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Runway lights to go crab hunting
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Posted by:Mar 26th 2007, 09:18:12 pm
BrilandkidIf I were Prime Minister for twenty years Plus leader for thirty and was from Kemps Bay I surely wouldn’t wait to see if the opposition would put my home town on the map. At least I would see that everyone had a proper bathroom if nothing else. These beautiful people deserve better, but it was meant that way to keep them in the dark do a little and get a lot a long technique used in the old world trade in control. No it is not a big issue now. It was a illustration of how these politicians feel and regard us, mainly the PLP. Before the airport lights they could have donated mosquito nets. If I was Prime Minister and from Kemps Bay. My legacy would be one of honor not disgrace. I can go on, but let the dead stay dead.
Ms Kim Do not them credit for any of the improvements on Briland today. These things have been fought for many years ago almost physically for by than Rep. Mr. Norman Solomon in their long range projection plan for Briland but was blocked at every junction by twenty-five years of control. Records of the house would indicate it since the minutes was recorded of every session. Check for yourself. I myself was refused assistance in getting proper paper work to further my education because I was from Briland a FNM strong hold, many doors were shut. But I was determine to knock on the right door that finally opened.

Please Ms Kim let’s not open up the Pandora’s box on their (PLP) drug trafficking activities. That is why I say beat the brakes off’em. They are just a very sorry greedy group.

Posted by:Mar 26th 2007, 11:40:32 am
KimberlyHey, as far as I can see, both parties can claim progress with regard to building out water and electric utilities, schools and clinics in the Out Islands ... and neither party can claim a clean slate with regards to drug trafficking or offshore banking "hobbies."

Without the PLP, Harbour Island wouldn't even have a high school ... when I was coming up, I had to live in a convent in Nassau to attend middle school ** 7th and 8th grade ** at St. Augustine's, because the school on Briland ended at 6th grade. The powers that be in Nassau thought that we were "just" going to be bunch of farmers or fishermen ... I'd call that improvement ;-).

And during the FNM's last tour of duty, Harbour Island got its excellent clinic. Baby steps, lots of room for improvement.
Posted by:Mar 26th 2007, 06:48:36 am
Big SlickThe PLP have had 3 times the amount of time the FNM had and they still did nothing. Yes the unfortunate deserve to be treated the same as the fortunate. There are more important issues for those people that runway lights. healthcare and education or even clean water. Judging by the amount rust in the water here in briland teirs must be even worse considering HI is the third highest income in the Bahamas. So please tell me what the PLP has done in their 30 years of power besides have a reputation for involvement in drugs and corruption? Considering their record over the 30 years the PLP was in power, They are no posterchild for the less fortunate.
Posted by:Mar 26th 2007, 04:49:34 am
kristiYES the less fortunate should have the same priviledges as the others.
Posted by:Mar 25th 2007, 11:02:47 pm
1-ashshould,nt the less fortunate have the same privledges as the other islands in the bahamas,,besides the FNM had 10years of reign ,it did,nt get done or it was,nt that important at that time i guess!! but its a big issue now.
Posted by:Mar 24th 2007, 08:04:29 pm
Big SlickGod willing, our country will soon restore good govenment.

Ain't long now.
Posted by:Mar 24th 2007, 07:13:41 pm
BrilandkidTwenty five freakin years as Prime minister Thirty years as Leader in the house, now dead and gone now Kemps Bay now has airport runway lights. The home town of former Prime minister Lynden Pindling. With hardly little or no infrastructure little development a perfect place to go crab and mosquito hunting a very, very beautiful Bahamian unspoiled beach. yet a desolate place. Was this an attempt by Pindling to keep it private, or just gross neglect of the place he was born. Now why would the Christi Government put in runway lights, though needed. when there are more pressing issues facing Kemps Bay and money spent in a better way like building a good infrastructure for development for the good people of Kemps Bay.

Ha! Ha! I got it they are bringing in the infrastructure supplies at night. Whew! For a minute I thought it was for the illegal drug flights. Mr. Christi Sir we are not all butt heads. It is the chicken in every pot campaign. Come better that that homey. Again we are not all and I did say not all are idiots. PS Mr. Christi there are still outside toilets in kemps Bay, yet you give’em airport lights, I now wonder who is the idiot???

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