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October/November Weather
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Posted by:Aug 22nd 2006, 08:28:38 pm
MSHillsHave happily been to Harbour Island for Thanksgiving for around 25 years. Believe me the weather has been everything you could imagine. Beautiful balmy years - and cold post Hurricane years - and since Jeff is always the hopeful fisherman, we have many years when he caught lots of dinner and many years when he could barely get out of the Harbor - BUT HERE'S THE THING - every moment of every trip was WONDERFUL!
Posted by:Aug 21st 2006, 07:33:20 am
smittyHave to agree with balmy and can do anything, but there can be a pretty good stiff Easterly (ocean side) wind. Been vacationing there in October for many years.Advise to rent on the Bay side.
Posted by:Aug 20th 2006, 10:11:19 pm
KimberlyOkay, you caught me. Humid, hair-curling, spend the day in the water kind of weather ;-). Excellent for scuba diving, bottom fishing and hammocking. Slow time on the island business-wise, as local outfits prepare for the upcoming winter season.

But still, balmy and perfect for swimming, no lie!
Posted by:Aug 20th 2006, 09:07:53 pm
Posted by:Aug 20th 2006, 04:54:26 pm
KimberlyBalmy, warm, swimming weather ...
Posted by:Aug 18th 2006, 02:23:46 pm
bumpbordPlanning to visit Harbour Island for the first time in the next few months. Can anyone tell me what we should expect for weather in October? November?

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