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Passages: Samuel Barry
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Posted by:Mar 9th 2006, 12:27:20 pm
Mr.barryGoodbye "Pa" ,Dayde,
We love and miss you so;

Your painful battles are over,
It is your time to receive,
The Greatest Gift from God,
Your new life of eternity.

With skies made up of rainbows,
Like the one seen in our dreams;
With endless fountains of love for you,
Like the life you've given me.

An angel now in heaven,
Is what you've gone to be;
Flying above those rainbows,
Watching over us.

We didn't want to see you go,
Your memories will never fade;
Hearts are forever broken;
Especially, all the friends you made.

Goodbye "Pa Dayde",
It's your time to leave this world;
But, I want you to know, what an honor we have being apart of your world

Love You "Pa,Daydee" You would be sadly miss but in the heart of your love ones your spirit lingers on

"Diamond in the rough"

Love you Pa

Posted by:Mar 4th 2006, 04:42:13 pm
KimberlyWhat a great guy ... while he was working as the day bar manager at Coral Sands in the 1970s, Mr. Sam gave me my favorite nickname, "Crawfish," when I was about ten years old.

I had developed an embarrassing crush on an 'older' boy of 16 with the last name of Crawford, whose family visited the hotel regularly, and Mr. Sam teased me mercilessly.

Flash forward thirty-plus years later, when I last saw Mr. Sam in 2005, he still hailed me as 'Crawfish."

I'm really going to miss him. Dannard, Lona, Alex, Miz Betsy ... I am so sorry for your loss.

God bless
Posted by:Mar 4th 2006, 04:35:06 pm
Fig Tree News TeamThe elegant Mr. Samuel Barry of Dunmore Street passed away on Friday evening, and is survived by his lovely wife Rita and family, including Mrs. Betsy Higgs, wife of Bishop Samuel Higgs; businesswoman Lona Culmer; and popular horn player Alex Barry.

A memorial service is being planned at Church of God on Chapel Street.

Mr. Sam was quite the family man, and will be very much missed by his children, grandchildren and islandwide circle of friends.

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