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Corruption and accountability.
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Posted by:Feb 13th 2007, 11:28:10 am
speechso what can we do i ask you make these people accountable to us?
Posted by:Feb 9th 2007, 12:13:03 am
BrilandkidWe Bahamian people are a kinder gentler people and are mostly followers and the few leaders that are produced, Some are greedy and selfish.Kerzner has proven that "Speech" you are a realist. A Spade a Spade I second your post. To you I say Kalik! Kalik! Ka-boom!
Posted by:Feb 8th 2007, 11:53:23 am
Richard p, posted the following on the board, in reponse to ‘tourism for whose benefit?’
‘The solution is a devolution of power -- giving local governments their own right to tax and regulate, specifically in the area of local development.’
I am sorry, what I am about to say will disappoint you. Decentralisation and local government have been championed as solutions to corruption and local rights issues by many, The World Bank, UNDP, even Oxfam. However I can tell you form studies all over the world from Papua New Guinea to Spain, and of course Harbour Island, local government is not in itself a solution to corruption, it can in fact aggravate it. The other crucial issue is that when officials are elected to local government they are not given adequate training, in reading plans, environmental impact studies etc. Local government members world over, are an easy and significantly cheaper target for developers in regard to greasing approvals through bribes etc. i.e a few grand versus a few million and ‘hey they cant read the plan anyway! Once it look pretty everything’s cool!’
It seems then we have an unsolvable problem, politics and both local and national levels are corruptible. The problem in the Bahamas is so complicated given our general acceptance of corruption, it is not heavily stigmatised and is almost expected. Transparency international lists all the world countries for levels of corruption, the index is used by investors and the UN, and other international agencies… the Bahamas has never participated in a survey, I don’t know what that says? But on the other hand we would be kidding our selves to believe that the U.S Britain or Canada are any less corrupt corporate lobbying is convention in American elections we all know oil companies control the American government,
in the Bahamas developers control our government, Atlantis and Kersner tell Christie jump and he says ‘how high’? Why? Because we’re scared Kersner would pull the plug, pack up and go to Mexico. To this my answer is ‘hey we were here before Kerzner, Bakers Bay, Par mentor, they’ll be gone and you’ll have us to deal with.’ If natives owned some of the businesses we wouldn’t be so vulnerable this is why Christie’s Anchor strategy is so flawed.
The fundamental issue is ACCOUNTABILTY, as politicians who do you answer to and why? Are you accountable to a developer ( Baha mar, bakers bay, Romora bay,) because you have an agreement that in exchange for Q,R and $ you will give them approval, crown land, tax concessions etc, OR are you accountable to the people who voted you into power? They after all voted for YOU; you want to stay in their favour if you want to remain in power,(this issue is complicated too, after voting for someone it is common in our culture to expect a favour in return be it a job, a planning approval for my new house, or standing my bank loan.) Bribery works on all levels. so you walk a fine line, between pleasing the public, the developers, and enriching you self while you are in power, wow. Being politician is a hard job at any level hey!
Look the point is we have to make them accountable to us! how do we do that, raise the stakes, put pressure on them, make them more scared of failing us than they are keen pleasing the developers, and more concerned about our welfare than the developers concessions. Sorry if this response is confusing but frankly the issue is confusing and complicated, any one who has any insight please offer. How do we make politicians accountable?
Yours, speech

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