume that the sellers who put that much hard work and affection into the Landing will also will naturally seek the best buyer who will do the same thing. That's how it usually works out.

In the end, too, there are plenty of other reasons beside money why folks who have long loved and worked hard in their Harbour Island properties sell them. My reasons are known only to me. Other sellers reasons are known only to them. But would many of them converge? You bet.
Posted by:Nov 6th 2005, 05:12:42 pm
KarolSorry - I didn't mean to post under "goombaygirl". I figure if you stand by what you say, you may as well use your real name...even if it means a whooping!!!
Posted by:Nov 6th 2005, 05:00:44 pm
goombaygirlSince when is having business savvy selling out? And, who are you to make these kinds of judgements in the first place? Soaring real estate prices is not what's truly sad here - it's the resenment! It just keeps getting worse. "Highway robbery", some "rich idiot", "sell out"?? Do you hear your selves? I would like to simply say thank you and good luck to Brenda, Tracey and Toby who have done an incredible job making The Landing arguably one of the best places on Harbour Island. You absolutely deserve it and I hope you get every single penny! I, like Kristi, also got my butt kicked the last time I posted here. So - if offense is taken - I wish you the strength to move on.
Posted by:Nov 1st 2005, 05:54:45 am
BrilandkidMy reply was not all about the landing and who owns it. I am well aware of it's whole entire history. Why focus, You just missed the whole point. It was too deep for you. Reply to a post not too deep for you something in the shallows.
Also I do not post subjects, I just only reply, ccasionally.

I Still want my case of cold Kalik, Kalik.
Posted by:Oct 31st 2005, 07:20:27 pm
island ladyWhat moral, ethical issues? The Landing has been owned by Bahamians for centuries, and still is. An owner can choose to sell whenever they deem fit, and are no less moral than you are.
Posted by:Oct 29th 2005, 12:23:48 am
BrilandkidOk Smitty Straighten me, thanks for the reminding us that the sale price of that place is no ones business but the owners you are sadly mistaken. It is our business, It is our country or suppose to be. There is more than just an issue of how much money a rich idiot pays for the place. Since moral and ethical values have not been considered here and seem to have no place in a system where money is God. My issue first and foremost is concern for my Bahamas and Bahamian Brothers and sisters who is currently placed at a very serious disadvantage in our, yes our own country and some of them not realizing or refuse to see how grave of a situation they are facing or will be facing in the very near future.
Since I do not intend to debate this very subject and others on this particular forum, which is not the place for such topics that I plan to debate, but trust me I will in the proper forum.
I’aint never skeered!! Just remember God made man, man made money, so whom do you put your trust???

I will set Smitty straight. Let it be duly noted that Smitty now owes me a ice cold case of kalik and a drink. Since he has a awful bad case of foot in mouth disease. “that must be so painful for him, Get well Smitty “. Great interesting responses Kristi.

Tuh duh Sweet!!! Sweet!!! Briland

Posted by:Oct 26th 2005, 07:34:22 am
smittyColin, thanks for straightening us all out.
Posted by:Oct 25th 2005, 01:49:53 pm
ColinI think this has all gotten a bit out of hand. To those who criticize the asking price for the Landing --get over it! It's a real estate transaction. If someone is willing to pay that much --and there is evidence the market may -- that's all that matters, no matter how unbelievable it may seem.
To those who voice consternation about this public discussion - get over it. Real estate prices are posted on the web and are often publicly available. If they are, then anyone who wants to chat about them has the right.
In the US prices paid are often published by local governments. British law is better at keeping such things quiet, but prices are usually hard to keep hidden since the market wants as much information to make future pricing as accurate as possible.
To the folks at the Landing --good luck! Please sell to people committed as you are to Briland and to quality. If there are two bidders please pick the most moral and thoughtful of the two. If they are all pirates, we'll just have to keep our fingers crossed!
Posted by:Oct 25th 2005, 07:39:02 am
smittyI totally agree with Kristi.Why was this sale posted in the first place?It indeed is no ones business but the owners.They must be devestated by this discussion.Sometimes this message board really gets to me.
Posted by:Oct 25th 2005, 12:15:23 am
BrilandkidI won't use the word Greed, I will try a better word (gentrification). This a practice that is quite common in the urban cities of North America. Buy sometimes depressed or rundown valuable areas where the population does not and know not it's true value or cannot financially act upon it. Buy low with the intention of selling high, raising the selling and the real estate tax to keep that type of that unwanted population from moving back into that area, out priced is the marketing term. Thus complete control. Keep'em out. Common pratice in urban America.
I agree to disagree so I won't call it Greed but gentrification . Is that better?

Sweetness is good, Briland
Posted by:Oct 24th 2005, 09:11:05 pm
MSHillsI couldn't disagree more. Sadly, the issue is not how much work and love went into the Landing - or wonderful Funny Pyne's property for that matter - the real issue is - IF YOU SELL OUT - where will you go and what horror will you have left behind in the land that you love. I have faith in the Brilanders and truly believe that Briland will always be special - but this is getting scary. Brilanders - watch your back. Love you all - see you in November with my first ever GRANDSON!
Posted by:Oct 24th 2005, 04:33:46 pm
MaddieI couldn't agree with Kristi more!
Posted by:Oct 24th 2005, 10:45:41 am
kristiWOW - I feel such resentment from you people towards Tracy, Toby, and Brenda for wanting to sell at such a high price. Forgive me now because the last time I opened my big mouth on the briland board I got hell for it. Let me know if I offend anyone (no harm done). Looking at real estate prices these days on Harbour Island, I don't see where they (Tracy, Brenda, and Toby) are going wrong. This is not a "case of greed" but rather an intelligent decision on when to sell. Considering what Mrs. Pines property went for (out there in the boondocks for my taste), the Landing (great spot - also my taste) doesn't seem to be that overpriced if we compare the two properties. Tracy, Brenda, and Toby have put a lot of time, love, devotion, passion, taste, and MONEY into making The Landing what it is today and I find it only normal that they get some of it back. Besides, isn't it their choice of what they want to sell it for???? Why is this a public discussion anyway and it is frankly none of our business! Thank you Tracy, Brenda, and Toby for all that you have done for the Landing and I hope that you sell for the price you'd like. Could I have your spicy plantain and lobster soup one last time this x-mas???? pretty please??
Posted by:Oct 22nd 2005, 12:15:14 pm
island ladyGiven the other "insane" prices that other places are going for (and HAVE been going for), I can only suggest that it's all relative. Brilanders who bought land back in the day are sitting pretty right now.
Posted by:Oct 22nd 2005, 01:14:56 am
BrilandkidHeartbreaking and sicken an awful case of Greed, I know the place and it is extremely overpriced I do not care how much work went into it. iT'S OVERPRICED.
Posted by:Oct 21st 2005, 11:28:47 pm
boombyshakerI hope the food stays the same!
Posted by:Oct 21st 2005, 11:28:33 pm
boombyshakerI hope the food stays the same!
Posted by:Oct 20th 2005, 09:44:00 pm
snowyNo doubt that Brenda, Tracy and Toby work extremely hard! I was exclaiming to all the prices today on the island. Please, NO offense at all just CRAZY real estate....
Posted by:Oct 20th 2005, 04:42:24 pm
KimberlyWith a house (Dugdale) in the Narrows that went for $12.5m last December, why would anyone begrudge the hard work that Brenda, Tracy and Tobey have put into The Landing? It's not their fault by any means that there's a bull market underway on Harbour Island ;-) ...
Posted by:Oct 20th 2005, 04:12:28 pm
ColinNow come on folks. Arthur has it listed for a paltry $11.5. That's nowhere near $15 million... If someone is willing to pay the Mr and Mrs that kind of money, god bless them. Imagine what the prices will be like should someone pay that much. It could get as ridiculous as Pink Sands, which used to be such a nice place to stay.

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