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Special Education/ Literacy teacher job opening
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Posted by:Jun 7th 2006, 05:08:36 pm
Miss LangIf you or someone you know is interested in a teaching job with Exceptional Education Outreach (EEO). We are always interested in hearing from new applicants who have experience working with special needs children or who have a variety of teaching experience. Working with EEO requires leadership, dedication, hard work, and patience. If you are committed to exploring community service, cross-cultural experiences, and work at the grass roots level, you will find teaching with EEO extremely rewarding, professionally and personally.

If this challenging opportunity interests you, please review the list of qualifications and benefits. Please follow the instructions below. We will contact you by your preferred means as soon as possible.

Thanks again for your interest. We look forward to hearing from you.
EEO Staff

Project Information
Believing that every child should be given learning opportunities to reach their full potential, EEO’s mission is to provide special education and literacy outreach programs to students and their communities in Eleuthera and Harbour Island. EEO is the only nonprofit education project addressing the academic and social needs of at-risk children in the Bahamian Family Islands. These children typically exhibit learning differences, developmental delays, or significant learning gaps. EEO assists over 140 children on the islands through pullout or full-day programs in the classroom and also during after-school activities.

Teachers are required to make a full school year commitment. School begins the last week of August and ends the beginning of June. Christmas break usually runs from the 2nd week of December until January 3rd. Spring break coincides with Easter week. Several other traditional and Bahamian holidays are also granted.

We are seeking qualified applicants with the following skills and/or training:
• Education: Four-year college graduate (degree in special ed a plus but not required)
• Skills: excellent classroom management techniques, knowledge of intervention strategies for special needs children, experience with assessments of learning disabilities, strong interpersonal and conflict resolution skills.
• Qualities: High energy, a love of children, positive attitude, willingness to help with unexpected tasks and new projects, new and creative ideas, patience, and ability to adapt to sometimes challenging circumstances.
• Experience: previous work experience as a classroom teacher, camp counselor, teacher’s assistant, or personal aide to a special needs children. Individuals who have been trained with literacy development techniques (such as Laubach and LVA) are also encouraged to apply. Experience with island cultures is a plus but not required.

Teachers Responsibilities
All teachers have the following responsibilities:
• Prepare lesson plans to share with principals of assigned schools
• Perform EEO student assessments with project staff (training available)
• Create IEPs for each student and personalized method of assessment
• Maintain individual student portfolios containing assessment results, examples of work, progress reports, record of parent contacts (see Initial Casing Report)
• Prepare end-of-term report cards for each student to be included in school-based report cards
• Attend monthly PTA meetings and other community meetings to inform and involve parents and potential volunteers
• Publicize and attend EEO’s monthly seminar series
• Meet with EEO staff once a month to discuss progress, challenges, and ideas
• Locate and train local volunteers on classroom activities and management

EEO has the following type of position available:
**Resource room teacher providing pullout session instruction at two schools. These teachers are responsible for working with mainstreamed students in small groups (under 5 students) for 1 – 2 hours daily from 9 to 3pm . Students typically exhibit learning differences and developmental delays. Teachers put a strong emphasis on literacy development. These teachers also work with local community volunteers.

Application and Personal Information
**If you are emailing your application, you must submit it in a Word compatible document**

I. On a separate sheet of paper, please provide the following information (you may submit a resume if the information below is included):
• Full Name, Current Address, Phone Number, and E-mail (indicate preferred means of contact)
• Date and Place of Birth
• Educational Background
• Work Experience
• Volunteer Experience

II. Please answer the following questions in no more than five total pages (typed, double-spaced, 12-pt font):

1. What type of experience have you had in dealing with children with learning difficulties and/or literacy instruction? What did you find most challenging/rewarding about your experiences?
2. Do you have any experience with grass-roots organizations? What skills would make you an effective community liaison, leader, and participant?
1. Describe any experiences you have had in foreign countries (particularly living abroad). What were your challenges in adapting to a different value system and/or way of life?
2. Do you have administrative skills that you could contribute to the overall operation of EEO?
For example, do you have experience with fundraising, computer skills?
3. What type of interests/hobbies do you have that can occupy you in an isolated and quiet community?
4. What do you hope to gain from being a teacher with a community-based organization in the Bahamas?
5. Briefly, what attracted you to apply to EEO?

How to Submit Your Application
You can send us your application via:
E-mail (MS Word Attachments)
Fax 305-665-6240
Snail mail 777 NE 72nd st.
Miami, FL 33138

Thank you for your interest in Exceptional Education Outreach and good luck!

Contact us online at