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harbour island trip report
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Posted by:May 25th 2006, 09:15:49 pm
KimberlyPink, you absolutely positively CANNOT miss a bowl of conch salad or scored (pronounced scorched) conch from Queen Conch next time you visit. You will never taste anything fresher or more tropical or more inviting ... ;-).
Posted by:May 25th 2006, 01:08:38 pm
Pinknestoh now i'm coveting this coconut pie even MORE!
Posted by:May 24th 2006, 03:31:56 pm
ColinAhem -- Miss Rika's pie is only to be served to her family and to me and mine on my birthday and such other days as Miss Rika will consent to.
Such treasures are not to be widely shared!
Kimberly has such a good memory! (Or she searched the site...) K --I was sorry not to see you Briland on our last visit. We have to fix this.
Posted by:May 19th 2006, 03:08:52 pm
KimberlyMiss Rica Thompson is one of the former co-owners of Runaway Hill Club (retired New York Ranger Mark Messier bought the inn last year), and continues to run their well-reputed kitchen. Her coconut cream pie is only one of her legendary offerings ... drool at leisure ;-).
Posted by:May 19th 2006, 02:23:38 pm
PinknestI tried to get some coconut cream pie at Ma Ruby's but they said they didn't have it. Who's Miss Rica?? :( I wanted to go to Runaway Hill! So many places still to get to. *sigh* I really want to eat some pie. Must go forage.
Posted by:May 19th 2006, 12:20:53 am
KimberlyHey, Pink ... great trip report! Poor Colin was hoping for a glimpse of Miss Rica's famous coconut cream pie, though. Next time around, you'll have to visit Runaway Hill for dinner ;-).
Posted by:May 18th 2006, 05:37:32 pm
Pinknesti'm a bit obsessed with food. :)
Posted by:May 18th 2006, 05:23:46 pm
ColinHer trip report is a model of what one can do online. Have a look if only to marvel at the number of pictures she took of her meals!!
Posted by:May 18th 2006, 01:25:35 pm
Pinknesthi, kimberly. the harbour island trip report is actually on the main just have to scroll down a little towards the middle. it's posted under 5.16. i post photos every day individually, so unfortunately i don't have a direct link to the harbour island post. but it's there! :)
Posted by:May 18th 2006, 11:50:34 am
KimberlyHi, Pink ... nice blog, but I don't see a link to anything about Harbour Island on the initial page?
Posted by:May 17th 2006, 10:43:28 pm
Pinknesthi, all. i just got back from a week stay on harbour island. if you're interested, i blogged my trip! you can check it out here: enjoy!

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