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Junkanoo in Briland!
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Posted by:Dec 24th 2008, 07:48:02 pm
ash12last call for junkanoo,ers who,s interessted in participating in the parade on boxing day, stop by the shack, get you,re pants paisted up,,there wil be shirts for group members to where on the parade
Posted by:Dec 20th 2008, 04:08:52 pm
kristiI wish you all the happiest junkanoo season ever and remember to have fun. Too bad that I will miss it. Merry Christmas to you all.
Posted by:Dec 19th 2008, 09:58:39 pm
ash12just seven days to go for the junkanoo parade on bay street. persons interrested in participating past by the shack and fit a suit. we need all the bells as possible. there is a fundraiser going on now at the tent located at the fishermens dock on baystreet
Posted by:Dec 2nd 2008, 03:45:10 am
kristiBut most importantly above the competition, remember to enjoy yourself and continue the tradition to the next generation. Gosh I hate missing Junkanoo - have an ice cold Kalik for me please.
Posted by:Dec 1st 2008, 07:55:28 pm
Brilandkidnever give up and never except defeat. That is great news now move on to the next level the competition and a win win win go for it!!!!
Posted by:Dec 1st 2008, 05:48:08 pm
ash12looks like we,re having a junkanoo parade after all. feel free to visit CHIPPY AND THE BOYS at the shack located at MS NORA ALBURY,s building. People interrested in participating feel free to visit the shack and arrange for a suit to be made or for your pants and shirts to be paist. its competition this year, so we need to be costumed properly
Posted by:Nov 27th 2008, 09:30:56 am
kristitoo bad the culture is being lost. It seems to me that Junkanoo is something that needs to be thought about as of January since it takes a while to make those beautiful costumes. The schools should be involved as well so that the kids get into the tradition spirit at a young age.
Posted by:Nov 23rd 2008, 08:57:01 pm
Brilandkidi Know what you have to deal with believe me I know they tried me and they know who I am. They know I am half nuts do not take no for an answer. Never let' em keep I down. Wonder If they are ready for the Brilandkid again. Kalik Kalik Jah will guide I and protect I and defeat all my enemies at the gate. Do not except defeat only victory you must make this happen.. sweet hey!!!
Posted by:Nov 22nd 2008, 04:29:46 pm
ash12we can build anywhere if the whole counsil lets us. we have an alternative.nora alburys building. we just wont have the huge costumes, but hatchet bay may have the huge dance costumes if they come down and participate this year
Posted by:Nov 22nd 2008, 01:05:24 pm
Richard PCan you build a temporary straw hut that looks tropical up on the huge library grounds? Junkanoo is Junkanoo, we have to have JUNKANOO. Do not take no for an answer, do not pass go do not collect 200 dollars.

How about up on the ballfield, in one of the corners, that would fit too.
Posted by:Nov 22nd 2008, 11:24:35 am
ash12oh! they said we did,nt have a proper permit to construct that shack on that property! just because it darrel,s property! they did,nt have a permit for the shack on the hill next to luanne saunders house!look at other places on the island where certain people build homes without permits!!i guess thats another topic. walls, fences. ect
Posted by:Nov 22nd 2008, 11:14:31 am
ash12we appreciate it briland kid, but we have serious challengers here on the island now when it comes to junkanoo. the love for it has gone! look like the guys would rather spend time through alleys doing you know what!! we had a shack up and built already on summer and darrel johnson,s property through the alley next to Ms. irene and mr. Alfred Albury.1 or two residents who live in the immediate area of the shack,,decided that they can speak for everyone in that area and approach certain people on the town counsil who has no love and will never have any love for junkanoo and our culture!! only politic! just because its darrel johnson,s property! The campaign has started to reverse everything that he trys to do on the island. even if its for betterment for our island and its youth infact everyone!! now here it is i,ve sent some devoted guys to nassau to pickup some costumes and other stuff needed to pulloff atleast one parade! now we have nowhere to store the big costumes and dance peaces! Ms NORA ALBURY kindly let us use her small shop where she does her sewing! and to think about it! thats the very same place where she and susan oliver practice and make the outfits for the girls who participates in the parades. if we use your property Briland kid, let me rephrase that if we try to use you,re property! the critics would only put a stop to it! thanks we appreciate it highly! but i,m sad to say it, this island is in a downward position when it comes to junkanoo. know they would say. OH its in the township, we dont need a junkanoo shack there!! at times its sickining to be on this island and around some people here!!!
Posted by:Nov 22nd 2008, 08:59:32 am
BrilandkidI wil opt to have my property used for a tempory use for a junkano shack to be removed by January 4th and has long has it is not tacky looking since it is in town I approve it and support it whole heartly. and would assist in anyway possible. I did say anyway since junkanoo is a cultural and meaningful event, I have no choice but to support it. If you need my help and the use of my property, you may contact me at Do not wait til the last minute Xmas is here. If you need assistance in other areas other than a place for a shack, I may also be able to help there too. do not hesitste Briland started junkanoo in Eleuthera, taht is facts let's not lagg behind.
Posted by:Nov 19th 2008, 07:36:09 pm
brilandbeautyHas anyone given any thought to constructing a "temp. structure" on the airstrip or even on the ball park. Why hasn't anyone proposed constructing a more permanent structure on the park? It is afterall a public place with enough space for another building like the one they currently have to house equipment. That way the customes from every event, year after year, can somehow go on display and add to the park's appeal! Just a few ideas :-)
Posted by:Nov 18th 2008, 08:35:12 pm
ash12looks like junkanoo is a no go in briland at the moment , atleast from the briland guys. the only and last spot to construct a shack on the island. higher officials decided to threaten the guys to take it down in so many days,,,said that it could be a fire hazzard in that particular area of the island. the person who owns the property does,nt mind having the shack built there!(temporarily)!its so funny and strange at the same time!all emphasis is on destroying programs that can be so good for the youngsters. i guess whoever made the decision to halt it weren,t thinking about that! and to think about it! so many people look farward to watching our local creations in junkanoo,,tourist, domestic tourist. the junkanoo committe has worked so hard during the year to raise funds for boxing day and new would think if these people are really trying there best to destroy the island. building and structures what should and neeeds to demolish! they need to (EMPHASIZE) on those issues
Posted by:Jan 10th 2007, 04:41:36 am
kristiThanks for the update Brilands best. Hopefully I'll be able to see Junkanoo next year if I get down to the island.
Posted by:Jan 9th 2007, 05:29:45 pm
briland's bestSorry about the late reply Kristi! The Boxing Day Junkanoo was flat and flushed down the drain. Visitors were informed about this special event and were disappointed. However the New Year's Celebration came back with great representation. It's over and I hope that better preparation next time inspite of rain delay! Nothing but the best this year is the goal overall! Let's all reach for that! Let's keep moving forward, upward, onward and together!
Posted by:Jan 3rd 2007, 12:21:53 am
BrilandkidI am really happy to see that My Briland's junkanoo parade is still doing well. I am also happy in being instrumental in it's inception. Let's keep the momentum going in other areas to preserve our heritage.
Posted by:Jan 3rd 2007, 12:19:36 am
BrilandkidI am really happy to see that My Briland's junkanoo parade is still doing well. I am also happy in being instrumental in it's inception. Let's keep the momentum going in other areas to preserve our heritage.
Posted by:Dec 31st 2006, 03:07:08 pm
KimberlyAshley Percentie, co-chair with Denise Davis and Cecil Marche of the Junkanoo Associates group that stepped in at the last minute to make certain that there was in fact a parade held this year, noted that there wasn't an actual competition held on Boxing Day as scheduled, mostly due to the weather.

Several groups rushed nonetheless: Dunmore School fielded a children's team, Linda Lewis and her girls performed, and the St. John's Anglican Church Youth Group came out in full force, while the Harbour Island Youth Brigade Brass Band, now led by Casper Johnson, decided to wait for better weather.

Junkanoo 2006 sponsors included Sharon King, Warren Grant of Royal Palm Hotel and Mark Messiers of Runaway Hill Club.

The New Year's Day parade is scheduled to start at 6:00p, downsea at the fig tree, weather permitting.

Hope that helps!

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