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The Way We Were: Bahamas Genealogy Project (Island FM/
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Posted by:May 11th 2006, 10:56:26 am
Fig Tree News TeamThe Patty Roker Show on Sunday afternoon will focus on Bahamian ancestry and the current Bahamian DNA project underway worldwide ... tune into Island 102.9 FM or on Sunday afternoon for what promises to be an interesting listen:

Note from Patty:

Patty Roker wrote:

I am delighted to announce that on my show this Sunday I will have as my very special in-studio guests our very own Parashont and Linda Cole! And, via telephone, Peter Roberts has consented to share his knowledge about the Bahamian DNA project!
As many of you know, you can hear our station on-line at (and yes, it is "ting", I did not leave out an "h"). Just log onto that site and find the boom box icon, click it and when the next box pops up, click on ISLAND 102.9 FM and there we are. The show is on from 2 to 4 our time (EDT) and you can even call in at 242-356-4509 or 242-356-4510 if you have any questions for these folks.

If you want, you can email me questions to ask for you and then listen for the answers.

I am really excited about this show, especially now that a new book has come out about one of my ancestors, Benjamin Church, who fought in King Philip's War and supposedly actually killed King Philip (the Native American King Philip, that is). It is really something special to be able to read about your family, no matter how far back in time! Who knows, there just might be some books that need to be written about our Bahamian ancestors!

Anyway, tune in this Sunday, May 14th from 2 to 4! It is gonna be exciting!


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