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Posted by:Feb 7th 2007, 08:39:36 am
MMEveryone here should know of an interesting blogg-
SPEACH's posting made it to that blogg this morning. If you respond on the blog you can reach people in Nassau as well. All Bahamians should get involved, it is happening ev erywhere!
Posted by:Feb 6th 2007, 06:47:19 pm

As the builders of Bimini Bay Resort, with the full support of Hilton Corporation, cut down, fill in and destroy the rich mangrove ecosystem of Bimini, so they obliterate the very habitats on which Bimini's biological richness and true economy depend. Bimini‘s famed fishing, portrayed in Hemingway's novel Islands in the Stream, could be a romantic relic of the past. The Bimini Bay Resort is destroying fish nurseries and habitat that will cost the local people their livelihoods. While the Capo Group has been promising jobs for locals, in actuality they have been importing Mexican labor.

Call your relatives in Bimini to find out for yourselves.
Posted by:Feb 6th 2007, 03:13:05 pm
DakeWhen New York City had an invasion of skyscrapers in the 1970's there were concessions made and the developers of these buildings gave huge amounts of money to rebuild the crumbling new york city school system - the same shouldbe done for the harbour isalnd all age school
Posted by:Feb 6th 2007, 02:25:54 pm
Dakethe PEOPLE want this to be clear:

WE realize that there is a need for jobs for Bahamians and that some people think that we are against ALL DEVELOPMENT we want you to know thaty we are NOT AGAINST AL DEVELOPMEN.

We are just against the kind of development that is currently taking place on the island right now.

THIS KIND OF DEVELOPMENT that allows for politicians hand to be greased instead of injections of cash into the local infrastructure.

If they want to build 80 condos we would say NO you can build 30 or 20 AND you have to give cash towards better water infrastructure, improviong the school and making life easier for the people who are going to work at your the proposed establishemnts.

This way the workers will ALL have running water and can come to work bathed and clean and be proud to work there.
Posted by:Feb 6th 2007, 02:15:44 pm
machuThe issues of credibility and trustworthiness are what you're getting at, no?

I for one want to know who is involved so that I can judge their motivations and decide on the extent of my involement - it's what prudent, thinking people do.

But let me say this also; if it were imps sent by Beelzebub putting those posters up I'd still support those posters. Also, I've emailed and received a response that was straight forward and non-evasive.

When it comes down to it either you care or you don't and I'm not convinced that someone interested in the issue(s) is less likely to enquire further because someone is using a nick.

Posted by:Feb 6th 2007, 11:40:01 am
KimberlyPeople interested in joining the campaign might be more interested in learning more about the issue at hand, were campaign organizers to sign their name. Just a thought ... how do they know who they're working with, if you only post under an alias?

Posted by:Feb 6th 2007, 08:24:29 am
speechdont just talk, join the group like dey said,WE NATIVES MUST GET INVOLVED!
Posted by:Feb 6th 2007, 08:23:24 am
speechda tactic of rippin down da posters shows how ruthless certain people are and how ruthless we gotta get! serious times call fa serious minds, serious theats call for serious steps!
Posted by:Feb 6th 2007, 08:08:59 am
PeopleTHANKS stp & machu !!
We need your support and we are still looking for PEOPLE interested in joining our fight.

PLEASE contatct us at

We are not anti-foregin group AT ALL we are just PRO-BAHAMAIN in this particluar fight. We feel that an ALL BAHAMIAN contingent is the only way to fight the curent corruption on the local council - becasue SOME of the local council ARE, OBVIOUSLY, IN BED WITH some of the developers. These individual/s will always say that the foreigners are coming to take away our land MEANWHILE they are selling it to them right in front of our eyes, by taking bribes. They will always play the "foregin card" BUT if an all bahamian contingent stands up and generates concern for the island then SOME of the memebers on the local council cnanot play us DOWN as we are BORN BAHAMIANS and we have a GOD GIVEN RIGHT to SPEAK OUR MINDS.

we NEED your support.
Posted by:Feb 6th 2007, 12:01:44 am
machumudda sick! y'all don' know how flippin' proud I am to hear about such activism at home! I had ta sign up to this board to let you know.

I'll help buy yinna posters to plaster briland with.

I'm not anti-foreign but it's past time we stop selling out.
Posted by:Feb 5th 2007, 07:16:26 pm
stpyou missed one sign:
I love it!
Yes! Bring on the signs! Power to the people!
Posted by:Feb 5th 2007, 09:22:55 am
speechFa real, ppl gat da right to speak, dont let them shut us down, we have too much to lose!
Posted by:Feb 5th 2007, 09:19:03 am
PeopleRecently A group of young BAHAMIANS in their 30's (black, white and brown - & NOT 1 FOREGINER) tried to post some signs around town in order to portray their views to the public. Apparently some members of the local community /council thought that these signs should be taken down. Instead of trying to solve the water problems at the school by attending the PTA meeting on Sunday they spent their time driving around before church & while church was in. They tore the signs down. These people that tore our sings down are our fellow Bahamians ? They do not want us to have our own opinions.


This goups, made up of ONLY Bahamainas is not involved with SHIA, it is NOT involved with the Master Plan and it is not involved with any other group on the island --- we are just a bunch of YOUNG concerned local BAHAMIAN citizens of all races, who feel that our country is being "sold out" to the highest bidder and we have no say in the corruption that is taking place allowing our land to be sold to developers for personal gain.

The signs READ:

Bahamain land for Bahamians

Our Hertage is not for sale

No More Marinas

No More Condos

God Don't Like Greed

No More USA Developers

There is no Water at the Junior School - Why ?

We want to ask the QUESTION:
What hapened to FREEDOM OF SPEECH in our country?

Here is an excerpt from the a book that WE ARE READING which explains one of the ways in which slavery in the United Kingdom was abolished:

"This was the birth of a new kind of politics, the politics of the pressure group. Thanks to the work of zealous activists armed only with pens paper and moral indignation, Britain turned against slavery."

The signs will be back and we will try our best to continue our GOD GIVEN RIGHT to speak our minds. T

his is our Bahamas too.

If you are a local Bahamian living in Harbour island and want to be involved in our project please contact us a

Power to the People !!

Contact us online at