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easiest way to get to your island from Virginia, US.
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Posted by:Jul 31st 2006, 04:08:17 pm
DonWe make the trip several times a year from Maryland. If getting to BWI is not too much of a hassle, you can usually get a great rate on one of the 9 Southwest flights each day to Ft Lauderdale. They arrive in the east end of Terminal 1, and Continental Express leaves for North Eleuthera out of the west end of Terminal 1, usually two flights a day (12:00 and 2:10) arriving in the N. Eleu in about an hour. It's possible to make the early flight, but we usually like a less stressful trip by catching the 8:45 N/S BWI to Ft Lauderdale, arriving at 11:15...have lunch in the terminal...and catch the 2:10. Have a great trip.
Posted by:Jul 28th 2006, 03:18:04 pm
SMThere is no easy way, but Colin has the right idea. That was our last route, be prepared for delays and get lunch from the ladies in the parking lot in Nassau. I would recommend avoiding Miami at all costs, especially on your return.
Posted by:Jul 28th 2006, 02:48:05 pm
ElizabethWe flew US Airways from Charlotte to Ft. Lauderdale in June, then Continental (Gulfstream) to ELH. The connections were great (it is getting harder and harder to get there in one day). You can purchase this itinerary directly from US Airways, which helps if a delayed flight causes you to miss your connection.
Posted by:Jul 7th 2006, 03:56:25 pm
ColinIf live close anough to DC you can fly direct from National to Nassau. Catch a Southern Air flight from Nassau and you'll be in Briland by 3 or earlier!
Or you can spend the night in Nassau and take the ferry next morning!
Posted by:Jul 7th 2006, 03:43:09 pm
KimberlyYou want to check flights out of Richmond or Charlotte into ELH, the airport code for North Eleuthera. Harbour Island is a short cab and tw-mile boat ride away.
Posted by:Jul 7th 2006, 12:26:06 pm
fm900I need to get to your island, what's teh easiest way to get there from the US, Virginia, thanks!


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