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There But For The Grace of God (My Bahamian Blog)
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Posted by:Feb 23rd 2006, 12:42:58 am
Fig Tree News TeamIf you have a place to lay your head tonight, no matter how humble ..

If you know where the next meal is coming from ..

If you know that the ones you love are in the next room, or down the hall, or even across the city, instead of hundreds of miles away across an unforgiving sea ..

If you don't have the gut wrenching fear in the pit of your stomach as the sun went down tonight ...

If you haven't known thirst or privation in the past week ...

If you haven't been herded like cattle by guards who don't speak your language today ...

Good God have mercy on their souls. They are our brothers and sisters, stolen from Africa from the same places that our ancestors were, but taken to a land where the overseers spoke a different language. Look into their eyes. It is a visage of despair in our land of plenty.

And even Crisco Butt has begun to speak of them as a scourge, as an insect invasion, and as a pest problem. Crisco Butt who believes fervently and kneels at the altar of God dehumanises these Children of a Lesser God for mere votes. And at the Throne of Judgement, he too will say "Am I my brother's keeper?".

Even if you don't believe in religion, the significance that you place on all human life is a direct reflection of your state of civilisation, enlightenment and separation from the dichotomy of the animalistic part of us.

Every problem is an opportunity. Stumbling blocks can become stepping stones. Instead of a Passage to India to get his black forest curried, our incompetent Minister of Foreign Affairs should concern himself with matters within our own sphere of influence.

He should have gone to the United States as the major power broker in the area. He should have gone to CARICOM, and CAFTA countries. He should have gone to the UN. He should have invited all to sit down at the British Colonial Hilton and use powers of negotiation and persuasion to hammer out a deal to ameliorate the human migration problems from Haiti. Instead he traipses off to India and China to admire oriental houseboys named Wee Falkem Yung.

Mitchell could have done something. Crisco Butt could have done something. Instead they order more cattle cars for the repatriation and moan and bitch how they can't afford to send the French loafers back to the godforsaken land that they escaped from.

Does no one in the PLP government have the fires of human compassion burning in their hearts. Does no one see the solution as a geo-political one with all of the hemispheric stakeholders nipping the problem in the bud, and we, the Commonwealth of the Bahamas could have taken a leading role. Instead the falking amateurs in the Cabinet would rather play footsee and enrich themselves.

We are reminded of another hemispheric Commonwealth Prime Minister some 40 years ago, who saw what was happening in the world and went to the UN. He proposed that a core of trusted countries form a peacekeeping contingent. The UN saw that it was good and made it so, and the world saluted him with the Nobel Peace Prize. He was Lester 'Mike' Pearson of Canada. He did this out of his own initiative, and even members of his own party did not believe in him, but UN peacekeepers to this day honour the legacy of a man with a humanistic vision.

Freddie and Crisco Butt are missing a prime opportunity. They would rather apply bandaids of repatriation and dehumanisation instead of treating the problem at its core.

We have an incredible opportunity to become Caribbean Basin leaders, and more importantly, altruistic men among men. Are we not a nation of men of honour, who consider ourselves duty bound to help the less fortunate, as part of the code of our existence? Apparently not. Instead, the incompetent foreign minister would rather wear frilly dillies in Nude Elly, while the brain dead prime minister makes sweeping statements on how falking grand life is in this country and how the economy is booming, while the tears of despair are shed on the long ride back to a Caribbean hellhole.

What is a sentient just man to do, besides cry for the suffering humanity?

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