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JetSkis Ruining Our Island!
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Posted by:Aug 13th 2006, 05:00:41 pm
SMI'm with you 100% Kimberly :)

Due to the close encounter with the jet ski recently and remembering how safe I felt as a kid in the Briland water before some of this stuff I tend to get bit a rattled about protecting the things that are great about the island.

Sometimes its hard to read people over email and message boards, no voice or facial expressions.
Posted by:Aug 13th 2006, 03:21:51 pm
KimberlyIt is a serious issue, and one that the island has been attempting to deal with for the past twenty years, and a lot of us have horror stories to share about near-misses and not. Smitty's suggestion as to floating signs was serious, and I have apologized to him offlist for being so cavalier in assuming that he was kidding. He lives in Long Island, where such protection has apparently helped.

We won't get anywhere without being diplomatic with each other in the first place, is what I was trying to say.
Posted by:Aug 12th 2006, 06:20:15 pm
SMFor those of us who have had loved ones nearly hit by jetskis while swimming, this is a very important issue, which is my whole point. Waiting for the new Bahmaian Coast Guard to be created and monitor the Briland beach seems like a waste of time. Short term solutions need to be made. I am sure smitty has made great suggestions in past forums and I am sure there will be others. But if he's been a Briland loyalist for 30 years, he should be old enough to act like an adult. I am not coming from a hipster MySpace perspective, I am coming from a perspective of a person who has seen how dangerous this issue is, yet someone is intent on staying hostile for as long as possible. Comments will be received much better if they stay on point. I understand defending friends, but look at this as someone who is trying to learn about the island, not relive a party. Its very different.
Posted by:Aug 12th 2006, 01:33:14 am
KimberlyYeah, but the forum here is meant to provoke discussion for all stakeholders in Harbour Island's future: old, young, local, student, expat, even folks from Nassau ;-). Smitty's made some concrete suggestions in the past, so I'm not comfortable dismissing his contributions as a long drunken ramble. He's been visiting the island for the past thirty years, and his perspective is just as valuable as anyone else's ... bunky and all. We're not all trendoid hipsters fresh off of MySpace, and that's what makes Briland so very special. The locals will defend it fearlessly, and longtime visitors long for a sense of balance. Their opinions are all welcome here.
Posted by:Aug 11th 2006, 08:42:13 pm
SMI am making suggestions not a mockery, or drunken ramble aka: all of smitty's comments since the beginning of time (literally) It just takes one person to take a picture when they see it (we're not not talking about a speed gun camera like in the US) Just someone paying attention. That way we know who to blame and as smitty mentioned earlier, it could make it enforceable. its pretty simple. Maybe another cruise ship onslaught will get a response? Hoping a government official reads this discussion doesn't really improve the situation. Incidently, has anyone used the term "bunky" in modern times or is that just new fangled internet lingo?
Fun aside, the purpose of the discussion is to resolve, not just point out a problem everyone here wants to eliminate.
Posted by:Aug 11th 2006, 07:41:26 pm
KimberlyThe island's looking much better these days, thanks to the various EnviroRelief collection cans set up all over the place. But Smitty's making some good points as to the questionable merits of digital camera surveillance, given that we'd never get the hotels and beachside businesses to sign on for a local area network that keeps an eye on all activity on the oceanfront ... can you just imagine the reaction to that sort of a setup as well ;-)?? What privacy?
Posted by:Aug 11th 2006, 03:43:36 pm
smittyThank you, SM. You've answered my question.Can't wait to hear how your first photo of a jet skiier you turn in to the local law enforcement goes down. I'm sure he'll want to have a word or two with you.Get real, bunky.
Posted by:Aug 11th 2006, 02:27:47 pm
SMI guess one's perception or memory of beauty is relative to the number of drinks one has had. Ever think of recycling those empty bottles before tossing them in the gutter on the way home? Its amazing how plastic cups and empties can rattle out of one's golf cart, watch out for those speed bumps on Queen's highway!
Posted by:Aug 11th 2006, 01:42:16 pm
smittyForgive me, totally lost my head.Forgot that maintaining the beauty of the island comes first.By the way, are the streets still lined with garbage?
Posted by:Aug 11th 2006, 12:45:53 am
SMI guess I have had one to many nightmares of Valentine's constructing a floating billboard! :)

Posted by:Aug 10th 2006, 05:54:21 pm
KimberlyOh, you'll going to have to pardon Smitty on this one, SM ... the sun was no doubt past the yardarm somewhere in the world (and playing a Buffett tune just a little too loud) when Ken suggested that we deck Briland beach with nautical streamers ;-)! Pass the Absolut, absolutely.
Posted by:Aug 10th 2006, 04:09:11 pm
SMNot sure substituting one ugly thing for another will serve the real purpose. Floating signs greatly detract from the beauty that we're trying to preserve. One person with a digital camera could offer immediate evidence to the local government. It is very easy to spot a jetski and very easy to walk from the ocean to the bay with evidence. You could stop at the commissioner's office and still make it to the bay before the jetski returned.
Posted by:Aug 10th 2006, 03:21:34 pm
smittyA very simple first step would be floating signs,anchored of course, stating "No personal watercraft beyond this point,violators will be fined or prosecuted" just like channel marker bouys.Work it out, make it enforcable, it's a start.
Posted by:Aug 10th 2006, 03:06:37 pm
KimberlyI know that local government is in fact reading this thread ... whether they can be effective against local operators or visiting guests on jetskis is another matter entirely. Hotels can certainly get involved, but many of these people are coming in on their own yachts, away from the local community ... how can we best reach them?
Posted by:Aug 10th 2006, 02:52:28 pm
SMHow about a hefty deposit on rentals that can be returned upon proper use of the personal water craft or kept and used by local government for Briland community needs. My guess is that some rental operators may be providing info, but careless renters don't listen. A deposit/fine system would make the point quite clearly.
Posted by:Aug 10th 2006, 01:09:56 pm
briland's bestKnowledge is power so the local government MUST make this information known to the general public here, and the community MUST petition against this threat to our island! Those of us checking the site are aware of this problem of jetskis ruining our island, however, the majority of the community most likely don't use the computer so a local town meeting should be call to address this matter wisely! We don't want to bite the hand that feeds us but surely we don't want to have that hand choking us! Let's not hinder Brilands's well being by inappropriately handling this matter! Get local and central government on board! Petition on paper if we must but not too much talking about this problem, but confronting it with solutions now! Local marinas could inform their clients about our laws! The jetski operators must be aware of their responsiblity to this community and not just making money from it! A heart-to-heart talk with those directly involve would greatly assist with correcting some of these problems. Having a law to reinforce all of this would be a greater help too!
Posted by:Aug 9th 2006, 02:57:24 pm
Posted by:Aug 9th 2006, 01:30:48 pm
KimberlyThat's good information ... thanks! Do you know whether the other rental operations on the island are in full compliance with all rules and regulations as well? If so, can we presume that the jetskis that are causing the present problem on the beach are privately-owned? And if that's the case, what it will take to get local policing/fisheries action to monitor the situation?
Posted by:Aug 9th 2006, 12:57:15 pm
MandiI know for a fact that the operator on the ramp has followed all the legal procedures required by the port authority of the Bahamas governing Jetski operations. All insurances are up to date and all guest are instructed on the boundaries thar are specified by law. It should be noted that there are other person that rent jetskis that are not directly affiliated with the operation on the ramp. It should also be noted that more and more private Yachts are bringing jetskis, these people should be instructed of our laws.
Posted by:Aug 5th 2006, 12:09:19 am
KimberlyWell, until the Bahamas National Trust gets their act together and actually sends the boat patrol that they've been promising Briland for years, why can't we develop a fisheries/marine biology internship program at the Harbour Island All-Age School for responsible high school juniors, seniors that patrols the waters offshore in four-hour shifts? Academic credit, compensation, real-life boating experience ...

Just a thought.

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