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Giant Needed for the Upcoming Bahamas general Election in N. ELE.
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Posted by:Dec 5th 2006, 08:06:12 am
BrilandkidThanks Big Slick for the vote of confidence. My note of congratulations was just that. Also a reminder that we are a new Generation of voters we are not your bottle rum, one week of groceries or a chicken in every pot voters. We are more aware and much more wiser. I support a democratic system that does not victimize or alienate or certainly not discriminate. But a system that is for all, all people regardless of party affiliation, race, religion, national origin or personal choice.
A individual who is not afraid to stand up for right regardless of self. One who will believe God first others next self Last. One who will make priority to secure the future for the next generations of North Eleuthera and it's residents. One who will stand for the need not greed. One who walk the walk not just talk the talk. Solid firm leadership not swayed by special interest groups or party affiliation. In the case of Eleuthera A need for a Big Giant. With Gods help in the coming weeks and months I will make myself more visible and of course vocal publicly in the local communities, our future is at stake here.

What I briefly describe here is an individual who is all real and dedicated to the cause, the preservation of our very dear and precious home. Again thank Big Slick For the vote. I will certainly keep that as a consideration, If my home need me in whatever capacity, I will certainly be there. That is my duty and obligation.

Briland much too sweet to let go!!!
Posted by:Dec 2nd 2006, 11:25:46 am
Big SlickHey Brilandkid, I think you should run as an independant as you seem very passionate about the issues.
Posted by:Nov 25th 2006, 03:30:49 am
Congratulations to the potential house of assembly candidates who have declared publicly that they wish to represent North Elethera in the next Upcoming Bahamas general elections. I wish to remind them that Brilanders along with all of the communities in the North Elethera, We will demand good firm leadership someone who will get the job done, One who stand and deliver for ALL, ALL the people they were elected to deliver to. Deliver to the people who they were elected to represent, not special interest groups. One who will work to preserve our heritage, our culture, our right to full 100% + participation not partial, in the development and betterment of all our communities. Now and for the future generations of North Elethera and it's people. Positive development in our environment. Protecting the environment and the people of North Elethera, We will be taken seriously, I repeat we will be taken seriously this time around. This is not a job but a very serious commitment, in a very serious time, that calls for very, very serious leadership. I remember a little sign posted in the public school over the entrance and exit door it said “ God first, Others next, Self last”. Ladies and Gentlemen need I say more. (Promises are only a comfort only to a fool.) We are not fools. Let's see what you got??

Please. Do not take sweetness for weakness.

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