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Open Thank You To Miss Ling
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Posted by:Aug 20th 2006, 10:12:28 pm
KimberlyThanks to Robert Arthur of Arthur's Bakery, Miss Ling is very much enoying her virtual post office.
Posted by:Aug 14th 2006, 03:50:21 pm
briland's bestMiss Ling is a blessing to our Harbour Island! Thanks everyday to Miss Ling for the betterment of this community through her skillful ability to teach life! Academically and socially speaking! Miss Ling is a honorable teacher even now in her retirement! God bless you Miss Ling!!!!!!
Posted by:Aug 9th 2006, 01:54:03 pm
Fig Tree News TeamFrom this morning's mailbag:

"Dear Miss Ling,

I am so excited to have found you so that I can say thank you for the time you let me stay at your apartment on Harbour Island. It was about 26 years ago that I arrived unexpectedly on Harbour Island, very worn out emotionally. After visiting the local pastors house, with a creative idea to errect my tent in his backyard (he was surprised, polite, but not at all comfortable with to the idea) I was introduced to you 'the guardian angel' of travellers...Miss Ling.
We met with you and you so very kindly agreed to let me stay in your living room. What would I have done without you.

I want to say thankyou from the bottom of my heart (from the middle and top of it also).

You were indeed a guardian angel, I even remember that you lent me a flowered dress to wear so I could accompany you to sing in the church choir!

I have some very dear memories of you...out for supper with Matey, meeting her son, singing in the choir, informing me that avocados do not go in the fridge and you sunbathing on your balcony (very modern of you) *smiles*

I wonder what kind of house guest I was, possibly did not clean up after myself properly, please accept my apologies for any ignorance on my part (I have since had my share of young people needing a place to stay or a shoulder to cry if it is any consolation to you I have seen myself in them and realise that 'oops I probably took too many liberties also...')

I recuperated well during my stay with you, there were some tolls from a betrayal of trust after taking vows at a yoga centre. The teacher in question is not alive anymore, I still feel a bit ouchy form the whole scenario, but I am a big girl now. I have a son who is 19, a very nice young man though he would annoy you no end with his lack of ennunciation....something I may have unwittingly passed on to him...tut tut...

I do hope you remember me, my name is Pamela, perhaps I called myself Padma at that time, I am from London, England, I was 22 years old when I met you. I had married Alan, a good person but someone I hardly knew just a few weeks before I arrived on Harbour Island. I arrived on the Island because Alan and I had accepted a ride from a sailboat full of students from Miami on their summer semester. The teachers liked the idea of my teaching the students yoga and meditation while they voyaged down the Devils Backbone, though the confined space with so many people (we slept in the galley) was a bit too much for me (I was a bit too emotional and needed quiet at the time) so I only lasted a few days and left the boat at Harbour Island. (They had picked us up from Current Island, we were having our 'deserted island' experience camping there, something I had planned on doing alone but thank goodness that Alan came with me because he could climb the coconut trees *smiles*)

I am still friends with Alan, he came to get me from your house to ask me to return to his hometown of Toronto (Canada) with him (I do remember he had a nasty case of foodpoisoning when he turned up at your house....I do hope we were mature enough to fully clean up after him!
Alan and I lived together for about 1 year and then I moved on, we worked better as friends.

The father of my son is not alive anymore. He died about five years ago. We parted company when my son was still a baby. He was not a very wise choice (understatement) for a husband and father of a child and I regret that my son has the pain and burden of the death/suicide of his father to live with, due to my lack of wisdom in choosing who to be intimate with.

Well, there you have it .... if you do remember me then this is what has become of me, I am very happy at the moment, I am engaged to a very dear man and we are recently living together with plans to marry sometime next year. My son does not live with us as he is happily living with friends in the city but he does come to visit often. I am still a very spiritual person, I mostly give craniosacral therapy and massage to clients though sometimes I teach yoga classes. My son is also very spiritual and he gives and teaches something called reiki though I think this is his stepping stone to some other expressions of his spiritual nature.

Again, thankyou Miss Ling, you are very special indeed!

Thank you, thank you.


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