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furniture makers
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Posted by:Mar 31st 2007, 09:04:38 pm
KifCorrection re beds at the Landing....Scotty Lewis (now in Abaco) and "Mon", i.e Owen with assistance from Money Lewis.
Posted by:Mar 27th 2007, 10:52:33 pm
osugal82Thanks everyone--I will call the Landing to get Samuel's number.
Posted by:Mar 27th 2007, 05:57:54 pm
KimberlyAs for local carpenters, there's Anthony Dean ( and Thomas Higgs that do project work ... you may want to give them a call to compare notes.
Posted by:Mar 25th 2007, 11:22:16 pm
KimberlyOops ... thanks for the heads up! Samuel, as in married to Iris?
Posted by:Mar 25th 2007, 11:07:19 pm
1-ashits samuel lewis.gusty,s cousin that does the work at the landing
Posted by:Mar 23rd 2007, 09:10:06 pm
KimberlyI'm pretty sure that Monty Lewis (Gusty's brother) made the gorgeous four-poster beds and other pieces in place at The Landing. You may want to contact the hotel to get his contact information.
Posted by:Mar 23rd 2007, 09:07:36 am
speechmiss mae's sells antique furniture but its imported, i dont know of any furniture made locally, it'd be a good idea hey?
Posted by:Mar 23rd 2007, 05:21:22 am
kristiAlso - if you liked what you saw in India Hick's book then I suggest contacting her directly to find out where she had her's made.
Posted by:Mar 23rd 2007, 05:19:58 am
kristiI'll ask my sister Karol because she had some great furniture made for a house on Harbour Island and I know that she was very happy with the end result.
Posted by:Mar 21st 2007, 08:22:44 pm
osugalDoes anyone know of any good furniture makers on Harbor Island? I purchased a book called Island Life by India Hicks (showcases her home and others in H.I. and Eleuthera). There are some beds shown in the book which were made by local carpenters. Anyone know who these carpenters might be and how to reach them? Thanks!

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