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Eddie Minnis & Family: A Cultural Legacy
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Posted by:Nov 4th 2005, 03:51:35 pm
Fig Tree News TeamAs Bahamians, we are a young country. We desperately seek enduring heros, and validation of our patriotism.

Many of the men and women in our history have feet of clay, who demonstrated not only the best, but also the very worst of the human condition.

But there is a group of people who are building an enduring legacy in the Bahamas. They are building the foundations of our culture with the tools of music and visual art.

Long after history consigns the rogues and villains of our past to the dust bin, the intellectual and cultural legacy of Eddie Minnis and family will go on.

Proving that Ars Sine Scienta Nihil Est (Art without science is nothing), Eddie got a degree in Architecture from McGill, but turned to Art and Music. And he passed those genes onto his family.

If you are in Nassau, and you are a proud Bahamian, you must go to the Central Bank of the Bahamas today and tomorrow between 9:30 AM and 4:30 PM, where you will see 61 of the Minnis family paintings hanging on the walls.

Eddie's paintings are probably out of the reach of most Bahamians now, but you can buy a print on canvas. However, if you get the chance, an original Eddie Minnis will outperform any stock investment for years to come, because he is the genuine article -- a genuine Bahamian cultural icon. He is embedded as a part of Bahamian cultural history, and the culture that defines it.

You owe it to yourself, to see thes paintings -- real eye candy that defines the essence of being Bahamian.


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