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Junior Junkanoo 2005
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Posted by:Nov 9th 2005, 12:08:21 pm
KimberlyWho's the director of Junior Junkanoo now, given that Kayla Davis tendered her resignation earlier this spring? Which parents are coordinating this effort? Last year's parades in Nassau were a blast to watch on ZNS, and the Briland team did so very well!
Posted by:Nov 9th 2005, 10:52:51 am
brilandchickMy view on whether the Harbour Island All Age School should take place in the Junior Junkanoo parade 2005 is yes and no. The reason why i said no is because we are already in November and have very little time to prepare. Earlier, i belive sometime in October, i posted a message inquiring on wheter the school was going to participate or not. This is because we always wait until the last minute to scramble and rush to organize costumes, dance routines etc.. Then when we do not place the number that we expect we are upset. But The fact is you cannot prepare last minute and expect "great results".. so to this extent im quite disappointed that this issue is just now being discussed and taken into consideration.
On the other hand,I feel that it would be good for the school to participate as well. This is because it would show nassau, and the other rest of the Bahamas that we as a community and little island is determined and does not easily give up. Besides, the kids enjoy it and its a time where the community pulls togehter as one.
So therefore taking all this into consideration what do you think?
Posted by:Nov 8th 2005, 02:56:57 pm
BethelShould Harbour Island All Age School take part in Junior Junkanoo this year. Let me hear your views

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