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The Lazy Bahamian Police in Briland
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Posted by:Oct 20th 2006, 09:07:20 am
KimberlyWhat frustrates me about the situation is that we DID have a great local guy on the force, Sgt. Howie Pinder, who originally hailed from Hatchet Bay. Not only did he know more about the local families than most of the Nassauvian imports we've seen over the years, he used his musical gifts to start the high school brigade bands in several North Eleuthera communities that were enthusiastically received by the students and their parents. However, he was recently transferred to Long Island.

Inspector Paul Fahquharson, can we please, please return to local community policing as possible? The quick turnover of our police doesn't help anyone in the Out Islands develop a bond with their security force.

Posted by:Oct 19th 2006, 03:54:59 pm
ColinI remember in the old days (excuse me while I tap my cane a little) that all the police came from Nassau. They were frozen out of Briland society. And for their part they never seemed to make much of an effort to get to know the locals. You never saw a police officer walking around the island, chatting to kids or to tourists -- or anyone!
I hear this is still a problem. Am I wrong? Do any Out Islanders, especially Brilanders, serve in the force? That might help. And I bet it would yield much improved intelligence...
Posted by:Oct 18th 2006, 07:31:34 pm
BrilandkidThe word success is a derivative of Briland. Those bumbling idiots in Government cannot screw us up. Yes it was a success not huge but yes a success. The Music was so, so sweet.
Posted by:Oct 18th 2006, 05:38:53 pm
MSHillsSo other than that - was the Regatta a huge success?
Posted by:Oct 18th 2006, 01:10:23 am
It is unbelievable and intolerable the no actions of thee famous Royal Bahamas Police force in Briland. Given the circumstances of the crowd the regatta weekend in Briland it was hectic the police should have been more vigilant instead of chasing young skirt tails. Vigilant as in on their J. O. B. to say the least. A woman was assaulted went to the police station to make a report so she was told her to go get the name of her attacker, since she did not know her attacker, she followed instruction inquired around came back with a first name of a young man who had assaulted her, they then told to go and find out his last name she inquired again and went back to them with this. She was then told to come back at a more convenient time to make a report. By doing this allowed this incident to go to another level where the woman relatives got involve causing a situation that could have been avoided. Those good for nothing lazy bastards. Would rather the victim to do their own investagation and they reap the credit of the arrest. They were even too lazy to even write a report as simple as that is. Protocol again Protocol requires once there is a report of a crime it must, it must be recorded and followed up by the police investigation not the victim. A victim could have gotten himself or herself further hurt or killed. Visitors to our Island should not have to be subject to this type of Police inaction, domestic or foreign visitors. Tax dollars would be better flushed into the ocean than paying these sorry S.O.B.ís for this type of protection. Our visitors deserve better police protection. The Police Commissioner. need to react to this type of conduct.

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