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Posted by:Aug 7th 2007, 08:09:12 am
MickeyHi, Kristi ...

I wasn't sure - but I heard, that you were living in France.
Being there so long now, I'm sure you speak perfect French, which I find kind of difficult for myself. I often end up with a twisted tounge every now and then :-)))) Also German is very different and even though the two countries aren't too far from each other, the two languages have nothing in common at all (exept for the Elsace region, of couse).

Unfortunately I don't think I'll be in the Toulouse area soon.
Have been to Carcassonne several times (and I loved it), but now we're tight up here in Burgundy and Haute-Marne.
We are installing a company here and are working 24/7 on this project. Also the french administration is not very fast - but I sure don't have to tell you about all that, n'est pas? ;-)

If I should make it there one of these days, thank you a lot for your phonenumber!!!
What are you doing there in Toulouse, Kristi? Is that your "demeure" I've seen for sale here?
We're looking for a new (old) house aswell, because we're missing land for our horses. Right now we life in an old "Templiers-Commanderie" of the middle-ages, which is wonderful - but: not enough land.

Let ne know, whenever you're in "my region", if you like.
My mail-adress is:

I will forward your greetings to Franky and my mom, of course.

Posted by:Aug 7th 2007, 07:58:12 am
kristiHi there Mikey. I am Kristi King and I too live in France. I have been here since 1993. Give me a ring if ever you are in the Toulouse area - 0534529809 or 0678555114. Would love to catch up. Hello to Frankie and your mom for me.
Posted by:Aug 7th 2007, 05:04:36 am
MickeyHello, Smitty ...

yes, you are right - you're not the Smitty I was talking about.
Nevertheless - you also have memories of this lovely island - also if you've made some unfriendly expieriences with one or another.

When we first came to Harbour Island, we also used to stay at Romora Bay. Well, I was 11 years old and had a lot of fun. My brother Frank had his first time scuba-diving with Richie Young and Bill at that time. Then came Jef and Roger and also I used to go scuba-diving then at Romora Bay Club. Once we also owned 2 houses in the club (the Loberg-House and another one - I don't remember the name). The Loberg-House was frequently under water, that's why we sold it very quickly.

Yes, the prices on Harbour Island have risen to an extend, which doesn't allow many people to return to the island anymore. I have checked the prices the day I was making my first posting here at the forum. Either you have to be super-rich, or one must not come from too far - for example Europe. I remember, we rented out our house for US-$ 600 per week - that was nothing compared to the prices today!

The sad side to all that is, that people, that really love this island and it's people won't be able to return there.
People who never had an uptown-attitude, and really cared for and respected the natives, can't afford to share good times with them anymore. I sure can't afford to pay $300 - $600 per night + plus the flight from Europe to Nassau! Maybe one day later again ...

Well, I guess that's life ... It really seems, that all is about money nowadays.
In the early 80's I well remember, that we could leave the house open allthrough the night and nothing happend! I would be very surprised, if it's still the same way today. And the potholes in the streets never really disturbed me, at least everyone was driving much more carfully then :-) It was guaranteed, that every Christmas we would have a current-shortage or run out of water in the summer. For me, personally, it wasn't a big thing to argue about. Harbour Island had such an original charme ...

Perhaps I only see things from my point of view ... of course some good and important changes have taken place. But unfortunately many things, that really gave a character to that lovely place, had to make way for that. It must be hard, to install a good infrastructure and keep the origin at the same time - not to say "impossible". One has to make a choice ...

I am glad for the natives, if all these changes have brought advantages to them - at the same time I would be sad, if this wonderful place with its people would be exploited and destroyed just for the profit. It's not for me to judge ... I'm not there, I'm too far away. I just spend times thinking about it.

Well - that should be it for today :-)
I hope my personal opinion didn't bring any anger to anyone ...

Lots of Love to you all!
Mickey from Germany

Please excuse my English - I don't speak much English anymore and I get mixed up with German-French-English every now and then :-)))
Posted by:Aug 6th 2007, 01:36:48 pm
Well, there's quite a few of us Smitty's around so that explains the confusion.
I don't visit HI anymore Had a time share unit At Ramora Bay, but when a new owner took over several years ago he did away with all of them.We rented around the Island after that for several years, but it has gotten too expensive and somehow I don't feel comfortable there anymore.Probably go back someday.Miss the Bonefishing for sure.And got a hankering to see my good friends Jef
Fox and Roger.I'm sure you know them. No captain, Smitty
Posted by:Aug 6th 2007, 11:22:05 am
MickeyHi, smitty ...

well - the "smitty" I remember used to be a captain of different yachts. Perhaps that's not you - but your name seemed so familiar :-)

Greetings from France
Posted by:Aug 6th 2007, 11:17:08 am
smittyHi Mickey
I'd love to be able to be counted as one of your special memories, but I'm afraid we've never met.Had we, I'm pretty sure I'd get your gender correct..So very happy so many Brilanders took the time to answer your post.Sure is nice to touch base,isn't it? Good luck always. Smitty
Posted by:Aug 6th 2007, 08:18:59 am
snowyI love to see the forum used for this kind of reconnection.....makes me smile....
Posted by:Aug 6th 2007, 04:26:48 am

Hello, Smitty ...

I'm not sure, but I think I know you - and you know me, aswell :-)

Also: I'm not a gentleman, I'm a female - from Germany.
Thanks a lot for your kind words, you've posted ...

If it's you, I still have you on video. It was me and Trammy one day at Valentine's - me with my golfcart and you loved to tell stories in front of the camera *lol* ... I don't remember what exactly you said, but it took quite a while ... After all, it was quite a while ago and maybe you don't remember me at all.



Hi, Kimberly ...

of course I remember you since my very first time on Briland! Your mom aswell, with her VW and her very kind way of welcoming people on the island! Unfortunately we never got to meet too often, and never got the chance to get to know each other better. But, yes, I remember you and your sisters very well. Also my brother Frank, who spent a wonderful time with you all, I think.

Greencroft - well, I heard, it isn't there anymore at all.
Is it true, the house has been torn down? This hurted very much, when I heard that. But unfortunately we couldn't keep the house - the distance was too big and the family wasn't able to enjoy the house together, because either me or Franky had to work and couldn't come along anymore.

Franky and my mom are doing very well.
My mom will celebrate her 70th birthday on August 25th. I will be travelling to Germany for this event and I'm sure we'll also be talking a lot about the Briland-times :-)

I'm happy, everyone is doing well.
I've made a mistake when I worte "Lillian Higgs", right afterwards I remembered, that her lastname is "Hutchinson" - sorry for that!!



Hi, Kif ...

of course Richie Young!!!
I didn't forget him neither - he was one of the first persons I met on Briland and he used to make us laugh allthrough the years! We've spent so many great years there with him.


The list of persons could go on and on ... I'm sure I didn't mention a whole lot of people, who played an important role in my younger life :-)

While reading your postings, I also learned that i. e. Franklin Mather has already passed away. I was shocked to read that! I am sure, he's missing a lot, he was such a great person and had such a talent. I spent many great times with him and Kim (Tessie's sister) at the time.

Like I said, Briland is certainly not the same - which is normal. But I have so many sweet memories, and of my 40 years of age I can say, that 20 of them are full with souveniers of that wonderful island with its lovely people!

Due to the long distance, one loses contact with a lot of friends. But fortunately there's Internet nowadays! What a great thing to have :-))

Would love to keep in touch aswell - my e-mail is:

So don't hesitate, if you'd like to contact me aswell!

Lots of Love,
Mickey (from Germany)
Posted by:Aug 5th 2007, 01:34:38 pm
Not to forget Richie, i.e. Iceman. He is fine, too. He was entertained by several 'oldtimers' winter of '07. I'm sure he'd love to see you,too.
Posted by:Aug 3rd 2007, 04:15:29 pm
KimberlyHi, Mickey:

How are you? Great to see your name after all of these years. I'm Kimberly, whose family built and ran Coral Sands ... Greencroft hasn't been the same since your family left.

Everyone that you asked about is fine, and we'll certainly pass on your regards ... Miz Lillian looks great, Julie's still busy with her various houses, Martin's very much in the mix, and last I saw Sweetlin she was staying busy.

Hope that you and Frankie and Miz Inge are all doing well, and that you'll come back to visit sometime soon! Last I saw your mom a few years back, she was visiting Jef Fox and Roger Ironside, and staying in the 'dog house' up track ;-).

My e-mail's, so let's stay in touch!

Kimberly King-Burns
Posted by:Aug 3rd 2007, 03:24:33 pm
smittyAlthough I was visiting HI during the same time period,I never met this gentleman.I hope one or more of you Brilanders will answere his very touching post.I would if I could.
Posted by:Aug 3rd 2007, 10:27:59 am
Mickey... I used to visit Briland with my family and friends (early 80s and allthrough the 90s).
Maybe some of you Brilanders still remember me!? Mickey Broemel ... Greencroft ... my brother Frank ... my mother Inge and my father Siggi??

Every now and then I search the net for informations about your beautiful island - have never ever forgotten it!
Now, living in France near Dijon, and being much much older :-) I often lay back and think of different things, that moved my life. Harbour Island sure isn't missing ...

I wonder, if the people, I used to know, are still doing well ...
Miss Lillian Higgs
Sweetlin Higgs
Martin Grant
Julie Ullrich
and so many more.

I would just like to send my love to them and to you all - I'm sure, Briland has changed since my last visit, but in my heart it stays just the same ... :-)

I would be very greatful, if one of you could pass on my best wishes to the people, mentioned above.

Lots of Love from
Mickey Broemel

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