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PM Labels Development on Harbour Island 'Obscene'
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Posted by:Jan 13th 2006, 02:14:01 pm
KimberlyCentral government signed off on most of the permits for this particular project before it was initially presented to local government.
Posted by:Jan 13th 2006, 11:30:09 am
MaddieI wish I knew the answer because it is obvious that Local Goverment isn't going to do anything!
Posted by:Jan 13th 2006, 10:40:15 am
ColinCan anyone answer these questions:
Does the central government have the legal authority to halt the development?
What avenues need to be taken to encourage the central government to act?
Posted by:Jan 13th 2006, 08:43:23 am
MaddieFrom what I understand, we have Local Goverment to thank for approving this!
Posted by:Jan 13th 2006, 08:34:26 am
Sue R.I fully agree with Maddie. Having been on the island over Christmas, I was shocked to see Valentine’s “new developments” encroaching into Dunmore Street. Any neighbours I talked to were offended, disconcerted and yet sadly resigned to this nasty invasion of their turf. Whose wily idea was it to stretch this tourist complex right into the heart of Briland . . . and the natives’ backyards?!?!

It stinks . . . where is all this going to end?
Posted by:Jan 12th 2006, 07:51:00 pm
MaddieNow I found it, thanks! I'm thrilled that they are upset, but it seems to be a day late...
Posted by:Jan 12th 2006, 07:41:43 pm
Fig Tree News TeamDo you see the two hibiscus above (first part of the messageboard), bordering the shot of the beach? Click on that link ...
Posted by:Jan 12th 2006, 06:45:02 pm
MaddieI am not finding the link or the article and I would like to see it. Can you help me?
Posted by:Jan 12th 2006, 06:03:13 pm
Fig Tree News TeamGo to the Briland News link on THIS message board, vs. Briland News & Tales at the upper left link ...
Posted by:Jan 12th 2006, 10:24:02 am
Fig Tree News TeamSee the Nassau Tribune story at the Briland News link above ...

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