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B.E.C. Electrical supply problems in Briland
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Posted by:Sep 13th 2007, 03:43:37 pm

When the power constantly goes over at least twice a week that's not consistency.

HBI has been having light problems for over a year maybe more some will argue. And its far time that something is done.

Let's stop using the excuse that new developement will cause light issue because of the supply load. Face were'er having these issues already , so what are we to do , not let the island progress with new developements because of lights and water issue NO.

I think we need to address B.E.C. and have them do what ever needs to be done in order to have the light issue fix, as the future of HBI depends on it.

Its time for the goverment to take a look at HBI lighting situations and simply rectify the problems increase the supply or what ever it might be they need to do to make sure the power doesn't keep going off and on.

Realize that we will be throwing the future of the island away because no will want to live here if the basic supplies of water and light aren't met.

Think about it don't blame people for building houses that's not why the light keeps going off and on. B.E.C. needs to bring its light supply up to the number of people and buildings and usage then the supply will be suited for the island.

Posted by:Aug 30th 2007, 02:16:26 am
kristiIs there somesort if insurance with the B.E.C. just in case these things happen? I don't know myself that is why I am asking. Maybe there is something concerning this on your monthly bills. Just a suggestion.
Posted by:Aug 29th 2007, 06:59:19 pm
ash12have to also replace a tv, 2 fans ,speaker systems and clock radio,,the power mite be restored,,but what about the consumer who pay,s they,re bills!!!
Posted by:Jul 28th 2007, 08:44:45 am
Fig Tree News TeamPower restored to Harbour Isl.

By KRYSTEL ROLLE, Guardian Staff Reporter

The Bahamas Electricity Corporation has fully restored power to Harbour Island and Eleuthera following the major electrical outage earlier this month which disabled parts of the islands.

The Corporation had to reduce the generation capacity on both islands while technicians tackled the problem.

BEC management reported yesterday that the reduced generation capacity that Eleuthera and Harbour Island has experienced over the past two weeks was a result of the failure of a few key components in its generating system. However, according to the release, BEC technicians acted immediately to rectify the problem. But before the repair process could begin, the corporation had to get several parts needed to work on the system, which is now said to be progressing "very well".

Residents have complained recently that the power outages had created several problems, including leaving them without water for long

periods of time and forcing them "live in heat" as their fans and air conditioning units could not be used.

According to the release, as a result of the major disruptions in power which affected both islands during July 4-5, BEC had to use alternative measures to increase the generation availability and delivery to the consumers on the islands.

A representative from Valentine's Resort and Marina indicated on Tuesday that BEC had cut power to the hotels to supply the residents of Harbour Island, however BEC management did not report this. The hotel has a generator, which allowed them to stay fully functional.

"As a result of these actions (using alternative measures), the situation that had resulted in power outages in both Eleuthera and Harbour Island is now under control and power is fully restored to all parts of Eleuthera and Harbour Island," according to the release.

While the generation system is not completely repaired, the project is near completion. BEC assures Eleutherans and Harbour Islanders that they can look forward to even further improvements in their service.

Despite residents' claims that their power was going out occasionally at the beginning of this week, BEC reported that a consistent supply of electricity has been returned to Eleuthera and Harbour Island since July 5, 2007.

Michael Higgs, a resident on the island, said while their electrical problems had waned since July 4 and service is nearly back to normal, there are still disruptions sometimes.

BEC administration said yesterday, "Should the remaining repair process necessitate minor, brief planned outages, customers will be notified via Splash FM and ZNS 1540 AM. BEC urges individual customers who may still be experiencing power interruptions to contact them via e-mail at or on their Rock Sound emergency number (242-334-2161).
Posted by:Jul 26th 2007, 02:03:06 pm
KimberlyWhen will someone from local government or BEC made an announcement as to what's happening, and when they expect to have matters under control?

And when does the new commissioner arrive, anyhow?
Posted by:Jul 26th 2007, 06:31:32 am
ash12BEC was at it again,i had to repair my CPU lastweek,2 days ago when the power went off & on!! my dvd player , satelite system an tv never came back on!!
Posted by:Jul 15th 2007, 09:05:19 am
ZionfishThe electrical problems on the island have been ridiculous. That there have been problems in Nassau has nothing to do with those on HI, since HI gets its power from Rock Sound and/or the generators on HI. I have meters showing the voltage and ampage coming into my house, and recently the voltage range has been between 42V and 203V! When the voltage is low (a 'brown-out') appliances struggle to stay on and often burn out (especially in the case of compressors for refridgerators and air conditioners). When the voltage is too high, light bulbs explode and electrical fires start. BEC is supposed to be supplying 50 amps at 110V, but the last few days we have only been getting between 10 and 33 amps.
To 'deal' with the power issues, BEC has been routinely shutting down the power to the two marinas, which has caused a number of boats to leave (what is the point of paying for a slip at a marina when the powers is rarely on, and when it is it ends up ruining expensive electrical equipment?).

So here we have it, more evidence that HI is developing beyond is infrastructural capabilities. The FNM was elected on the platform that 'Its Time for Change'. Well, lets start seeing some changes. Either upgrade the infrastructure on HI or halt further development. As the old adage goes: "you can't have your cake and eat it."
Posted by:Jul 14th 2007, 08:47:01 pm
ash12i know what you,re talkin about!! all of my fixtures i had to change,, its the 3rd time in 12months,,i think the whole Island has to come together an get an reverse osmosis system for the island
Posted by:Jul 13th 2007, 10:30:40 am
QuickieThere is Electrical and water problems on Briland. The water is vert rusty and smells terrible
Posted by:Jul 12th 2007, 02:56:53 pm
KimberlyNassau's having issues, too ... whether the problem's nationwide.
Posted by:Jul 12th 2007, 02:51:58 pm
bakerWhat is the latest on this problem?
When will it be fixed?

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