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Eleutheran Spotlight: Kiron Ingraham
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Posted by:Oct 7th 2006, 04:40:41 pm
Fig Tree News TeamCurious little fingers reach for the radio sitting on the table. Very aware that he is committing a capital offense in his household, a small boy searches for some tool to unfasten the back compartment of the gadget. As he delves further into his investigation of how the machine works, he is unaware of the approaching footsteps.

Just as he is pulling the wires apart, a sharp intake of breath at his back causes his fingers to freeze. “Kiron! What are you doing?!”

This could have described a day in the life of a younger Kiron Ingraham. Now 18 years old, and wiser in his ways, this confident college student from Palmetto Point, Eleuthera, fondly recalls how his curiosity as a child often got him into serious trouble with his parents. It was this natural curiosity, this innate desire to know ‘how’ machines were able to work, that led Kiron to enroll in the Engineering program at the College of The Bahamas.

It was the Scotiabank Scholarship that enabled him to do so. One of 13 lucky recipients, and the other of only 2 from Eleuthera, Kiron Ingraham has embarked on a journey that, he hopes, will lead him to DeVry University and from there…

He has faced a number of challenges getting to this point, not the least of which was maintaining the 3.0 grade average necessary to win the scholarship. Kiron says that he did not like to study and it was difficult to make the grade. He attributes his success to his mother, who pushed him when he needed pushing and directed him in the way he should go. She remains his inspiration and even though he is living in Nassau, the commitment to learning that she awakened in him drives him still. He is no longer doing it just for her; higher learning and a successful future is now something he wants for himself. “I am determined now. See, at first I didn’t care. All of the pushing helped me to set my mind. I want to do it for me.”

That commitment to learning is proving useful now as Kiron faces perhaps the greatest challenge a male college student will face – girls, girls, girls.
According to Kiron, the girls from Nassau are more persistent than any he has ever come across. “They wait until they finish their own homework before they come bug me,” he says. If there is one single threat to Kiron’s college success, it is the distraction of female attention.

Kiron has come up with his own battle plan to counter the girls’ tactics. He has determined that the campus is not safe, not even the library. His plan is to avoid detection at all costs by sticking to a little known route that has proven safe over time to those who use it – home, school and back home again.
Kiron will need to stay ever vigilant in his pursuit of higher learning. He has come across another unexpected, and unwelcome discovery.

While he did receive much needed encouragement and support from his community, his schooling in Eleuthera did not prepare him for the field of study he has chosen. He finds himself at a disadvantage to Nassau students, who have all been exposed to sciences he has never been taught. Physics, a science critical to the field of engineering, was not a part of the curriculum at Kiron’s school in Eleuthera and because of that, he is now struggling to keep up.

Being the first in his family to attend college, Kiron is determined to succeed. He wishes to set an example for his brothers and sisters and hopes to be an inspiration to them in much the way his mother has been to him. He is following a path that few Family Island youth do. According to Kiron, most Eleutheran students are encouraged to become lawyers, doctors or accountants for the large incomes those professions generate. His love for working with his hands and his determination to follow his heart has set him on another course, and if he sticks to the work ethic that has been cultivated in him by his family and Palmetto Point community, there is no doubt that he will succeed.

The curious little boy who used to ‘get row’ for taking apart mama’s radio has grown into an intelligent young man who just can’t wait to get his hands on mama’s t.v.

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