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Posted by:Oct 17th 2006, 10:04:02 pm
BrilandkidThanks for the heads up Smitty. I know just what you are talking about. I can be just as ruthless as they want me to be too. Bet on it
Posted by:Oct 17th 2006, 07:51:24 am
smittyBrilandkid- I just hope you don't get plowed under while your making your lemonade.These people are ruthless.Money will change hands,envelopes will be passed around.These are the intangibles you can't control.Stick your collective butts out and take a chance.Way down the road when the smoke clears you may not have made much of a difference, but at least you tried to control things on your watch and when you close your eyes at night you can say at least we did try. I can respect that.Good luck, partner.
Posted by:Oct 17th 2006, 01:35:17 am
BrilandkidGreat point Smitty, you had not notice I said they are stuck with us and we with them. At this stage it won’t be prudent to halt construction. The time for halt is lapse. The majority of Brilanders are realistic. We are not all, I did say not all are idiots, the majorty know change is going to come. We welcome positive change. We seek positive changes that the future generations of Brilanders, maybe able to enjoy and survive and thrive in Sweet “Briland”.
So if it seems like I got the two ends of the rope. The old saying is, “There is more than one way to skin a cat”. Stop the building and Briland will be left with is a huge pile of concrete ruble. Yes we have been wronged. I can only promise and assure you it will be made right. We’ll make lemonade out of those lemons they hit us with. One thing is certain they can’t leave now, they got to deal with us like it or not! They want sweetness, huh. I Promise to be vigilant for future predators. Thanks for the tip to Lobby, Lobby, Lobby.

Kristi: I’m now ready for my Kalik-n-stick, I gon lik em wit it!

Posted by:Oct 16th 2006, 08:02:26 am
smittySeems like to me you're pulling on both ends of the same rope.On one end you don't want too much developement and on the other end you want the money that goes with developement.A bit of a conflict there, huh? Until you organize and kick some ass, get in the faces of the people responsible for your future,nuttin's gonna happen. You're all just milling around waiting for someone else to do something.Form a committee, be obnoxious, whatever. Lobby,lobby,lobby.
Posted by:Oct 11th 2006, 01:15:10 am
BrilandkidKRISTI my Dear I do not think you were being perceived as being negative, you ask a question and you stated an opinion. That was great I saw no negatives in that. Now I will state one. I feel that all respondents to the forum has a valid point. Briland chick with yada, yada has a good point also. She refers to herself as a situationist. Well that is good to be able to adjust to any given situation that is also known as resilient individual, now with all that resilience lets kick some butt. We will work to do, build Briland and make it a success story.
Since this subject was about Valentines, who underestimated the kindred souls of Briland. Since they forcefully rammed a big concrete elephant down Brilanders throat, by sucker punching us. Let us remind them that we are known to eat an elephant one bite at a time. The word resilient again comes to mind. Play ball with a lemon and we in Briland will make lemonade.

Yes Briland chick you are right to put on a positive spin on it. But guess what Valentines and Romora Bay “ien” know it yet, but it is about to be our Valentines Day every day in Briland Ching, Ching, ….. ching, ching. We do not want to frighten these folks cause they have such a weakness for the Briland sweetness cannot help themselves. They are now diabetic, and we got the insulin too.

On a serious note it is up to us to stand firm it is us that will chart the destiny of our future Harbour Island not Valentines, Romora Bay or the like. We must stand up to those idiot bench warmering, policy makers in pa rliament and say this is about our future, not their pockets. Stop selling us short. Our future is not for sale at any price.

Kristi I will now take you up on that kalik so I can get kapunkulop, yu too, too tweet!

Dey mussy ien no ow Tweet! Tweet! Briland es aye?
Posted by:Oct 10th 2006, 01:47:27 pm
brilandchickApology excepted... BUT I never pin pointed anyone or called say you were being negative.. so asking such a question portrays that maybe you felt otherwise.. but anyhow enough of that every thing cool....
Posted by:Oct 10th 2006, 04:02:19 am
kristiWell Brilandchick if I took your message wrong then I must apologise (even though I wasn't attacking "you") - I was just asking where was I being negative) - simple question.
Posted by:Oct 9th 2006, 07:59:24 pm
KimberlyWe've hopefully learned our lesson, and as a community will be more proactive when it comes to attending local government town meetings and offering up constructive suggestions as to how best maintain our limited resources. Water and sun and sea are our best assets, and we'd do well to make sure that there will be enough for future generations to enjoy. Enough with building structures, whether commercial or residential, that are simply out of scale with what Harbour Island genuinely and rather uniquely reflects. I'd really rather not see Briland become Paradise Island or South Beach East, so it's up to each and everyone of us to become more active with local council efforts ... as hard as local councillors try, working on the district council is a part-time job. They can't do it all by themselves!
Posted by:Oct 9th 2006, 01:19:09 pm
brilandchickExcuse ma?? Hold ya ground Ms.Kristi did you evry hear me say KRISTI STOP WITH THE NEGATIVITY??? boy all i got to say on this if the hat fits you WEAR IT!! and somebody surely wore it!!
Posted by:Oct 9th 2006, 09:44:31 am
kristiAnd WHERE was I being negative Brilandchick??? I was also saying (between the lines) face the facts - the new Valentines is here and there's nothing to do about it. Otherwise why would I even say that I would go and have a Kalik??? Gees - talk about taking things wrong!
Posted by:Oct 5th 2006, 01:47:45 pm
brilandchickBlah.. blah...blah...blah..blah.. yada yada yada...blah blah yada yada.....Face the facts my people what is done is done.. Valentine's is here and it ain't going NOWHERE so deal with it....blah blah blah blah...blah blah..Im not a Hedonist but more of a situationist...Deal with the situation at hand...some person like blah blah blah yada yada yada should explore this theory and the way is operates then just maybe....instead of blah blah blah yada yada yada well have more positivity then the negativity... blah blah..I'll have a Kalik to that... blah blah yada yada
Posted by:Oct 5th 2006, 10:22:07 am
kristiI post way to fast and should re-read what I type (I can hear you mom all the way over here)I know I know I know...I wasn't in any way saying that Valentines has the best view of the just has a differnet angle and it is nice to see the sunset from all angles. oooouuuffff I feel better.

Kaliks still on me (for Brilandkid that is)!!!
Posted by:Oct 5th 2006, 10:15:51 am
kristiI can't say anything in the looks of the place since it wasn't finished the last time that I was on the island BUT I will say this "I can't wait until I get back so that I can have a drink and admire the great sunset" (I'm NOT saying that you can't see the sunset elsewhere but it is nice to see the sunset at a different angle).

OK Brilandkid was that a "sweet" way of putting it? ching ching Kaliks on me. Briland all kapunkalop man ! Peace
Posted by:Oct 4th 2006, 08:26:55 pm
ChristopherPersonally, Valentine's in and of itself is not going to keep me from coming back, especially if the place can be "contained." Nevertheless, it should be lesson that's learned. And if the lesson isn't learned, then the thing that brings folk to Harbour Island will be destroyed. Besides, why not do all of this development on Grand Bahama. frankly, that island has the space and infrastructure, and need the economic boast, right?
Posted by:Oct 4th 2006, 06:51:29 pm
BrilandkidCall it complaining, dissatisfied, negative rhetoric or Jealousy. I do not care what you call it the story of Valentine’s and the other greedy developers will not get the last laugh that is a promise It’s Briland who will laugh the last and loudest. I agree our Island who will ultimately benefit from this grave injustice. They are now stuck with us and we with them. They can’t leave now even if they wanted to HA!!. Since sweetness is their weakness they will have to pay for the sugar. I like the sound of developers tax, large building tax, excessive utilities use tax. Boy this has a nice ching ching sound doesn’t it?? There are roads to be fixed and maintained we need civil service, Garbage, sewer, water, electrical, shoreline to be maintained and kept healthy etc. It maybe a blessing in disguise, Yes everyone is correct and I must agree that the Government of the Bahamas should be highly embarrassed but their shame is blinded by total greed. Government forgot, to get something out they must put something in, shameful!!! They know the importance of having a top rated Island, yet they are like a slumlords. We must get on their case more and stop kissing up, they need us..

Little do they do not know that too much sweetness rots you teeth, they will be toothless soon, then who will be laughing? Not them. (Briland) invented sweetness.
Posted by:Oct 4th 2006, 02:40:35 pm
briland's bestWho is looking out for the overall best interest of our island? Fiona i agree with you and i say "will somebody get local and central government on board with bringing forth solutions!" Enough already! We the people maybe the 'shakers', however, the government are the 'makers'! Let's shake them to make it happen! 2007 is near so let's pen and present solutions to the government to better our island all around! We need the revenue here however, let's make it work for the next generation too! No island stands alone when it comes to generating money. Spanish Wells indeed capitalize on the tourist dollar too! Their 'devil's backbone' pilots guide hundreds of yachts into our island's marinas! Selling goodies too like stone crabs and bread! So we all benefit from our country's number one industry - tourism! So let us be hospitable and help improve our island along with the government and the developers! Be thankful not hateful! Be smart not unwise! Out of all the beautiful regions - the developers came to our land! And i say thank you to them! We must keep things into prospective! Let's talk with our local government to have central government help correct the mistakes. Water, electricity and the environment are all crucial to any community. Let's improve all around as a people and country by doing our part in decency and order! We could do it! Don't be frustrated! Write your solutions down and give them to central government on gaol street in harbour island.
Posted by:Oct 4th 2006, 09:55:23 am
FionaI totally agree with Brilandchick.And I do have a few points to add. Yes, there does seem to be more development on the island but equally there are plans by these developers in place to ensure that water/electricty are taken from resources 'on-site'. Ive heard of a couple of places now that are having their own osmosis water systems (with tanks) installed so that the new properties do not draw and affect local resources. As for roads and electricity; does it not seem a problem for the local government to solve?They approve the plans in the first place,therefore, they should have foresight to prepare for new influxes of habitants. Seemingly the wear and tear on roads are sped up due to more usage-but this will happen over time anyway; with or without more tourists. The electricty problem strikes me as odd anyway. Even during the low season the power goes down. So i assume it is due age-not over subscription. I apologise if my opinions are slightly short sighted, and dont get me wrong i love the island-but isnt it time to stop blaming the developers all the time and start looking to the government?
Posted by:Oct 3rd 2006, 08:22:56 pm
brilandchickComplain, Complain, Complain and FIRSTLY it is not all about the MONEY!!! My point that i am trying to get across to everyone is this that REGARDLESS of how we feel and how much we protest or quarell about this situation its NOT GOING TO CHANGE!!!! You can critize as much as you want but the fact is this the project has already been approved and is near completion.. If you in particular briland kid have some master or legit plan to remove the structure or relocate it to FLORIDA then let us know.. i will be gladly to assist you!! but if not the i suggest you dont waist your time complaining!! Secondly, dont get me wrong i do not approve of this large structure on the island but FACTS are that it is there and its not going anywhere.. Instead of complaining lets Unite to suggest ways that we can improve our water, electricity,roads and so on.. AND THIRDLY!!! like i stated early its not about S.P its about H.I!!
Posted by:Oct 3rd 2006, 03:30:40 pm
Big SlickI would have to agree with Brilandkid. With all the tourism this island has where is all the money going. Obviously not being invested into out water, electrical and road systems. When the island is busy with tourists and forign residents there are constant brownouts and water shortages. The governmnet keeps approving all this building with no infrastructure to support it. Why Does an island rated #1 tourist destination in the carribean have dirty streets with pot holes everywhere? Which is why i question the governments motives when it comes to appoving such projects as large as Valentines on such a small island. I dont see much of the revenue being invested into the island.
Posted by:Oct 2nd 2006, 01:24:22 am
BrilandkidLimited supply of potable water, No sewer system, Limited Electrical supply, insufficient garbage waste system on the Island. Shall I go on? Should there have been a Infrastructure built before selling 1-bedroom condos for $500.000 of course. But that would have been too easy to think of. The building resembles the Florida Keys. the keys have it…. Infrastructure.

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