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Harbour Island or Little Haiti ?
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Posted by:Oct 29th 2005, 01:09:15 am
BrilandkidWhom do you blame for this influx of refugees no one but us in Briland and foreign property owners who feel that they are above the law. We are the ones breaking the law. Hiring illegal is breaking the law. seems like we in Briland, Spanish wells, Abaco and the others think that that law does not apply to us so we forget in our quest for cheap, cheap labor that we will pay with the consequences You save now, But you will certainly pay dearly in the end. Every action as a reaction.
“We better recognize” Our laws are to protect us The Bahamian people. We break them and we only hurt ourselves Guaranteed. Haiti’s population Over eight million, Bahamas population not even Half a million. Guess who’s outnumbered??? Helloooooo! Better Control illegal immigration


Briland Bilingual????
Posted by:Oct 28th 2005, 09:47:06 pm
ForeverYoung BrilandGalI was in Harbour Island for Regatta 2005; attended the Briland Idol singing contest. Never in my life growing up on the island have I heard all of those Haitian Bahamian names. Like the song "Confidential" by Elon Moxey says, you guys have got to regulate this thing, unless Briland gone Creole!

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