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How Do Young Voters feel About the Upcoming Elections?
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Posted by:Apr 23rd 2007, 05:27:14 am
Richard PMy hope and dream and sustenance for Brilanders is that they will soon:
-- take their neighborhoods back;
-- become purposeful and effective parents;
-- get actively engaged in shaping the lives of their children;
-- take care of their physical and emotional health;
-- encourage their families toward higher education; and
-- think entrepreneurially about employment and economic advancement.

Now and forever, amen.
Posted by:Apr 22nd 2007, 07:33:30 pm
KimberlyThere are many excellent programs on-island that young Brilanders can take advantage of, from classes at the library to literacy assistance at Exceptional Educational Outreach, gaming tutorials at Letario Higgs' shop to graphic design workshops offered by Kayla Davis. There are many sophisticated jobs in the works for various business and tourism developments throughout Eleuthera, and knowing how to use a computer will be essential for all of them.

Posted by:Apr 22nd 2007, 02:27:53 pm
Bluelegance Who ever becomes the governing party in the upcoming general elections, i would hope that more focus be brought upon the younger bahamians... forexample, more jobs for qualified individuals, salary advances.. programs, projects and other necessities to keep young people off the streets and into building our country.....

My advice to young people, "lets get involved, lets motivate ourselves and get educated to acquire those jobs that may be available to us... lets become productive citizens..." so get serious, and start moving....

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