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Posted by:Jan 10th 2006, 12:20:48 am
KimberlyMake that ... 'almost' ran out of fuel on Gulfstream. Our flight from ELH to FLL got waylaid by a pitstop in Nassau, having already flown to Andros at that point ;-).
Posted by:Jan 10th 2006, 12:18:53 am
KimberlyFor what it's worth, I have run out of fuel with Gulfstream, and had a pilot with Southern Air actually land at the wrong airport ... all airlines have their problems from time to time. I prefer Twin Air because Clay and the family do their own maintenance and have been in business for years, although I do admit that they've had a few issues absorbing Calypso Air into the fold. But all in all, Twin Air's been great to fly.
Posted by:Jan 9th 2006, 06:49:48 pm
KMKCheap shot! Just truth. I quit flying them because the engine stopped running 2 times and we had to turn around. I would be careful with Twin Air. I don't think Continental or US Air had any major problems like Twin Air. Just the truth.
Posted by:Jan 9th 2006, 02:36:33 pm
KimberlyThat's a cheap shot on Twin Air, especially seeing as there is no one flying into North Eleuthera with a perfect record. Twin Air has supported the local community for years, and boasts some of the best small plane pilots in the area (hey, Fernando)! But if you'd prefer, go with a charter outfit out of White Crown Aviation, $350 for the five seats into Nassau instead. Captain Ed Hanna of Dove Wings comes highly recommended ...
Posted by:Jan 1st 2006, 06:50:21 am
Ocean FoxTry Yellow Air Taxi too - they fly in to ELH on request. Clean, new-ish planes that are v. comfortable. Free inflight drinks too...!
Posted by:Jan 1st 2006, 12:25:39 am
KMKTwin Air is cheap but they crashed 2 times this summer. Save a lot of money flying on Twin Air.
Posted by:Dec 31st 2005, 10:35:58 am
KimberlyTwin Air's the best, but Lynx Air flies FLL into GHB (Governor's harbour) for around $293 or so.
Posted by:Dec 30th 2005, 01:31:08 pm
SharkBoyTwin Air : is probably still the cheapest at around $300, it is a fun ride too.
Posted by:Dec 30th 2005, 01:13:41 pm
The BearWhat is typical R/T airfare from FLL to ELH? Looks like about $380 now. Is that typical? What airlines do you recommend?

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