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Welsh Artist Teleri Jones Show At Princess Street Gallery on February 18th
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Posted by:Feb 16th 2006, 01:28:57 pm
Fig Tree News Team

About the Artist

Teleri Jones grew up on a dairy farm in North Wales, which nurtured her strong attraction and affinity to the natural world. A growing awareness of her talents and a desire for wider experience led her to seek formal training in art and design.

Teleri completed a degree in ceramics followed by a masters degree at the Royal College of Art in London. Additional study at Oxford University and the winning of a number of student competitions led to a sponsorship from the prestigious French luxury-goods company, Hermès. Following graduation she began working with the company as a product designer.

While designing for Hermès and other firms, such as Elizabeth Arden, Conran Shop and Elida Faberge, Teleri created highly successful product lines including handbags, perfume bottles and numerous crystal products. Her hugely successful "Bubbles" product line for Hermès' Saint-Louis crystal division has become and international classic recently celebrated in a tenth anniversary commemorative release.

Teleri has been the recipient of numerous awards, her work has been exhibited throughout Europe and the Far East and has been featured in publications such as Vogue, Design Week and London Times.

A chance visit to the Bahamas became a turning point for Teleri. The profound natural beauty of the islands inspired her to explore new forms of artistic expression and led her to establish a studio near Hope Town in the Abacos.

Working with a rich diversity of natural materials combined with acrylics, Teleri draws upon her proven skills and techniques to explore, experiment and render native elements into innovative abstract art -- rich in texture, form and colour, often whimsical, and alive with the beauty of the islands.

Teleri believes that much of her work is inspired by the "language" of the organic elements themselves. Forms, colors and textures of palm and shell, seed and leaf, feather and fin, guide her interpretation of the harmony and unity of tropical life.

Through her work Teleri has created a unique and whimsical vision of land and sea, plant and animal, that extends from the subtlety of tree frog fingerprints on a window pane to the ripple of wind on the sea.

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