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Posted by:Oct 13th 2007, 10:41:51 pm
BrilandkidMahatma Gandhi, whose words are "The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated."
I wittness an animal being mistreated in the streets of Nassau Bahamas last week, what a sicking sight.
Posted by:Aug 22nd 2007, 06:52:14 pm
MSHillsPossibly Michael Vick could help out here!
Posted by:Aug 22nd 2007, 02:58:51 pm
smittyWhat a pity someone had to die before any action is being taken, if indeed it is.
Posted by:Aug 22nd 2007, 11:29:26 am
KimberlyNeither ;-) -- the dogs with owners who don't take care of them, are the target of Min. Cartwright's enquiry.
Posted by:Aug 22nd 2007, 06:03:40 am
kristiThe dogs are at fault or the Nissan???????
Posted by:Aug 21st 2007, 05:47:03 pm
Fig Tree News TeamLegislation is currently being drafted to address the long ignored problem of stray dogs in The Bahamas and could be made into law by the end of the year, said Minister of Agriculture Minister Lawrence Cartwright, after the latest traffic fatality highlighted the need to tackle the issue.

On Friday, 48-year-old Coral Harbour resident Jeffrey Powell's life came to a crashing end after he was struck by a Nissan Sentra while trying to escape a pack of dogs. He died shortly after 11 o'clock that night.

While it has not been determined whether the animals were stray dogs or pets that were not properly secured, the minister said that both scenarios were unacceptable.

The Animal Protection and Control Bill could come into force by the end of the year, said Cartwright, who believes dogs who have owners, and not strays, represent the biggest challenge.

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