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What do you t ink about the sale of pink sands?
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Posted by:Feb 6th 2007, 08:25:38 am
PeopleThere wil be huge changes !!!

You cannot buy a property for 33
+ million dolars and expect there to be no change. The developers of this property will HAVE to make over 60 or 80 condos / untis so that they can make their money back and then leave the island.

They will tear down current buldings and create jobs in constuction for construction workers fro mnassau then they will employ foreginers to run the place - Quinth will not be given the chance to manage the place as he should be doing from years ago. Bahaimains wil only be in low level jobs andthey wont be able to rise up as they should be since they are MORE THAN CAPABLE. the only ones to make any gain fro mthis are the developes them selves they wil turn over the property tripple fold and we will be left with a concrete monstrosity once they have made their millions and left the island.
The developers of Valentines have sold out and are no longer involved with that place it sits there empty like a big elephant they have come and gone and these people will come and go too

Posted by:Feb 1st 2007, 07:34:18 am
snowyI'm confused. Is PINK sands or CORAL sands for sale?
Posted by:Jan 31st 2007, 05:02:33 pm
robbyI think the sale of pink sands has proven to promise a lot of new anticipating changes. Like the much needed renevations that desperately need to be done. I do not think that changes to the staff are neccessary. I ate lunch there a few times and the drinks along with the food was excellent. However service was out of the ordinary. The staff there were exremely courteous and very friendly. It is not neccesary to mention names because all of them did a great job especially our young waiter that seemed to have worked there for 40 years. I do anticipate some changes , but the overall look of pink sands must NOT change. I am sure the ownership and management of coral sands will not make any mistakes. I have been told that families have been coming to coral sands for as far as every year for the last 15 years. Obiously they have been pleased with what they have been givin on their every trip to Pink Sands.
On a negative note i have heard that quite a few rooms leak, sad to hear this, beause the room goes for a nightly rate of about 1200. I can not stress saying this, the only thing that needs to change is renevations, the staff and look of pink sands must not change.

Feel free to add any other comments..sincerely Robert

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