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E.R. environemntal relief : our mission
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Posted by:Aug 2nd 2006, 03:09:40 pm
Fig Tree News TeamGiorgia and Jonathan are on a roll! For those of you unfamiliar with their excellent work, here's a more extensive introduction.

Giorgia Ravilli Simmons (29) is a senior marine Biology student at the University of Ancona Italy, she is been studying Dolphin and Marine ecosystem since she was 18 years old. After working in Italy for some time with a rescue team for marine animals and collaborating with the Dolphinarium of Riccione, Italy she felt the need to move on and experience, explore these animals in the wild. The first time she came in the Bahamas was January 2003 partaking an internship at Dolphin Encounters Nassau, Bahamas. There she spent two weeks learning about this semi-captivity environment and high training standards. After leaving she went to Cancun Mexico for a 2 months internship were she continue to implement the knowledge about semi-captivity dolphins and their behavior. She had the opportunity to train manatees, sting rays, Atlantic Bottle nose dolphins as well Pacific Bottle nose Dolphin.

She returned to the Bahamas in July 2003 looking for the opportunity to do her thesis for her bachelor degree in marine Biology in the wild.

She married Jonathan Simmons (29) former primary trainer at Dolphin Encounters and native of Harbour Island, in November 2003.

During March of 2004 Giorgia and Jonathan did an internship with Diane Claridge of the Bahamas Marine Mammal Survey getting in touch with dolphins and whales around the waters of Sandy Point, Abaco Bahamas.

It was during April of the same year when they both decided to move to Harbour Island and embark on the commitments of establishing a research center with aims of protecting the environment of Harbour Island and the resources. E.R. environmental relief is established in Italy because there was a stronger opportunity to present research projects to the EU ( European Union) with possible grant funding.

With this in mind they submitted 6 research projects which are still being reviewed.

In the past two years E.R. environmental relief implemented two other projects: first an environmental program for both schools on the island and secondly a continual island wide recycling project; which by the way has had an overwhelming response; E.R environmental relief with the help of the community at large were able to ship to Nassau 1,248 lbs of cans in just 4 months.

The school project which is designed for the Harbour Island All Age School is being reviewed by the Ministry of Education with a recommendation from The Minister of Education The Honorable Alfred Sears with hopes of commencing this 2006 school semester continuing through the entire 2007 school semester.

In their efforts to continue to spread the awareness to and about Harbour Island environment and culture we felt that an event able to show different aspect of the island life would be the best way to drive the attention towards the importance that the environment has in the Bahamian life and how important it is to take care of it.

At the same time we felt that for the people of Harbour Island involved in this event could be a wonderful intercultural experience.


Thank you, ER!

The Fig Tree News Team
Posted by:Aug 2nd 2006, 11:16:36 am
environmental reliefEnvironmental Relief came into existence in february 2005 with the purpose to inform and educate through the data collected from our field research. E.R is a non-profit organization, established in Italy but working, seasonally on the island of Harbour Island, Eleuthera, Bahamas, operating for the protection and the awareness of marine ecosystems, its existing structure and the impact humans and other causes have on the environment.
This project brings together community groups, government departments, and academia and business partners to:
-Educate the public about the surrounding environment;
-Create a global network of volunteer teams, which regularly monitor and report on the research activities;
-Investigate scientifically the ecosystem for better management solutions;
-Facilitate collaboration among academia, NGO’s, governments and the private sector;
-Stimulate local community action to protect remaining pristine ecosystems and rehabilitate damaged areas using ecologically sound and economically sustainable solutions.
Our field office is in Colebrooke Street Harbour Island, Giorgia Simmons (the project manager) and Jonathan Simmons (councile man) are both resident of Harbour Island and you can contact them at 242-333-3481.
E.R. environmental relief is active actually with 2 projects: Recycling and Intercultural exchange event and trip to italy for the Marching band.
If you want to know more about us you can also log on our web site
or write to

Contact us online at